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Catchphrase Information
Character: Homer Simpson
First heard: "There's No Disgrace Like Home"

"Mmm..." is one of Homer's catchphrases which he often uses when he tastes, smells, hears about or even thinks about something tasty and/or pleasant. His most commonly heard utterance is "Mmm... donuts".


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Season 1[edit]

Main article: Season 1
Episode Prod. Code "Mmm..." Reason
"There's No Disgrace Like Home" 7G04 "Marshmallows" He notices marshmallows in Marge's Jell-O mold.
"Bart the General" 7G05 "Cupcakes" After Marge offers cupcakes twice.
"Krusty Gets Busted" 7G12 "Chocolate, ooh... double chocolate, (gasp) new flavor... triple chocolate!" As he selects ice-cream in the Kwik-E-Mart.

Season 2[edit]

Main article: Season 2
Episode Prod. Code "Mmm..." Reason
"Bart Gets an "F"" 7F03 "Beer" After taking a last gulp of beer.
"Bart's Dog Gets an "F"" 7F14 "Ooh... maca-ma-damia nuts" After tasting a free sample from Cookie Colossus.
"The War of the Simpsons" 7F20 "Horse d'oeuvres" At Marge's party.

Season 3[edit]

Main article: Season 3
Episode Prod. Code "Mmm..." Reason
"Stark Raving Dad" 7F24 "Pancakes" While eating breakfast at the New Bedlam Rest Home for the Emotionally Interesting.
"Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington" 8F01 "Money" As he watches money printing.
"When Flanders Failed" 7F23 "Barbecue" Upon catching scent of the Flanders' barbecue.
"Homer Defined" 8F04 "Purple" After tasting donut fillings.
"Treehouse of Horror II" 8F02 "Sprinkles" After eating a donut, with his brain implanted in a robot.
"Spaghetti" After learning that Lisa's class is holding an all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner.
"Lisa's Pony" 8F06 "Beer" After choosing Moe's Tavern over King Toot's Music Store.
"Salty" After sampling beef jerky while working at the Kwik-E-Mart.
"Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk" 8F09 "The Land of Chocolate" While daydreaming of the Land of Chocolate.
"Radio Bart" 8F11 "Chocolate" After anticipating the chocolate in Neapolitan ice-cream (three times).
"Lisa the Greek" 8F12 "Crumbled-up cookie things" As he compares gambling on football to sundae toppings.
"Homer Alone" 8F14 "Strained peas" After sampling Maggie's baby food.
"Homer at the Bat" 8F13 "Donuts" After seeing donuts in the break room.
"Potato chips" While wishing he was eating them.
"Dog of Death" 8F17 "Snouts" Preferring Santa's Little Helper's food to his plate of chub.

Season 4[edit]

Main article: Season 4
Episode Prod. Code "Mmm..." Reason
"Homer the Heretic" 9F01 "Fattening" While admiring his waffles wrapped around a stick of butter.
"Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie" 9F03 "Burger" Responding to a reference to former chief justice of the Supreme Court Warren Burger.
"Soylent Green" At the movie theater counter, 40 years in the future.
"New Kid on the Block" 9F06 "Shrimp" After Marge tells how she had an allergic reaction to shrimp.
"Lisa's First Word" 9F08 "Hog fat" After smelling the stench outside the rendering plant.
"Homer's Triple Bypass" 9F09 "Ham" After hearing Mr. Burns tell Smithers to send a Marge a condolence ham as his spirit floats from his body.
"Marge vs. the Monorail" 9F10 "Chicken" After trying to woo Marge with the song "I Gave My Love a Chicken... It Had No Bone".
"Brother from the Same Planet" 9F12 "Grapefruit" During a daydream in which Bart shoves a grapefruit in his face.
"Duffless" 9F14 "Gummi beer" After sampling beer bottle shaped gummis.
"Last Exit to Springfield" 9F15 "Organized crime" After a fantasy about being a crime boss lavished with donuts.
"So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show" 9F17 "Beer" After hearing that excess alcohol can cause liver damage and cancer.
"Chocolate" When he sees a candy machine in hospital.
"Nuts" After the candy machine falls on him and chocolate falls into his mouth.
"Whacking Day" 9F18 "Beer" Upon opening a can of beer.
"Marge in Chains" 9F20 "Pie" Upon hearing Apu's testimony that he can recite pi (π) to 40,000 decimal places.
"Krusty Gets Kancelled" 9F19 "Delicious" After Krusty hits him in the face with a pie.

