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Food/Drink Information
Type: Meat
First appearance: "Krusty Gets Busted"

Bacon is a meat product, made from pig.


Despite being in poor shape health wise, Homer still eats bacon and eggs for breakfast, over the healthier option of oatmeal.[1]

Shasta, a contestant on Hunks likes to make bacon on the beach.[2]

When Lisa announced she is becoming a vegetarian, Homer started quizzing her about foods she wouldn't be eating. At first, he asked about bacon, before ham and pork chops. Lisa told him they all come from the same animal, to which Homer replied "Yeah right, Lisa. A wonderful, magical animal."[3]

When Lisa gets gum stuck in her hair, Marge tires many methods to remove it, including bacon fat. Despite many townspeople's suggestions, she eventually resorted to getting it cut out.[4]

Kirk Van Houten, when slandering Luann's cooking, said he hadn't had a decent breakfast since the army, and that he would get a decent breakfast from the high school hooligans egging their Bonneville if they threw him some bacon.[5]

After discovering he could sell grease for profit, Homer started frying large amounts of bacon. $27 worth of bacon made him ¢63, a high profit loss. He later expanded this into a full-blown business, Simpson & Son Grease Co..[6]

When fattening up Mr. Pinchy, Homer cooked him bacon.[7]

Bart once complained about stomach pains after eating lots of raw bacon.[8]

Homer is shouting at Bart to follow his belief in buttering his bacon. Bart agrees, so Lisa starts discussing her recent change in spiritualism. However Homer soon stops her, to tell Bart to "bacon up that sausage". Bart moans that his heart hurts, but after a glare from Homer, he does as he is told.[9]

A truck carrying hot fudge collided with a truck carrying bacon. Homer samples it an exclaims "Mmm... move over eggs, bacon just got a new best friend... fudge."[10]

To get Homer to the door to receive a subpoena (about misspending Bart's earnings as Baby Stink Breath), the Blue-haired lawyer puts a side of bacon at the door.[11]

Abbey, Homer's half-sister, said "Mmm... bacon".[12]

In his song, "You're a Hero", Homer calls himself a "double-bacon geniusburger".[13]

After seeing a commercial, Homer tries to find a Golden Ticket to gain access to Farmer Billy's Bacon Factory. He brought mass quantities of the product from the Kwik-E-Mart (prompting Apu to say "if you really want to kill yourself, I also sell handguns!"), but only found a silver ticket. This allowed him to judge at the upcoming county fair. Variants of bacon Homer brought includes Farmer Billy's smoke-fed bacon, Farmer Billy's bacon-fed bacon and Farmer Billy's travel bacon.[14]

En-route to Oregon, Homer stops at Skobo's, a restaurant. He orders the smiley face breakfast special, asking to have a bacon nose, bacon hair, bacon moustache, a five o'clock shadow made of bacon bits and a bacon body. The waitress suggested just shoving a pig down his throat, exciting Homer. She revealed she was just kidding, so Homer says his bacon man lives in a bacon house. The waitress replies that he doesn't.[15]

When the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant moved to India, Homer was tasked with motivating the new workforce. He referred back to the book he was given from Marge, entitled The Cereal is the Prize. He told the workers that "fried eggs are as important to business as bacon". Confused by the relevance, the workers decided that if they cheer, they may be allowed back to work.[16]

Bacon is one of the many pork-related products in The Clogger, a greasy, fat-dripping burger on sale at Krusty Burger. Krusty once filmed a commercial for the product, which he hated the taste of, with Plopper the pig.[17]

In Homer's dream Apu gave him change in bacon.[18]

Sideshow Raheem quit Krusty's show after one week. One of the theories behind this is that Krusty spiked Raheem's soup with bacon. Raheem follows Islam, and so bacon, being a pork product, is a no-go.[19]

Homer once invented a "bacon/pancake gordita", exclaiming "Yo quiero Homer!".[20]

Bart wanted to go to the cinema, but couldn't afford it as Homer wanted to buy a bacon station. Once Bart finally sneaks into the film, much to his embarrassment, Homer is there with his bacon station, selling to movie goers.[21]

Santa's Little Helper once ate Homer's bacon.[22]


When Marge fell asleep at church, she dreamt she and Homer were Eve and Adam in the Bible story. The Pig of Eden supplied them with many pork products, including bacon. Others were pork chops and pork ribs.[23]

When the Simpsons get the Ultrahouse 3000, it falls in love with Marge. To "get her", he plans to kill Homer. It starts frying bacon, alerting a half-awake Homer, who exclaims "Mmm... unexplained bacon". He goes into the kitchen, where the Ultrahouse uses ice cubes, the dining table and its garbage disposal to "kill" Homer.[24]

Homer Simpson once mixed a jar of Finally Together! Bacon Bits and Dried Grits with pork powder and mayo.[25]

Bacon products[edit]

Behind the Laughter[edit]

In Al-Shamshoon, the short-lived Arabic dub of The Simpsons, pork products, including bacon, were removed for religious reasons.