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KrustyCo Inc.

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KrustyCo Inc.
Company Information
Purpose: Krusty merchandising
Owner: Krusty the Clown
First appearance: The Krusty Book

KrustyCo Inc. is the company owned by Krusty the Clown that handles his merchandising. Everything that meets Krusty's "high standards" has a Krusty Brand Seal of Approval on it.

Media and Entertainment[edit]

TV shows[edit]

Image Name Type Notes
The Krusty the Clown Show.png The Krusty the Clown Show TV show The show has been temporarily run by Sideshow Bob, cancelled, possessed by the IRS. It shows Itchy & Scratchy.
America's Next Krusty.png America's Next Krusty TV show Planned to air if Krusty did not agree to add Princess Penelope to his The Krusty the Clown Show.[1]
Krusty Kind of Christmas.png It's a Krusty Kinda Kristmas! TV special It is sponsored by ILG and Li'l Sweetheart Cupcakes.[2]
Krusty Comeback Special.png Krusty Comeback Special TV special Made by Krusty the Clown after he got canceled and decided to come back.[3]
Krusty Days.png Krusty Days TV show Situation comedy set in the 1950s.[4]
KrustyKK.png Krusty Komedy Klassic TV special One of Krusty's many parody show.[5]
The Krusty Question.png The Krusty Question Game show Produced by Krustylu Studios in the early days of the studio.[4]
Krusty Telethon.png Krusty Telethon Telethon For motion sickness.[6]
Krusty the Clone.png Krusty the Clone Variety show Children's variety show.[7]
The Krusty the Clown Show Retro Reboot!.png The Krusty the Clown Show Retro Reboot! Live comedy show Channel HBOWTIME.[8]
Krusty's Poetry Korner.png Krusty's Poetry Korner Talk show About poetry.[9]
Last Gasp.png Last Gasp with Krusty the Clown Chat show Brief late night series when Lisa takes over The Krusty the Clown Show.[10]
The Real Ex-Wives of Krusty.png The Real Ex-Wives of Krusty TV show About Krusty the Clown's ex-wives.[11]
Roast of Krusty the Clown.png Roast of Krusty the Clown TV specal Comedy roast.[12]
A Very Krusty Christmas Special.png A Very Krusty Christmas Special TV special Comedy roast.[12]
KKCS2S.png Krusty the Klown's Celebrity Salute to Specials TV special Ended up in a blimp accident.[13]
Krusty's Li'l Starmaker.png Krusty's Li'l Starmaker Singing competition The winner would be animated into an episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show.[14]
Billboard Judge Me Tender.png Krusty's One-Year Sobriety Special TV special Cancelled.[15]
Billboard A Test Before Trying.png Krusty: Live From Rehab! TV special 8PM.[16]


Image Name Type Notes
The Krusty Movie [17]
K is for Klown.png K is for Klown [18]
The Klown Jewels.png The Klown Jewels [18]
Krusty all the Way.png Krusty All the Way! Christmas comedy [19]
Krusty at the Kremlin.png Krusty at the Kremlin [18]
Krusty Goes to College.png Krusty Goes to College [18]
Krusty in Concert.png Krusty in Concert [18]
Krusty Size Me!.png Krusty Size Me! Documentary [20]
Krusty the Klown Story.png The Krusty the Klown Story: Booze, Drugs, Guns, Lies, Blackmail and Laughter TV movie [21]
Krusty vs. the Space Mummy.png Krusty vs. the Space Mummy [22]
Saving Private Krusty.png Saving Private Krusty [23]
They Shoot Clowns Don't They.png They Shoot Clowns Don't They? [18]


