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KrustyCo Inc.

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KrustyCo Inc.
Company Information
Founder: Krusty the Clown
Purpose: Krusty merchandising
Owner: Krusty
First appearance: "The Krusty Book"

KrustyCo Inc. is the company owned by Krusty the Clown that handles his merchandising. Everything that meets Krusty's "high standards" has a Krusty Brand Seal of Approval on it.

Media and Entertainment[edit]

TV shows and films[edit]

Image Name Type Notes
The Krusty the Clown Show.png The Krusty the Clown Show TV show The show has been temporarily run by Sideshow Bob, cancelled, possessed by the IRS. It shows Itchy & Scratchy.
Krusty Kind of Christmas.png It's a Krusty Kinda Kristmas! TV special It is sponsored by ILG and Li'l Sweetheart Cupcakes.[1]
KrustyKK.png Krusty Komedy Klassic TV special One of Krusty's many parody show.[2]
KKCS2S.png Krusty the Klown's Celebrity Salute to Specials TV special Ended up in a blimp accident.
Last Gasp.png Last Gasp with Krusty the Clown TV series Brief late night series when Lisa takes over The Krusty the Clown Show.
The Krusty Movie Film


Image Name Type Notes
Kroon Along with Krusty!.png
Kroon Along with Krusty! Album Record went Gold. Not to be confused with the segment of his show. Includes a duet with Harvey Fierstein.
Klowns Klezmer!.png
Krusty Klowns Klezmer! Album The album is on sale at King Toot's and features "The Dreidel Song" and "The Other Dreidel Song".[3]
Krustophenia Album Krusty complained about the Simpsons getting a hit album while Krustophenia just sat on the shelf.[4]


Image Name Type Notes
The Jokes We Stolen Book By Krusty the Clown
Your Shoe's Too Big to Kickbox God.png Your Shoes' Too Big to Kickbox God Biography Ghostwritten by John Updike[5]


Image Name Type Notes
KrustyCon Convention A convention on all things Krusty.[6]
Krusty's Kosher Karnival.png Krusty's Kosher Karnival Game MyPad app.[7]
The Krusty Kharity Klassic.png The Krusty Kharity Klassic Tennis tournament [8]


Image Name Type Notes
Krusty Burger.png Krusty Burger Fast food restaurant Thousands across the USA, including more than two in Springfield.
Krusty Burger Oil Rig.png Krusty Burger Oil Rig Fast food restaurant One located on an offshore oil rig.[9]
Krusty Fried Chicken.png Krusty Fried Chicken Fast food restaurant Fried chicken restaurant in Beijing, China.[10]
Krusty Kreme.png Krusty Kreme Donut shop Located in Springfield.[11]
Le Krusty Burger.png Le Krusty Burger Fast food restaurant Burger restaurant chain in France.[12]
Krustylu Studios.png Krustylu Studios TV studios Located on the Channel 6 studio lot
Clown College.png Krusty's Clown College Adult education Taken over by the Springfield Mafia.
Krustyland Amusement Park.png Krustyland Amusement Park Amusement park Features: The Remarkable Leaky Tugboat, Cactus Patch and the Never-Ending Line
Krusty's Kids Daykare.png Krusty's Kids Daykare Daycare center [13]
Krusty's Ark.png Krusty's Ark Animal shelter It used to be a packaging plant for Krusty Burger.[14]
Kamp Krusty (location).png Kamp Krusty Summer camp Summer camp for kids.[15]
Krustyco Sweatshop.png Krustyco Sweatshop Factory Factory in China that makes the toys for the Laffy Meal that is served at Krusty Burger.[16]
Krustyco International.png Krustyco International Company Headquarters for the Krustyco.[17]
Krusty Kulinary Institute.png Krusty Kulinary Institute School A school for the Krusty Burger.[17]
Krustylu Pictures.pngKrustylu Pictures 2.png Krustylu Pictures Company Film company part of Krustylu Studios.[18]
Krusty Korp.png Krusty Korp Company Corporation.[19]
Krusty Clown House for Needy Kids Children's home At least two; alleged that children who enter have never came out.[6]



Food and Drink[edit]

Clothes, bags and accesories[edit]

  • Krusty Costume[22]
  • Krusty-Brand Wrist Watch ( "leaks acid onto everything")
  • Krusty Lunchboxes[22]
  • Krusty T-Shirts[22]
  • Krusty tote bag[22]
  • Krusty Slippers[22]
  • Krusty Towel[22]

Electronics and Furniture[edit]


  • Krusty Pencil Tops[22]
  • Krusty Posters
  • Krusty greeting cards
  • Krusty Calculator
  • Official Krustyland Pencils
  • Krusty USB[57]

Health and Cosmetics[edit]



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