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Treehouse of Horror XXI

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Season 22 Episode
467 "MoneyBart"
"Treehouse of Horror XXI"
"Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life" 469
XX "Treehouse of Horror XX"
"Treehouse of Horror XXI"
"Treehouse of Horror XXII" XXII
Treehouse of Horror Episode
For the continuing series of Halloween specials, see Treehouse of Horror series.
Donut Homer.png This episode is considered non-canon and the events featured do not relate to the series and therefore may not have actually happened/existed
Treehouse of Horror XXI
Treehouse of Horror XXI title card.png
Episode Information
Episode Number: 468
Production Code: MABF16
Original Airdate: November 7, 2010
Special Guest Voices: Daniel Ratfink as Edmund
Hugh "Struck by A" Lorry as Roger
Show Runner(s): Al Jazeena
Written By: As Predicted, Joel Cohen Just Died
Directed By: Sponge Bob Anderson Pants
"They should call this one recipe for murder."
"What do you mean "this one?""
"Never mind."

"Treehouse of Horror XXI" is the twenty-first Treehouse of Horror episode and the fourth of season 22. For this episode Alf Clausen was nominated for an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore)".[1]


"A satanic board game causes other popular board games to come to life, Homer and Marge rescue a possible killer and let him on their boat, and a parody of "Twilight" where Lisa falls for a young vampire."


Opening Sequence[edit]

Bart and Homer are carving pumpkins and Bart slices a smile into Homer's pants. Homer chokes him, so Bart puts a flaming pumpkin on his head. Professor Frink then introduces the show, giving a warning about the content and telling those concerned to skip forward. He skips forward too far and says he has ruined the show. He points the remote at himself until he dies and turns to dust. This blows away to say "Treehouse of Horror XXI". The monster picks up the remote and mentions The Office. This leads to a parody of the opening, set in the monsters work place.

War and Pieces[edit]

War and Pieces title card

Marge, worried about the effects of excessively violent video games, encourages Bart and Milhouse to give the wholesome, classic board games in the attic a shot. The best friends discover a board game called Satan's Path. Upon playing it, it causes all the games to come to life and alter reality as the two must beat all the games' challenges to restore everything to normal.

Master and Cadaver[edit]

Master and Cadaver title card

Homer and Marge set sail on a second honeymoon, but is interrupted by a castaway, who they rescue. Roger was a chef on the Albatross who was knocked out after trying to prevent an attempted poisoning on the ship. Convinced that Roger poisoned the passengers and plotting to murder them after seeing a dead shark with a recently made pie pan in its mouth, Homer and Marge take matters into their own hands as they seemingly killed Roger and knock his body overboard. However, finding the Albatross, they realized Roger was telling the truth. Roger appears again and Homer then kills Roger, and the surviving bankers, which shocks Marge who eats the poisoned pie. It would all turn out to be Maggie's imagination.


Lisa Simpson falls in love with a vampire named Edmund. After Edmund reveals that he is a vampire, Lisa invites him round for dinner. Homer and Count Dracula embarrass them to the point that they run away to Dracula-la Land. After Homer and Dracula find them, Dracula and Edmund try to force Lisa to become a vampire and Homer gets in the way. His high blood cholesterol kills the vampires. Homer then turns into a fat bat and tries to fly away, falling to his death as he is too fat to fly.


Daniel Radcliffe, the main star of the Harry Potter franchise, guest starred in the third segment which parodies the Twilight novels and movies. Radcliffe said that he is a fan of the show and guest starring is "a huge honour". Hugh Laurie guest starred in a segment that parodies Dead Calm.

The episode aired November 7, 2010.


The episode was up 23% in viewership compared with the previous episode, "MoneyBart", which aired October 10.

The episode received mixed-to-negative reviews. Us Weekly said: "the three oddball tales run from mildly amusing to flat-out inspired. In one goofy vignette, Homer and a bikini-wearing Marge pluck a scary mystery man from the sea. However, watching Lisa crush on a brooding vampire in a dead-on poke at Twilight is the hilarious treat here."

USA Today said about the episode: "It is possible that The Simpsons has worn out the Treehouse franchise. The three installments just seem to be reaching for jokes that aren't there, and falling in the attempt. As you'd hope from The Simpsons, the segments all boast a few clever moments that will make you smile if not laugh. But they're not scary, they're not particularly funny, and outside of some tepid Twilight jokes, they're no longer even trying to be real parodies of the original stories."



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