Season 5[edit]

Main article: Season 5
Episode Prod. Code "Mmm..." Reason
"Rosebud" 1F01 "Sixty-four slices of American cheese" As he eats his midnight-to-dawn snack while Mr. Burns and Smithers hang from the ceiling.
"Treehouse of Horror IV" 1F04 "Forbidden donut" After eating the last bit of his "soul" donut.
"Business deal" After Mr. Burns purchases the Blood Bank.
"Marge on the Lam" 1F03 "Invisible cola" While passing a vending machine with new Crystal Buzz Cola.
"Candy" While seeing a second vending machine.
"Convenient" As he dreams of treating everyone to candy and cola on Maggie's wedding day with two vending machines stuck on his arms.
"Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood" 1F06 "Free goo" As he picks a bit of gum that covers Bart and Milhouse.
"Apple" After he tastes a pie that Bart put into a booby trap.
"Hamburger" After smelling a Krusty Burger on an offshore oil rig.
"The Last Temptation of Homer" 1F07 "Foot-long chilli dog" As he and Mindy Simmons eat a chili dog together.
"Marge" After choosing Marge over a turkey.
"Deep Space Homer" 1F13 "Mediciney" After drinking the liquid used for the NASA lung-capacity test.
"Homer Loves Flanders" 1F14 "Free wig" While imagining himself with Marge's hair.
"Sacrilicious" After eating the waffle he had mistaken for God.
"Bart Gets an Elephant" 1F15 "Elephant-fresh" After getting his own grooming bird, inspired by Stampy.
"Caramel" While stuck in the Springfield Tar Pits, Marge reminds him about the trip to the caramel factory.

Season 6[edit]

Main article: Season 6
Episode Prod. Code "Mmm..." Reason
"Another Simpsons Clip Show" 2F33 "Something" After a montage of Mmms.
"And Maggie Makes Three" 2F10 "Bowling fresh" While smelling freshly sprayed bowling shoes at Barney's Bowlarama.
"Urinal fresh" While placing deodorant cakes in the urinals at Barney's Bowlarama.
"Homer vs. Patty and Selma" 2F14 "Slanty" After celebrating by tilting his chair at the dinner table.
"The Springfield Connection" 2F21 "Incapacitating" After tasting Marge's pepper spray on eggs.

Season 7[edit]

Main article: Season 7
Episode Prod. Code "Mmm..." Reason
"Treehouse of Horror VI" 3F04 "Sprinkles" After seeing the Lard Lad sign "Now With Sprinkles".
"Unprocessed fishsticks" When he sees goldfish swimming in a pool in the third dimension.
"Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield" 3F11 "Open-faced club sandwich" In response to Mr. Burns' advice to use an open-faced club in golf.
"A Fish Called Selma" 3F15 "Pointy" After swallowing the plastic bride and groom from the wedding cake.

Season 8[edit]

Main article: Season 8

Season 9[edit]

Main article: Season 9
Episode Prod. Code "Mmm..." Reason
"Lisa's Sax" 3G02 "Recirculated air" After stealing Flanders' air conditioner.
"Das Bus" 5F11 "Memo" After tasting a pencil he had stuck in butter.
"Dumbbell Indemnity" 5F12 "Me" After eating an olive used to represent himself.
"Simpson Tide" 3G04 "Donuts" Just before drooling on the last donut during a break at the nuclear power plant.

Season 10[edit]

Main article: Season 10
Episode Prod. Code "Mmm..." Reason
"Bart the Mother" 5F22 "Loganberry" After smelling Bart's scented candle.
"Mom and Pop Art" AABF15 "Hippo" After seeing a hippo being barbecued in an informercial.
"Split peas with ham" After seeing one of Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup paintings.
"Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo" AABF20 "Fifty-dollar pretzel" While eating a pretzel at a sumo match.

Season 11[edit]

Main article: Season 11
Episode Prod. Code "Mmm..." Reason
"Eight Misbehavin'" BABF03 "Ovulicious" After eating a strawberry-flavored fertility pill.
"The Mansion Family" BABF08 "Danish" After Moe recommends Tuborg, the beer of Danish kings, to him.

Season 12[edit]

Main article: Season 12
Episode Prod. Code "Mmm..." Reason
"Treehouse of Horror XI" BABF21 "Sugar walls" After eating through the wall of a Gingerbread House.
"Lisa the Tree Hugger" CABF01 "Donuts" While driving his car in circles, making "donuts".
"HOMЯ" BABF22 "Hug" While reviving a hug from Lisa while eating a sandwich.
"Simpson Safari" CABF13 "Turbulent" After eating an animal cracker from the '60s.

Season 13[edit]

Main article: Season 13
Episode Prod. Code "Mmm..." Reason
"Treehouse of Horror XII" CABF19 "Various eggs" After being served his favorite meal by Ultrahouse 3000.
"Unexplained bacon" After waking up to the smell of bacon.
"A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love" CABF18 "Pistol Whip" After Snake threatens to pistol whip Homer, he imagines himself eating a tub of whipped cream by using a gun as a scoop
"She of Little Faith" DABF02 "Pie pants" After Bart substitutes the words "Pie pants" for "science".
"Tales from the Public Domain" DABF08 "That's the next best thing to eating Lenny" After taking a bite out of Lenny, in pig-form.
"The Sweetest Apu" DABF14 "Caramel baloney" After hearing Apu say that he thought "karma was baloney, but not anymore".

