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Buildings is a category in The Simpsons: Tapped Out Store.


Building Building image Character Character image Cost Availability
Simpson House Simpson House Tapped Out.png Lisa Tapped Out Unlock Lisa.png FREE Level 1
Kwik-E-Mart Kwik-E-Mart Tapped Out.png Apu Apu Nahasapeemapetilon - shading.png Cash.png220 Level 2
Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart
Brown House Brown House Tapped Out.png Cash.png355 - 17,300 Level 3
The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 2
Flanders House Flanders House Tapped Out.png Ned Tapped Out Unlock Ned.png Cash.png540 Level 4
The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 3
Duff Brewery Duff Brewery Tapped Out.png Duffman Duffman.png Donut Tapped Out.png190 Level 5
Cletus's Farm Cletus's Farm Tapped Out.png Cletus Tapped Out Unlock Cletus.png Cash.png1,100 Level 6
Slack Jawed Yokel Pt. 1
Frink's Lab Frink's Lab Tapped Out.png Professor Frink Tapped Out Unlock Frink.png Donut Tapped Out.png150 Level 6
Purple House Purple House Tapped Out.png Cash.png1,000 - 216,000 Level 6
The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 4
Krusty Burger Krusty Burger Tapped Out.png Krusty Tapped Out Unlock Krusty.png Cash.png2,200 Level 7
Made With USDA Letter Graded Beef Pt. 1
Blue House Blue House Tapped Out.png Cash.png450 - 54,000 Level 7
The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 5
Van Houten House Van Houten House Tapped Out.png Milhouse Tapped Out Unlock Milhouse.png Cash.png3,000 Level 8
Thrillhouse Pt. 1
Pink House Pink House Tapped Out.png Cash.png3,000 - 230,400 Level 8
The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 6
Lard Lad Donuts Lard Lad Donuts Tapped Out.png Donut Tapped Out.png110 Level 8
Springfield Elementary Springfield Elementary Tapped Out.png Skinner Tapped Out Unlock Skinner.png Cash.png3,750 Level 9
We Do Need Yes Education Pt. 2
White House White House Tapped Out.png Cash.png800 - 48,000 Level 9
The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 7
Barney's Bowlarama Barney's Bowlarama Tapped Out.png Barney Tapped Out Unlock Barney.png Donut Tapped Out.png250 Level 9
Willie's Shack Willie's Shack Tapped Out.png Willie Tapped Out Unlock Willie.png Cash.png4,500 Level 10
Schoolhouse Crock Pt. 4
Springfield Coliseum Springfield Coliseum Tapped Out.png Drederick Tatum Drederick Tatum.png Donut Tapped Out.png190 Level 10
Gulp 'N' Blow Gulp 'N' Blow Tapped Out.png Cash.png4,000 - 288,000 Level 10
Krusty Burger Heavy User Pt. 3
The Sunsphere Tapped Out The sunsphere.png Cash.png750,000 Level 10
Cooling Towers Cooling Towers Tapped Out.png Mr. Burns Tapped Out Unlock Burns.png Cash.png4,500 Level 11
Its Pronounced Nucular Pt. 1
