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Mob Rules

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Lisa the Tree Hugger
Mob Rules
Enter the Cheatrix
Not to be confused with Mob Rule.
Donut Homer.png The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened or existed.
Mob Rules
Mob Rules.png
Level Information
Game: The Simpsons Game
Number: 5
Number of objectives: 8
Playable character(s): Lisa and Marge
Main location: Springfield

"Mob Rules" is the fifth level of The Simpsons Game. Marge and Lisa recruit angry people of Springfield to claim the prohibition of the violent video game Grand Theft Scratchy.


This is the first level to include Marge as a playable character, as well as all of her powers. Lisa helps Marge and the mob in getting into hard to reach places using the Hand of Buddha.


"Marge and Lisa work together to get an angry mob together to get Grand Theft Scratchy banned from Springfield."


Marge and Lisa are walking while reading an article on the Springfield Shopper that shows a senator wanting to stop selling the video game Grand Theft Scratchy to kids, but Mayor Quimby is being bribed by an EA executive. Martin has bought a copy of the game, and jacks Ned Flanders' car to get to his home quick. Lisa tells Marge she has the power of telling mobs to do whatever she wants using a megaphone, and decides to use her powers to get rid of Grand Theft Scratchy. She recruits Ned, Apu and Edna Krabappel to destroy three Grand Theft Scratchy floats. They have to fight kids with bats and Itchy and Scratchy masks and police officers all around the city. They later destroy two more floats. Lisa uses the "Hand of Buddha" to build a bridge and move cars to allow the mob get across the streets. Smithers later joins the mob. On the upper floor of a parking lot there is a GTS billboard which the mob destroys to get to a rooftop which has another billboard.

However, this one is electrified, so Marge places Maggie inside a crawlspace, she steers through the duct and turns off the billboard so the mob, now with Grampa, destroys the billboard. After Marge, Lisa and the mob go down to a little square with three more GTS floats, they fight the police officer, which now come from gates infinitely. Lisa then uses Buddha's Hand to place the remaining floats to shaped places, and Marge tells the mob to build a ramp to go up out of the square and to build a platform so Lisa can reach a Buddha statue to place a box and stop a water stream. When Moe joins the mob, they destroy a jail wall so Snake can join. After that, they all reach the town's square. The Jebediah Springfield statue has been replaced by a Itchy and Scratchy statue. This part of the town is a chaos, full of angry kids, police officers who come from police trucks, and the mob being knocked out by them.

Skinner joins the mob when it is time to destroy the statue. Once it is reduced to little pieces, the head of Scratchy falls and rolls to the Springfield Town Hall, which destroys its wall. However, Mayor Quimby and the EA executive are too busy in the mayor's pool and, after the executive gives the mayor his bribe, he calls his sexy interns. Now Marge decides to use their best weapon (Ned pulls out his machine gun, but she doesn't mean that): Maggie. She is placed by Marge inside an air duct, and turns on the heat on Quimby's pool. This forces him and the executive to get out, and when the executive sees the senator, the bribe for Quimby is out, as he had been promised no mobs as the town is "full of slugs who'd suck our sexy sleaze with a smile". Quimby decides to stop selling Grand Theft Scratchy to kids, so Marge and the mob celebrate, as Marge kisses the Simpsons Game book and Lisa rolls her eyes at the thought of using violence to stop the sales of a violent videogame.

After a day of using their new powers, the Simpsons family are commenting about them in the kitchen. This leads to an argument, followed by an alien invasion by Kang and Kodos. They make a Lard Lad statue to come to life and destroy things with its laser. They also make dolphins to rebel and start attack humans. The Simpsons powers aren't enough to defeat the aliens so they go to the smartest person in Springfield, Professor Frink.


