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Mount Carlmore

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Mount Carlmore
Mount Carlmore.png
Location Information
District: West Springfield
Town: Springfield
Use: Mountain
First appearance: "Half-Decent Proposal"

Mount Carlmore is a mountain in West Springfield shaped like Carl Carlson. When passing it on a bus, Lenny dreamily thought about Carl. He and Carl had never discussed the mountain before. Lenny carved that one wonderful summer.


Donut Homer.png The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened or existed.
Mount Carlmore
Image Cost Sell price Bonus Conformity increase Availability Dimensions - W x D
Tapped Out Mount Carlmore.png Donut Tapped Out.png120 Cash.png3,000 3.5% Vanity: 1200 Premium 12 x 12