Reactor Core Reactor Core Tapped Out.png Cash.png5,000 Level 11
Its Pronounced Nucular Pt. 2
Control Building Control Building Tapped Out.png Cash.png7,500 Level 11
Its Pronounced Nucular Pt. 3
Springfield Library Springfield Library Tapped Out.png Martin Tapped Out Unlock Martin.png Cash.png6,400 Level 12
Sanctus Arx Nerdarium
Kwik-E-Mart (franchise) Kwik-E-Mart Tapped Out.png Cash.png55 - 3,600 Level 12
Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart
Sleep-Eazy Motel Sleep-Eazy Motel Tapped Out.png Miss Springfield Miss Springfield.png Donut Tapped Out.png175 Level 12
Android's Dungeon Android's Dungeon Tapped Out.png Comic Book Guy Tapped Out Unlock CBG.png Cash.png7,000 Level 13
The Dungeon Keeper Pt. 2
Orange House Orange House Tapped Out.png Cash.png1,750 - 45,000 Level 13
The New Evergreen Terrace Pt. 8
First Church of Springfield First Church of Springfield Tapped Out.png Rev. Lovejoy Tapped Out Unlock Lovejoy.png Cash.png7,500 Level 14
Passion of the Flanders Pt. 1
Krusty Burger (franchise) Krusty Burger Tapped Out.png Cash.png650 - 9,360 Level 14
Made With USDA Letter Graded Beef Pt. 1
The Java Server The Java Server Tapped Out.png Cash.png5,500 Level 14
They Have Internet on Computers Now? Pt. 1
Moe's Tavern Moe's Tavern Tapped Out.png Moe Tapped Out Unlock Moe.png Cash.png7,500 Level 15
Is There an Al Coholic Here Pt. 1
Marge Tapped Out Unlock Marge.png
Jake's Unisex Hair Palace Jake's Unisex Hair Palace Tapped Out.png Cash.png5,700 Level 15
Free Band Aids with Every Cut Pt. 1
The Itchy and Scratchy Store The Itchy and Scratchy Store Tapped Out.png Cash.png12,000 Level 15
Squidport Pt. 5
Malaria Zone Malaria Zone Tapped Out.png Cash.png23,750 Level 15
Squidport Pt. 7
Just Rainsticks Just Rainsticks Tapped Out.png Cash.png26,000 Level 15
Squidport Pt. 9
The Frying Dutchman The Frying Dutchman Tapped Out.png Cash.png21,500 Level 15
Squidport Pt. 11
Escalator To Nowhere Escalator To Nowhere Tapped Out.png Cash.png1,000,000 Level 15
Volcano Lair Volcano Lair Tapped Out.png Hank Scorpio Hank Scorpio.png Donut Tapped Out.png160 Level 15
Gilded Truffle The Gilded Truffle Tapped Out.png Cash.png15,500 Level 16
Truffle Surprise Pt. 3
Springfield Downs Springfield Downs Tapped Out.png Cash.png8,500 Level 16
Double Down On She's a Loser Pt. 1
Turban Outfitters Tapped Out Turban Outfitters.png Cash.png30,750 Level 16
Squidport Pt. 13
Police Station Police Station Tapped Out.png Wiggum Tapped Out Unlock Wiggum.png Cash.png9,150 Level 17
Miranda Rights Pt. 1
King Toot's King Toot's Tapped Out.png Cash.png6,500 Level 17
We Don't Sell iPods Pt. 2
My First Tattoo Tapped Out My First Tattoo.png Cash.png27,250 Level 17
Squidport Pt. 14
Luigi's Luigi's Tapped Out.png Luigi Luigi Risotto.png Cash.png7,000 Level 18
It's A-Me, Luigi!