Season 14[edit]

Main article: Season 14
Episode Prod. Code "Mmm..." Reason
"Treehouse of Horror XIII" DABF19 "Donuts" When Homer's clones see huge donuts suspended from helicopters.
"Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade" DABF20 "Feed" When Bart mentions the live NBC news feed.
"The Great Louse Detective" EABF01 "Steamed gentile" After Krusty frees him from the steam room and asks "Who ordered the steamed gentile?".
"Special Edna" EABF02 "Trophy" After eating a piece of first place gummi fish trophy.
"The Dad Who Knew Too Little" EABF03 "McNuggets" After the prospector in Lisa's "Girl Cowboy" video, voiced by Homer, reports that the McNuggets have been stolen by Indians.
"Barting Over" EABF05 "Garnish" After Judge Constance Harm garnishes Homer's wages so he can pay Bart.
"Pray Anything" EABF06 "Far-fetched" After imagining himself as a 7-foot tall Basketball player who takes a bite out of the moon.
"Move over eggs, bacon just got a new best friend... fudge" After a truck carrying hot fudge collided with a truck carrying bacon and he samples the result.
"Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington" EABF09 "Promo" After eating the "Joe Millionaire" advert at the bottom of the screen. He then spits it out and says "Ew... Fox".
"'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky" EABF11 "Bad eggs" After hearing Marge say "Looks like some bad eggs are cooking up trouble".

Season 15[edit]

Main article: Season 15
Episode Prod. Code "Mmm..." Reason
"The Fat and the Furriest" EABF19 "Moses" After watching a vegetable version of the Moses story.
"The Regina Monologues" EABF22 "Bacon" Said by Abbey, not Homer.
"Diatribe of a Mad Housewife" FABF05 "Blowholes" Said by the character based on Homer in The Harpooned Heart.

Season 16[edit]

Main article: Season 16
Episode Prod. Code "Mmm..." Reason
"On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister" GABF05 "Hot dog" In a flashback, when Homer anticipates eating a hot dog, which is actually his finger in a bun, covered with ketchup.
"Home Away from Homer" GABF15 "Soggy bread" After Ned laments about only getting soggy bread in return for casting his bread upon the waters.

Season 17[edit]

Main article: Season 17
Episode Prod. Code "Mmm..." Reason
"Milhouse of Sand and Fog" GABF19 "Homer-oats" After eating some of the oatmeal he has been soaking in to soothe chicken pox.
"We're on the Road to D'ohwhere" HABF04 "Snickers Pie" After telling Bart that's he's one Snickers Pie away from diabetes.

Season 18[edit]

Main article: Season 18
Episode Prod. Code "Mmm..." Reason
"Treehouse of Horror XVII" HABF17 "Extra-virgin" After taking a bite out of the Squeaky-voiced teen while possessed by the blob.
"Crook and Ladder" JABF13 "Soggy, smoky hero" After Marge tells him that the next time she'll see him is when he is a soggy, smoky hero.

Season 19[edit]

Main article: Season 19
Episode Prod. Code "Mmm..." Reason
"The Homer of Seville" JABF18 "Au jus-not quite gravy, not quite blood" After tasting the roast beef at a funeral.
"Husbands and Knives" JABF17 "Porkpie" When Bart refers to Milo's porkpie hat.
"Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind" KABF02 "Pickle" When Moe adds Absolut Pikl to the Forget-Me-Shot.
"Dial "N" for Nerder" KABF07 "Lamb" After going into the Sleep-Eazy Motel with a lamb shawarma.
"All About Lisa" KABF13 "Terrible" After eating a pizza slice from 1978.

Season 20[edit]

Main article: Season 20

Season 21[edit]

Main article: Season 21

Season 22[edit]

Main article: Season 22

Season 23[edit]

Main article: Season 23

Season 24[edit]

Main article: Season 24

Season 25[edit]

Main article: Season 25
Episode Prod. Code "Mmm..." Reason
"Homerland" RABF20 "So slivered" When he decides he'll enjoy green beans with slivered almonds.

Season 34[edit]

Main article: Season 34
Episode Prod. Code "Mmm..." Reason
"One Angry Lisa" UABF19 "Jelly legs" After Marge describes her legs as feeling like jelly after working out on an exercise bike.


Appearance "Mmm..." Reason
The Simpsons Game "White-pelted chocolate"
Homer's Colonoscopy "Mayo" After going to the Mayo Clinic.

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