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My Fair Laddy (Medley)

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"My Fair Laddy (Medley)"
Song Information
Singers: Yeardley Smith
Dan Castellaneta
Nancy Cartwright
Marcia Wallace
Hank Azaria
Harry Shearer
Characters: Lisa Simpson
Groundskeeper Willie
Bart Simpson
Homer Simpson
Edna Krabappel
Coach Krupt
Dewey Largo
Length: 6:25
Writer(s): Music: Alf Clausen
Lyrics: Michael Price
Album: The Simpsons: Testify

"My Fair Laddy (Medley)" is a track from The Simpsons: Testify. It is the thirtieth track on the album and consists of the songs "Adequate", "Not On My Clothes", "Blue Pants Mornin'", "Indoors All Night", "Longing for the Shack" and "My Fair Laddy End Credits Medley" from the episode "My Fair Laddy".



Willie? I hope I'm not being too personal, but you seem resigned to a life of abject squalor.
Groundskeeper Willie:
My family's used to it. Me grandfather used to get sent down into the mines to make sure it was safe for the canaries.
Don't you ever hope for anything better?
Groundskeeper Willie:
Something better? For Willie?
All I want,
Is a place sumwhere.
Groundskeeper Willie:
That's it.
Maybe you could aim a little higher.
Groundskeeper Willie:
Well, let's see.
Oh, to have me shack rebuilt,
Get my rotten teeth all dril't,
Something on underneath me kilt.
Oh, wouldn't it be adequate?
Matching shoes for both me feet,
Dining on untainted meat,
A toilet what still has its seat.
Oh, wouldn't it be adequate?
Lisa and Bart:
Groundskeeper Willie:
Oh, wouldn't it be adequate?
Hmm. You're right, Lisa! I do want to better me lot. To live like a normal...
Heeeeey, that's great, good night.

Not On My Clothes[edit]

[sighs] All right, let's just try one more lesson. Repeat after me: "What flows from the nose does not go on the clothes."
Groundskeeper Willie:
What flows from me nose... Uh... It's no use. I'm not very cultured. I don't even have a last name!
Care to concede that bet?
No! C'mon, Willie. I believe in you!
Groundskeeper Willie:
What flows from the nose does not go on my clothes.
Say it again!
Groundskeeper Willie:
What flows from the nose,
Does not go on my clothes!
I think he's got it!
Oh yes, he's got it!
Groundskeeper Willie:
What flows from the nose,
Does not go on my clothes!
Where is that ghastly flow?
Groundskeeper Willie:
The nose! The nose!
And where should it not go?
Blue pants! Blue pants!
Dad! Get your own song!

Blue Pants Mornin'[edit]

I'm gettin' blue pants in the morning!
Ding-dong, the zipper's gonna shine!

Indoors All Night[edit]

Groundskeeper Willie:
If you ask me, the Royal Shakespeare Company's latest season was "much ado about nothing."
[crowd laughs]
Edna Krabappel:
Ha! I get that reference. And you can get me any time you want, handsome.
Groundskeeper Willie:
I would be delighted to dine with you on the twelfth.
You're a smash G. K.!
Groundskeeper Willie:
It feels so sublime! I feel like I...
Could be indoors all night,
Could use a fork and knife,
And never soil my suit.
I could be so polite,
Start not a single fight,
And still not feel like a fruit.
How very nice that there's no lice,
In my hair,
And my toenails I don't bite.
Now that I've reached the stage,
Where I'm not full of rage,
I could be indoors,
Indoors all night!
[everyone applauds]

Longing for the Shack[edit]

Coach Krupt:
Hey, Maitre d'!
Groundskeeper Willie:
May I help you, sir?
Coach Krupt:
These roles are stale! BOMBARDMENT!!! Bring me some more! BOMBARDMENT!!! And, uh, some nice tea for the lady please. BOMBARDMENT!!!
Groundskeeper Willie:
I've a fancy suit,
And a clean white shirt,
But I miss the days when tractor fumes,
Blew up my skirt.
I was freezing cold,
And I slept in mold,
But I long for the shack where I lived.
She was true to me,
My old home of wood,
And when I passed out drunk from turpentine,
She understood.
Life was so sublime.
Mr. Largo:
Well, boo hoo, cuz I'm,
Hanging ferns in the shack where you lived!
If I had your voice, I'd talk-sing everything!

My Fair Laddy End Credits Medley[edit]

[music plays]

Behind the Laughter[edit]

The songs are all parodies of songs from My Fair Lady. "Adequate" is a parody of "Wouldn't It Be Loverly", "Not On My Clothes" is a parody of "The Rain in Spain" and "Get Me to the Church on Time", "Indoors All Night" is a parody of "I Could Have Danced All Night" and "Longing for the Shack" is a parody of the song "On the Street Where You Live".