Skip's Diner Skip's Diner Tapped Out.png Cash.png6,900 Level 18
As American as Apple Pie Pt. 3
Much Ado About Muffins Tapped Out Much Ado About Muffins.png Cash.png24,250 Level 18
Squidport Pt. 15
Springfield Penitentiary Springfield Penitentiary Tapped Out.png Snake Snake Jailbird.png Cash.png11,000 Level 19
Crime Doesn't Pay Unless You Make It
Retirement Castle Retirement Castle Tapped Out.png Grampa Tapped Out Unlock Grampa.png Cash.png10,000 Level 19
The Greying of Springfield
Crypto Barn Crypto Barn Tapped Out.png Cash.png40,500 Level 19
Squidport Pt. 16
Town Hall Town Hall Tapped Out.png Quimby Tapped Out Unlock Quimby.png Cash.png15,000 Level 20
Re-Elect Mayor Quimby Pt. 2
Rancho Relaxo Tapped Out Rancho Relaxo.png Don Vittorio Don Vittorio DiMaggio.png Donut Tapped Out.png130 Level 49
Krustylu Studios Krustylu Studios Tapped Out.png Sideshow Mel Tapped Out Unlock Sideshow Mel.png Donut Tapped Out.png100 Level 20
Popsicle Stick Skyscraper Popsicle Stick Skyscraper Tapped Out.png Cash.png2,000,000 Level 20
Muntz House Muntz House Tapped Out.png Nelson Tapped Out Unlock Nelson.png Cash.png36,750 Level 21
Crazy Cat House Crazy Cat House Tapped Out.png Crazy Cat Lady Crazy Cat Lady.png Donut Tapped Out.png150 Level 21
Krabappel Apartment Krabappel Apartment Tapped Out.png Mrs. Krabappel Tapped Out Unlock Edna.png Cash.png38,500 Level 22
Staff Needs
School Bus School Bus Tapped Out.png Otto Tapped Out Unlock Otto.png Donut Tapped Out.png120 Level 22
Channel 6 Channel 6 Tapped Out.png Brockman Tapped Out Unlock Brockman.png Cash.png40,250 Level 23
Western Civilization 101
Springfield Post Office Springfield Post Office Tapped Out.png Cash.png28,750 Level 23
Hibbert Family Practice Hibbert Family Practice Tapped Out.png Dr. Hibbert Tapped Out Unlock DrHibbert.png Cash.png42,000 Level 24
Hahahaha Sucker
Springfield General Hospital Springfield General Hospital Tapped Out.png Cash.png30,000 Level 24
General Hospital
Burns Manor Burns Manor Tapped Out.png Smithers Tapped Out Unlock Smithers.png Cash.png43,750 Level 25
Executive Lackey Pt. 2
Pimento Grove Pimento Grove Tapped Out.png Cash.png31,250 Level 25
50ft Magnifying Glass 50ft Magnifying Glass Tapped Out.png Cash.png3,000,000 Level 25
Wiggum House Wiggum House Tapped Out.png Ralph Tapped Out Unlock Ralph.png Cash.png45,500 Level 26
This Little Wiggy Pt. 1
El Chemistri El Chemistri Tapped Out.png Cash.png32,500 Level 26
This Little Wiggy Pt. 3
Springfield Buddhist Temple Springfield Buddhist Temple Tapped Out.png Carl Tapped Out Unlock Carl.png Cash.png47,250 Level 27
Buddha's Got Back Pt. 1
Lenny Tapped Out Unlock Lenny.png
Fat Tony's Compound Fat Tony's Compound Tapped Out.png Legs Legs.png Cash.png49,000 Level 28
The Cleaner Pt. 4
Louie Louie.png
Businessman's Social Club Businessman's Social Club Tapped Out.png Fat Tony Fat Tony (second).png Cash.png49,000 Level 28
Legitimate Business
Skinner House Skinner House Tapped Out.png Agnes Agnes Skinner.png Cash.png50,750 Level 29
Hey Milhouse -- Eureka!
