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Devil Donuts

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Devil Donuts
Devil Donuts donut cart.png
Terrence washing his donut cart.
Cart Information
Type of cart: Donut cart
Owner: Terrence
Types of donuts produced: Donuts with 'crazy' toppings
First appearance: "The Day the Earth Stood Cool"

Devil Donuts is a donut cart run by Terrence.


Homer Simpson went into the break room in Springfield Nuclear Power Plant one day and found his colleagues with new donuts with 'crazy' toppings. He wanted to eat the rest, but when he went to the box, it was empty. Homer demanded that his colleague Lenny Leonard tell him where the donuts came from. He said that the man who does the sexual harassment seminars brought them in. Homer went to the speaker and demanded he tell him where the donuts came from. His answer did not give Homer the information he needed, so he called the police to report a missing donut cart, and Police Chief Wiggum, along with his colleague Lou, flew a helicopter over Springfield with Homer on board to spot the Devil Donuts donut cart. They found the cart, but when they approached the cart owner, he said that he only makes one batch of donuts a day. Chief Wiggum then pulled out his gun and ordered for more donuts or he was going to shoot. He then pulled it away, and was escorted off by Lou. Homer then sulked on the kerb, before the cart owner said that Homer could try a new donut in testing, a donut that looks like a beer keg filled with beer. Homer scoffed the donut down, and the cart owner introduced himself to Homer, and told him he was Terrence.


Donut Homer.png The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened or existed.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out[edit]

Devil Donuts Cart
Image Cost Sell price Bonus Conformity increase Availability Dimensions - W x D
Tapped Out Devil Donuts Cart.png Cash.png5,200 Cash.png1,300 0% Vanity Season 24 Yard Sale 4 x 3