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The Land of Chocolate

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The Simpsons Game
The Land of Chocolate
Bartman Begins

This article is about the level. For the place in Homer's imagination, see The Land of Chocolate (location). For the song, see The Land of Chocolate (song).
Donut Homer.png The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened or existed.
The Land of Chocolate
The Land of Chocolate Game.png
Level Information
Game: The Simpsons Game
Number: 1
Number of objectives: 4
Playable character(s): Homer
Homer's food: Chocolate, white chocolate, donuts, strawberries, candy, cakes
Level boss(es): White chocolate rabbit
Main location: The Land of Chocolate

"The Land of Chocolate" is the first level of The Simpsons Game. It also serves as the tutorial for the game.


"Homer falls asleep and dreams about "The Land of Chocolate"."


While the Simpsons are watching TV, Homer falls asleep while eating Herschel's Smooches fudge balls. He starts dreaming about "The Land of Chocolate", a place made entirely of chocolate. After Homer watches the discount chocolate, a white chocolate rabbit appears and informs him he is eating their world. Then he dares Homer to eat him. The rabbit escapes across a chocolate river, which Homer crosses by jumping on giant cakes and marshmallows. He encounters a chocolate rabbit and eats it before destroying some chocolate stands. Now he is in Fudgetown and follows a path between the houses while eating all of the rabbits he sees. He destroys the Marge fountains, the place where the rabbits come from. Later, he destroys a giant pretzel to reach a huge cake in the middle of a big chocolate lake. Homer presses a button to make some giant cookies appear and jump on them to get to the cake. He scales it and gets to the top to fight the White Chocolate Rabbit and eat it. When he does so, he gets the power of Homer Ball: he can turn into a giant ball and boost onto things. The cake disappears, revealing an underground part full of rabbits Homer boosts and eats. After that, he wakes up angry because that was just a dream.


After the white chocolate rabbit destroys the fence by the chocolate river, the player must navigate over the bouncing platforms on the river. The player then gets to a bridge with the other side of the bridge being blocked by carts. The player must use the Homer Burp ability to break the carts. This leads to an area with a church and a winding path towards it. The player must destroy the chocolate rabbits whilst following the path, leading to the next part of the level. Here, the player gets told about the Marge Fountains, which spawn the chocolate rabbits. Destroying the fountains stops the chocolate rabbits from spawning.

The player then gets their next objective, to destroy the Graham Cracker gate. This is done with a Homer Burp attack. The player will then enter an area with three Marge fountains that spawn chocolate rabbits. Destroy the fountains then press a button to activate cookie platforms next to the giant cake. Jump up onto the cake using the cookies and climb to the top of it using bounce pads. Once at the top, the player must defeat the white chocolate rabbit before turning into Homer Ball and falling into the cake. The player must then attack the rabbits until Homer wakes up from his dream, ending the level.

Thinks To Do[edit]

  1. Follow the White Rabbit through the village.
  2. Break the graham cracker gate.
  3. Climb the cake and eat the White Rabbit.
  4. Eat the chocolate bunnies.


There are five Duff Caps and one cliché in the level:

Duff Caps[edit]

The Choco Dark Duff Trophy
  1. On the road to the church, jump on a sponge cake to bounce to the roof of a house.
  2. On the road to the Graham Cracker gate, jump on the sponge cake to get to the awning of a house.
  3. On the second level of the giant cake, go round the back.
  4. Inside the cake, use the Homer Ball dash to get the cap on the side of the wall.
  5. Destroy the giant chocolate rabbit head inside the cake.

Finding all five rewards the Choco Dark Duff Trophy.


Name Requirement Quote Note
Double Jump Double jump multiple times "Oh, a double jump. That's real original."
Switches and Levers Pull the lever before the giant cake "What would video games be without switches and levers? Original." PS2 only