Community Center Community Center Tapped Out.png Jasper Jasper Beardsley.png Donut Tapped Out.png150 Level 30
Herman's Military Antiques Herman's Military Antiques Tapped Out.png Herman Herman Hermann.png Cash.png52,500 Level 30
Military Antiques Pt. 1
Stu's Disco Stu's Disco Tapped Out.png Disco Stu Tapped Out Unlock Disco Stu.png Donut Tapped Out.png150 Level 30
Burns Slant-Drilling Co. Tapped Out Burns Slant Drilling Co.png FREE Level 30
Springfield Heights Pt. 1
Red Blazer Realty Tapped Out Red Blazer Realty.png FREE Level 30
Springfield Heights Pt. 2
Zesty's Zesty's Tapped Out.png Cash.png37,500 Level 30
Military Antiques Pt. 1
Wolfcastle's Mansion Tapped Out Wolfcastle's Mansion.png Wolfcastle Rainier Wolfcastle.png Cash.png65,100 Level 31
Celeb-o-mania Pt. 1
All Night Gym Tapped Out All Night Gym.png Cash.png46,500 Level 31
Sir Putt-A-Lot's Sir Putt-A-Lot's Tapped Out.png Rod Rod Flanders.png Cash.png67,200 Level 32
Rod And Todd Prelude
Todd Todd Flanders.png
Calmwood Mental Hospital Tapped Out Calmwood Mental Hospital.png Cash.png48,000 Level 32
Springfield Wax Museum Tapped out Springfield wax museum.png Cash.png49,500 Level 33
Springfield High School Springfield High School Tapped Out.png Chalmers Gary Chalmers.png Cash.png85,000 Level 34
"Skinnerrrr?!" Pt. 1
Springfield Knowledgeum Springfield Knowledgeum Tapped Out.png Cash.png51,000 Level 34
Night At the Knowledgeum Pt. 1
Spinster City Apartments Spinster City Apartments Tapped Out.png Selma Tapped Out Unlock Selma.png Cash.png115,000 Level 35
For the Love of Marge Pt. 1
Patty Tapped Out Unlock Patty.png
IRS Shabby IRS Building.png FREE Level 35
Taxes Hold'em Pt. 4
DMV DMV Tapped Out.png Cash.png52,500 Level 35
Career Aspirations Pt. 1
Sit-N-Rotate Sit-N-Rotate Tapped Out.png Cash.png10,000,000 Level 35
Noise Land Video Arcade Noiseland Video Arcade Tapped Out.png Dolph Dolph Shapiro.png Cash.png75,600 Level 36
Running With The Bullies Pt. 1
Office of Unemployment Office of Unemployment Tapped Out.png Cash.png103,500 Level 37
Weekend Dad Pt. 15
Bachelor Arms Bachelor Arms Apartments Tapped Out.png Kirk Kirk Van Houten.png Cash.png77,700 Level 37
Bachelor Arms
Cracker Factory Cracker Factory Tapped Out.png Luann Luann Van Houten.png Donut Tapped Out.png150 Level 37
Court House Court House Tapped Out.png Judge Snyder Roy Snyder.png Cash.png106,500 Level 38
Scandalous Spending Pt. 5
Springfield Grocery Store Springfield Grocery Store Tapped Out.png Cash.png57,000 Level 38
Sanjay's House Sanjay's House Tapped Out.png Sanjay Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon.png Cash.png125,000 Level 39
A Perfectly Cromulent Job Pt. 1
Apu's Apartment Apu's Apartment Tapped Out.png Manjula Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon.png Donut Tapped Out.png160 Level 39
Ah, Fudge! Factory Ah, Fudge! Factory Tapped Out.png Miss Hoover Elizabeth Hoover.png Cash.png150,000 Level 40
Chocolate Paint Pt. 2
Cocoa Beanie Cocoa Beanie.png
Lotto 'N' Liquor Lotto 'N' Liquor Tapped Out.png Dewey Largo Dewey Largo.png Donut Tapped Out.png150 Level 40
Vulgari Jewelry Store Vulgari Jewelery Store Tapped Out.png Bernice Hibbert Bernice Hibbert.png Cash.png180,000 Level 41
Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 1
Itchy & Scratchy Studio Tapped Out I&S Studio.png Roger Myers Jr. Roger Meyers, Jr..png Cash.png195,000 Level 42
Islands in the Revenue Stream Pt. 1
Honest John's Computers Tapped Out Honest John's Computers.png Database Database.png Cash.png210,000 Level 44
Database Recovery Pt. 1
Bloaters at the Squidport Tapped Out Bloaters at the Squidport.png Cash.png162,500 Level 44
