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Homer Simpson: Canine Decoder

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Homer Simpson: Canine Decoder
Homer Simpson Canine Decoder.png
Comic Story information
Released: September 2012
Comic series: Simpsons Comics
Pages: 22
Written by: Ian Boothby

Homer Simpson: Canine Decoder is a Simpsons Comics story that appears in Simpsons Comics #194.


"Homer embarks on a new career as a "dog listener", where he solves dogs' problems. When word gets out about his skill, his services become a big hit among Springfield's dogs and dog owners alike, but he quickly develops burnout and quits. Meanwhile, Lisa sets out to prove that gym class is unfair, but ends up using her intellect to analyze gym and become a success at it. When Homer's quitting as dog listener triggers a doggy revolt in Springfield, Lisa's new gym skills save everyone at school from being attacked by the angry dogs. The canine rebellion is quelled when Santa's Little Helper comes to Homer's rescue and persuades the other dogs to call it off."


Taco.png "How d'you say "taco" in Mexican?"

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Marge has made dinner for the family, but when Homer goes to sit at the dining table, Santa's Little Helper sits in his place. The dog is later sitting in Homer's couch, car, and bar stool, but after he stole his bacon discovers Homer why the dog tried to take over Homer's role as man of the house, he has a new food he does not like. After Homer switch back his food ends the dog take over Homer's place. Lisa is sad and when Marge asks why she tell her the true, she is the worst in the class in gym. The rumor that Homer can read dogs spread making Mr. Burns asking him to make his dog active again, they have become lazy. Homer manages to get the dogs to become active and his dogs start chasing Smithers. Lisa has realized that the problem with the gym is not her it's Ms. Pommelhorst who treats her unfairly, but when she visits her office, she found out that she was not good at sports when she was a child and realize that this is why she is so hard on Lisa.

Homer continues his career as a dog whisperer, Rainer Wolfcastle is his next customer and he found out that his personal assistant's kids has made his dog nervous. Lisa begins to study how she can be good at gym and show Ms. Pommelhorst that she can, and it's giving results, she can now climb to the top of the rope. Homer's next customer is Arnie Pie whose dog is clingy when he has her in the helicopter, Homer found out that the dog is afraid of heights. Lisa continues to excelling in gym and Homer continues with his new job, Krusty is the next customer, it turns out that hnas dog feels bad after eating Krusty Burger. A week later receive Lisa a price in the school, the Sweaty Award for most growth in physical education. Homer is now tired of working with dogs, but when he is home and resting in the couch visits a round of hundred dogs him which had come alone to Homer and begins to follow him. But when Homer is drunk at Moe's realizes the dogs to their friendship with Homer was not so good and they start attacking him and his friends. Homer being chased by dogs and runs into the school gym where Lisa and her classmates manage to get the dogs to close their mouths by throwing rings around their mouths. The dogs, is angry and will get loose from the rings in their mouth soon so they must find a place to hide from the dogs.

They run from the gym and begins to climbing of the outer walls on a rope. Pommelhorst have problems to climb up the rope but after Lisa gave her the hope to make it so she could handle it. Homer can also not get up to the rope because the dogs have surrounded him. A new dog then enters the herd, Santa's Little Helper which asking the dogs to stop doing that, they do not want to be human, they are now living like kings, thanks to the humans, if they taking over the world can they not do whatever they want, that made the dog realize that Santa's Little Helper has right and they leaving Homer and go back to their homes. Homer hugs Santa's Little Helper for he has saving his life. Meanwhile, Smithers calls Mr. Burns to ask how long the dogs will chase him, because they are still chasing him.


Comic issue Release date Country
Simpsons Comics #221 February 13, 2014 800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png
Simpsons Comics Colossal Compendium: Volume Four July 5, 2016 Flag of the United States.png

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