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Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers

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Shadow of the Colossal Donut
Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers
Bargain Bin

Donut Homer.png The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened or existed.
Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers
Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers.png
Level Information
Game: The Simpsons Game
Number: 9
Number of objectives: 4
Playable character(s): Homer and Bart
Homer's food: Hotdogs, hamburgers, tacos
Bart's slingshot ammo: Radioactive waste
Main location: Springfield Mall

"Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers" is the ninth level of The Simpsons Game.


After the level "Enter the Cheatrix" is completed, three more levels open up. These are "The Day of the Dolphin", "Shadow of the Colossal Donut" and "Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers". These can be taken in any order.


"Bart and Homer go to stop the alien invasion in Springfield once and for all."


The aliens are now stealing the Springfield Mall using their tractor beam. The only time a security guard comes in is when one of the aliens urinates in the fountain, and he is transported to a spaceship. Cletus then comes angry to tell the aliens to stop stealing the mall, since he got a lot of coupons for televisions. The aliens transport him into one of the spaceships to explore him using a probe (with one of the aliens slipping on a rubber glove to suggest a body cavity search), and Bart and Homer go to defeat the aliens. Everything around the mall has been destroyed, including the parking lot, which has huge holes with fire at the bottom, big trucks, and the mall itself. Homer crosses one of the holes as "Heli-Homer", and then activates a pipe that drops water to the fire at the bottom of the chasm, which releases water vapor that Bart uses to get to the other side as Bartman. Homer continues crossing the chasms and defeating aliens until he gets to a roofless Kwik-E-Mart and, when Bart gets to this place, they both step on the carpets to open the doors. When he allows Bart to get to him, they both step on the entrance so the doors open. Now, they see lots of aliens in lines that attack Homer and Bart and, as they get closer, the aliens go faster. When they defeat three waves, a tractor beam transports them to a spaceship, in which Cletus and a pig are trapped. Homer and Bart release Cletus and he decides to help them get rid of the aliens, using his rifle. The floor goes up a level, with alien portals, and thousands of aliens who come infinitely until Homer disables the portals as Homer Ball. Then, a pink console appears and, when activated, a platform raises and Sideshow Bob comes from it. He helped the aliens with the invasion and after a Shakespeare quote (much to Homer and Bart's confusion) he steps on a rake that hits him on the face. Kang and Kodos are watching from their spaceship, and Kang blames Kodos for leaving his rake on the floor. Kang then steps on another rake that hits him on the face, just like Bob.


The Space Invaders section

When the level starts, defeat all of the aliens attacking. Then have both Homer and Bart get over the truck, Homer using the helium and Bart using the ropes. On the other side, defeat more aliens. Have Heli-Homer cross the gap and get to the other side, then activate a lever to let Bart across via steam. Once on the other side, fight the next wave of aliens. Have Homer Ball dash across the next gap and jump up, then activate the next steam vent with another lever. Have Bart cross then both characters need to step on the welcome mats to open the doors.

In the PS2 version, this next segment is skipped. In other versions, a Space Invader style game starts. However, you can walk up to the aliens and just fight them in close combat. Once all three waves of aliens are defeated, the tractor beam will show up. Enter the tractor beam and get into the UFO.

In the UFO, pull the lever to rescue Cletus. Then the platform will raise up. Turn into Homer Ball and ram into the green devices below the alien portals to break them. Once all five are broken, the aliens will disappear. Press the button to end the level.

Things To Do[edit]

  1. Find the tractor beam.
  2. Rescue Cletus.
  3. Disable the alien portals.
  4. Turn off the tractor beam.


There are four Duff Caps, three Krusty Koupons and one cliché in the level:

Duff Caps[edit]

The Gloxnar Duff Trophy
  1. On top of the van next to the first helium canister, have Homer Ball dash onto the other side of the chasm. Drop down onto a small ledge with the Duff Cap.
  2. After using Heli-Homer to get across the next chasm of the level, jump on top of the broken truck then onto the ledge. Follow the ledge around.
  3. After activating the lever to get Bart across the chasm, turn and face the other side of the chasm next to it. Use Homer Ball to get across it to the Duff Cap.
  4. Take the Insanity Pepper and become invincible. Then go over the hot ground to find the Cap.

Finding all four rewards the Gloxnar Duff Trophy.

Krusty Koupons[edit]

The Attack of the 50 Ft. Klown Trophy
  1. Grappling hook onto the delivery truck at the beginning of the level.
  2. From the top of the van you had to climb up, glide over to the other side of the chasm.
  3. Before the welcome mat pressure pads, activate another lever. Have Bart glide over the steam to a pole. Jump from the pole to the ledge with the Koupon.

Finding all three rewards the Attack of the 50 Ft. Klown Trophy.


Name Requirement Quote Note
Temporary Power-Up Take the invincibility shield on one of the trucks to get this cliché "Power up. By any other name, an extra life." PS2 only
Collectible Placement Collect the first Krusty Koupon from the delivery truck. "You just spent three hours to get one item. A life well-spent." Xbox only