Bloatation Device
ZiffCorp Sign Tapped Out ZiffCorp Sign.png Artie Ziff Artie Ziff.png Cash.png137,500 Level 45
The Way I Wish We Was Pt. 1
ZiffCorp Office Building Tapped Out ZiffCorp Office Building.png Cash.png225,000 Level 45
The Way I Wish We Was Pt. 9
The Hungry Hun Tapped Out The Hungry Hun.png Uter Uter Zorker.png Donut Tapped Out.png160 Level 45
Indoor Tennis Courts Tapped Out Indoor Tennis Courts.png Cash.png129,000 Level 45
The Way I Wish We Was Pt. 8
Fortress of Choclitude Tapped Out Fortress of Choclitude.png Cash.png10,000,000 Level 45
Classy Girls Strip Club Tapped Out Classy Girls Strip Club.png Mrs. Muntz Mrs. Muntz.png Cash.png225,000 Level 46
Easy A Pt. 1
Writers Building Tapped Out Writers Building.png Matt Groening Tapped Out Matt Groening.png Cash.png150,000 Level 23
When Worlds Collide Pt. 3
Quimby Compound Tapped Out Quimby Compound.png Freddy Quimby Freddy Quimby.png Cash.png230,000 Level 47
The Cost of Living Pt. 1
Gold Navy Gold Navy.png Janey Janey Powell.png Cash.png181,000 Level 48
Smells Like Mean Spirit Pt. 1
Krusty Burger Oil Rig Krusty Burger Oil Rig.png Cash.png8,000,000 Level 48
D'Amico Summer Home Tapped Out DAmico Summer Home.png Michael D'Amico Michael D'Amico.png Cash.png237,500 Level 49
Baking Bread Pt. 1
Old Abandoned Warehouse Tapped Out Old Abandoned Warehouse.png Cash.png177,000 Level 49
Baking Bread Pt. 6
Municipal House of Pancakes Tapped Out Municipal House of Pancakes.png Helen Lovejoy Helen Lovejoy.png Cash.png245,000 Level 50
The Joy of Gossip Pt. 1
Lovejoy Residence Tapped Out Lovejoy Residence.png Jessica Lovejoy Jessica Lovejoy.png Donut Tapped Out.png180 Level 50
Monroe Family Therapy Center Tapped Out Monroe Family Therapy Center.png Marvin Monroe Marvin Monroe.png Cash.png250,000 Level 51
Ungrateful Dead Pt. 1
Springfield Slaughterhouse Tapped Out Springfield Slaughterhouse.png Lunchlady Dora Tapped Out Lunchlady Dora.png Cash.png250,000 Level 52
Dora the Endorser Pt. 1
Springfield Dump Springfield Dump Tapped Out.png FREE Level 20
A Rail of One City Pt. 1
Uriah's Heap Recycling Center Uriahs Heap Recycling Center.png Hippie Hippie.png Donut Tapped Out.png135 Level 20
Metal Depot
Little Lisa's Recycling Plant Little Lisas Recycling Plant.png Donut Tapped Out.png200 Level 20
Metal Depot
Monorail Cafe Monorail Cafe.png Donut Tapped Out.png60 Level 20
Metal Depot
Dilapidated Rail Yard Dilapidated Rail Yard.png FREE A Rail of One City Pt. 6 or Railing On Pt. 1
Spiffany's Tapped Out Spiffanys.png Mrs. Quimby Martha Quimby.png Cash.png260,000 Level 53
Higher Class of Politics Pt. 1
Shotkickers Tapped Out Shothickers.png Ruth Powers Ruth Powers.png Cash.png265,000 Level 54
A Woman's Work Pt. 1
Seething Sisters Tapped Out Setthing Sisters.png Cash.png85,000 Level 54
To Catch a Cougar Pt. 1
Woosterfield Hotel Woosterfield Hotel.png Declan Desmond Declan Desmond.png Cash.png270,000 Level 55
The Price of Donuts Pt. 1
Powell Motors Powell Motors Tapped Out.png Herb Powell Herb Powell.png Donut Tapped Out.png150 Level 55
Convention Center Convention Center.png Cash.png150,000 Level 56
Overpass Diner Overpass Diner.png Old Jewish Man Old Jewish man.png Cash.png275,000 Level 57
Old Gray Marriage Pt. 1
Geriatric Medicine Center For Geriatric Medicine.png Cash.png67,150 Level 57
Geriatric Medicine
Shotgun Pete's Shotgun Petes.png Cash.png67,150 Level 57
Old Gray Marriage Pt. 4
Maison Derriere Maison Derriere.png Belle Belle.png Donut Tapped Out.png150 Level 57
Springfield Country Club Tapped Out Springfield Country Club.png Yoga Mat.png60 Level 58