From the start of the level, the player gets a tutorial on Marge's abilities. Recruit Ned and then set him attacking the first Grand Theft Scratchy float. Recruit Dr. Hibbert and Edna Krabappel then get the next float destroyed. Destroy the third float, recruiting other people in the area to help, and fend off attacks from angry kids. Once the third float is destroyed, have Lisa bounce up onto SequelStop and use the Hand of Buddha to block the fire hydrant's spray. Move onto the next area and take down the police. Destroy the floats in this area then have Lisa climb the ladder to the next Buddha statue. Use the Hand of Buddha to move the bits of billboard left behind by the floats and make a bridge. Cross the bridge and attack the police then command the mob to break down the cracked wall. Move on into the parking lot and get to the top floor. Use Lisa's Hand of Buddha to move the cars and let the mob up. Then have Marge command the mob to break down the billboard.

The next billboard is electrified so Marge has to use Maggie to crawl through the vents and turn it off. Marge can then command the mob to break down the next billboard. This leads to an area with an elevator which Marge has to command her mob to get onto. Lisa must then use the Hand of Buddha to remove the battery, causing the elevator to lower the mob down. Follow the mob down and command them to break the three floats, fending off the attacks from kids and police as you do. There will also be a Marge Cop power up to make Marge temporarily invincible. Once the three floats are destroyed, have Lisa jump up to a Buddha Statue and use the Hand of Buddha to move the three shapes left behind by the floats into slots. Marge then has to have the mob build a ramp up using these. Carry on and there's an optional breakable wall to save Snake.

After Snake, the player will make it to the town square. Have the mob attack the Itchy & Scratchy statue in the center whilst fending off the mob. There's also a Buddha statue nearby for Lisa to help by dropping things on enemies. Make sure to keep the mob attacking the statue as it's easy for them to be attacked and stop. Once the statue is destroyed, the head will break apart the town hall, creating a way to climb it. Climb up the town hall and have Maggie go through another vent. Maggie can interact with steam valves in the vent, which heats up the hot tub that Mayor Quimby and the EA executive are in. Once all three valves are turned, the level ends.

Things To Do[edit]

  1. Destroy 3 Grand Theft Scratchy floats.
  2. Block the fire hydrant.
  3. Destroy 2 Grand Theft Scratchy floats.
  4. Find and destroy 2 billboards.
  5. Destroy 3 Grand Theft Scratchy floats.
  6. Get to Town Square.
  7. Destroy the Grand Theft Scratchy statue.
  8. Turn up the heat on Quimby.


There are six Try-N-Save Coupons, seven Malibu Stacy Seals and two clichés in the level:

Try-N-Save Coupons[edit]

The Hair Street Blues Hairspray Trophy
  1. On top of Chub Med.
  2. Break open the wall in the underground of Pay & Park & Pay.
  3. In the first vent with Maggie, take a left turn at the end.
  4. In the area where you have to destroy three Grand Theft Scratchy floats, destroy the barrels behind the float on the left.
  5. Break Snake out of jail and go inside.
  6. In the second and final vent section, take a left turn.

Finding all six rewards the Hair Street Blues Hairspray Trophy.

Malibu Stacy Seals[edit]

The Political Scandal Stacy Trophy
  1. From the second Hand of Buddha station, grab the metal rail from the roof and drop it by the side of the building to make a walkway.
  2. After knocking over the first billboard before the first vent section, have Lisa jump up the pink building.
  3. From the top of the elevator, have Lisa jump and cling to the ledge of the building. Shuffle round to the Grand Theft Scratchy poles and jump between them to the ledge.
  4. In the area where you have to destroy three Grand Theft Scratchy floats, destroy the barrels behind the float on the right.
  5. Use the Hand of Buddha to drop a box in front of the fire hydrant obstructing the Seal.
  6. Use the Clobber Girl power or Hand of Buddha to destroy a car near the Town Hall.
  7. On top of the Town Hall, jump to the front of it.

Finding all seven rewards the Political Scandal Stacy trophy.


Name Requirement Quote Note
Invisible Barrier Go to the barrier at the beginning of the level. "An invisible barrier. Sorry, your precious game doesn't go on forever."
Cracked Up In the basement of the parking lot, destroy the wall leading to a Try-N-Save Coupon. "Yes, waste your youth looking for secret passages in rocky tunnels!"