Bart Simpson Comics 10 - Boy of 1,000 Faces

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Bart Simpson Comics 10 - Boy of 1,000 Faces
Comic Information
Release date: February 2003
Comic series: Bart Simpson
Stories: Bartology 101
Bart's Beard
Snow Brawl
Of Mice and Menace!
Lunch Pales
The Madness of Milhouse
Publisher: Bongo
Country: USA

Bart Simpson Comics 10 was released in USA in February 2003.


Bartology 101[edit]

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(Appeared in the second printing)

Bart Simpson in: Bart's Beard[edit]

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Lisa Simpson in: Snow Brawl[edit]

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Bart Simpson presents Li'l Itchy & Scratchy in: Of Mice and Menace![edit]

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Bart Simpson in Lunch Pales[edit]

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Bart's Friend, Milhouse in: The Madness of Milhouse[edit]