Frankie the Politician Pt. 3
Big T Theatre Big T Theatre.png Cash.png75,000 Level 59
Ayn Rand School for Tots Tapped Out Ayn Rand School for Tots.png Cash.png29,000 Level 26
The End of the Beginning Pt. 5
Playdough Factory Tapped Out Playdough Factory.png FREE Level 15
Play-Annoyed Grunt Pt. 1
Exclusive Resort Exclusive Resort.png Tapped Out AdS.png10 Level 30
Springfield Heights Pt. 10
Real Estate Value.png20,000,000
Elite Yacht Club Elite Yacht Club.png Tapped Out AdS.png20 Level 30
Springfield Heights Pt. 12
Googolplex Googolplex.png Wise Guy Wise Guy.png Cash.png325,000 Level 60
Card Handy Pt. 1
Mountain Lodge Mountain Lodge.png FREE Lodge a Complaint Pt. 8
Beach Hideaway Beach Hideaway.png Donut Tapped Out.png40 Level 30
Real Estate Value.png1
Lazy I Ranch TSTO Lazy I Ranch.png Cookie Cookie Lazy I.png Donut Tapped Out.png150 Premium
Connie Appleseed Connie Appleseed.png Donut Tapped Out.png85 Premium


Building Building image Character Character image Cost Availability
Krustyland Entrance Krustyland Entrance Base.png Krustyland Ticket.png20 Level 20
The Krusty-Less Place on Earth Pt. 1
Itchy Scratchy Corner Itchy Scratchy Corner.png
Sideshow Mel Corner Sideshow Mel Corner.png
Death Drop Tapped Out Death Drop.png Krustyland Ticket.png150 Level 20
The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 7
Duff Pavilion Tapped Out Duff Pavilion.png Krustyland Ticket.png12,500 Level 29
The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 38
Gift Shop Tapped Out Itchy and Scratchy Gift Shop.png Krustyland Ticket.png850 Level 23
The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 16
Krusty's Giant Wheel Tapped Out Krusty's Giant Wheel.png Princess Penelope Princess Penelope.png Krustyland Ticket.png4,000 Level 43
The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 1
Krusty's Haunted Condo Tapped Out Haunted Condo.png Krustyland Ticket.png5,000 Level 26
The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 29
Krustyland Burger Tapped Out Krustyland Krusty Burger.png Krustyland Ticket.png325 Level 21
The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 10
Krustyland Hotel Tapped Out Krustyland Hotel.png Krustyland Ticket.png10,000 Level 28
The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 36
Radioactive Man: The Ride Tapped Out Radioactive Man the Ride.png Krustyland Ticket.png1,250 Level 24
The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 21
Scratchy's Flea Dipper Tapped Out Dipper Flipper.png Krustyland Ticket.png6,000 Level 27
The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 31
Sleeping Itchy's Castle Tapped Out Sleeping Itchy Castle.png Krustyland Ticket.png500 Level 22
The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 13
Tavern on the Scream Tapped Out Tavern on the Scream.png Krustyland Ticket.png1,500 Level 30
A Day in the Knife
The Food Needle Tapped Out The Food Needle.png Krustyland Ticket.png2,500 Level 25
The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 24
The Tooth Chipper The Tooth Chipper Tapped Out.png Krustyland Ticket.png16,000 Level 29
The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 40
Viking Boat Ride Tapped Out Viking Boat.png Krustyland Ticket.png8,000 Level 28
The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 33
Wet & Smokey Stunt Show Tapped Out Wet and Smokey Stunt Show.png Krustyland Ticket.png3,750 Level 26
The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 26
One Plate Maximum Buffet Tapped Out One Plate Maximum Buffet.png Donut Tapped Out.png40 Level 43
The Princess and the Pea-Brain Pt. 1