Image Name Type Notes
Dark Side of the the Moonpiep.png
Dark Side of the Moonpie Album The album featured covers of "Puppy Love" and "My Ding-a-Ling".[24]
Face Down on Mojito Beach.png
Face Down on Mojito Beach Album The album contains 15 songs about tropical cocktails.[24]
Get Behind Me, Sideshow.png
Get Behind Me, Sideshow Album On the album Sideshow Mel plays a single snare with his bone while Krusty alternates between screaming and bouts of coughing.[24]
The Glorious KRUSTY.png
The Glorious K.R.U.S.T.Y. "Ready to Diet" Album The album is 137 minutes long.[24]
Greetings from Krustyland.png
Greetings from Krustyland Album Before the recording Krusty wanted a record with lyrics like Bob Dylan and a sound like Phil Spector, but most of all he wanted to sing like Don Johnson.[24]
Kroon Along with Krusty!.png
Kroon Along with Krusty! Album Record went Gold. Not to be confused with the segment of his show. Includes a duet with Harvey Fierstein.[25]
Krust Album The album features just his voice and a kazoo. The record was nominated for two Grammys, Best UPC Code and Easiest Packaging to Open.[24]
Krustophenia Album Krusty complained about the Simpsons getting a hit album while Krustophenia just sat on the shelf.[26]
Klowns Klezmer!.png
Krusty Klowns Klezmer! Album The album is on sale at King Toot's and features "The Dreidel Song" and "The Other Dreidel Song".[27]
Kroong the Klassic's.png
Krusty Kroons the Klassics Album [28]
Krusty Sings The Chipmunks.png
Krusty Sings "The Chipmunks" Album Advertised by Krusty with several other products.[29]
Krusty the Clown Presents Grandpa Got Sideswiped By a Snowboard.png
Krusty the Clown Presents: Grandpa Got Sideswiped by a Snowboard Album Christmas songs performed by Bart Simpson as the "I Didn't Do It Boy".[30]
S' Wonderful S' Marvelous S' Krusty.png
S' Wonderful S' Marvelous S' Krusty Album [31]
These Colors Don't Run.png
These Colors Don't Run Album Songs included are "The Red, Right, and Blue", "Two Roys Don't Make A Right (No Gay Marriage)",and "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Pinkos".[24]
When Yiddish Upon A Star The Krustofski Family Hanukkah Album.png
When Yiddish Upon a Star: The Krustofski Family Hanukkah Album Album The album is the sixth best-selling Hanukkah album of all time and the only album with both Krusty and his father.[24]


Image Name Type Notes
The Jokes We Stolen Book By Krusty the Clown
Krusty the Clown Living the Book of my Life.png Krusty the Clown: Living the Book of My Life Biography [32]
Your Shoe's Too Big to Kickbox God.png Your Shoes' Too Big to Kickbox God Biography Ghostwritten by John Updike[33]

Video games[edit]

Image Name Type Notes
Escape From Krusty Island.png Escape from Krusty Island Console [34]
Grand Theft Krusty.png Grand Theft Krusty [35]
Krusty Bowl-A-Rama.png Krusty Bowl-A-Rama Console [36]
Krusty's Kosher Karnival.png Krusty's Kosher Karnival Game MyPad app.[37]
Krusty's Rental Properties Management Game.jpg Krusty's Rental Properties Management Game Game [38]


Image Name Type Notes
Krusty Burger Comics.png Krusty Burger Comics Comic Free comic book from Krusty Burger.[39]
Krusty Has a Ha-Ha-Hannukah Religious Planned comic book.[40]
Krusty's Playhouse Comics.jpg Krusty's Playhouse Comics Comic [41]
Krusty's Trainload O' Freaks.png Krusty's Trainload O' Freaks Comedy comic [42]
Krusty Burger Comics and Fun Book.png Krustyburger Comics and Fun Book Comedy comic [43]


Image Name Type Notes
Krusty Hotline!.png Krusty Hotline! Hotline Advertised on a cereal box. The number is 1-909-O-U-KLOWN.[44]
The Krusty Kharity Klassic.png The Krusty Kharity Klassic Tennis tournament [45]
KrustyCon Convention A convention on all things Krusty.[24]
Krusty Bowl.png Krusty Bowl Event It happened at the Hollywood Bowl.[46]
WTK With Krusty The Clown.png WTK With Krusty the Clown Podcast [47]


Image Name Type Notes
Krusty Brand Fun Factory.png Krusty Brand Fun Factory Factory Located next to the Springfield Prison.[29]
Krusty Lawn and Garden.png Krusty Brand Lawn and Garden Department Factory department [29]
Krusty Military HQ.png Krusty Brand Military Headquarters Factory department [29]
Krusty Burger.png Krusty Burger Fast food restaurant Thousands across the USA, including more than two in Springfield.
Krusty Burger Oil Rig.png Krusty Burger Oil Rig Fast food restaurant One located on an offshore oil rig.[48]
Krusty Fried Chicken.png Krusty Fried Chicken Fast food restaurant Fried chicken restaurant in Beijing, China.[49]
Krusty Kreme.png Krusty Kreme Donut shop Located in Springfield.[50]
Le Krusty Burger.png Le Krusty Burger Fast food restaurant Burger restaurant chain in France.[51]
Krustylu Studios.png Krustylu Studios TV studios Located on the Channel 6 studio lot
Clown College.png Krusty's Clown College Adult education Taken over by the Springfield Mafia.
Krustyland Amusement Park.png Krustyland Amusement Park Amusement park Features: The Remarkable Leaky Tugboat, Cactus Patch and the Never-Ending Line
Krusty's Kids Daykare.png Krusty's Kids Daykare Daycare center [52]
Krusty's Ark.png Krusty's Ark Animal shelter It used to be a packaging plant for Krusty Burger.[12]
Kamp Krusty (location).png Kamp Krusty Summer camp Summer camp for kids.[53]
Krustyco Sweatshop.png Krustyco Sweatshop Factory Factory in China that makes the toys for the Laffy Meal that is served at Krusty Burger.[54]
Krustyco International.png Krustyco International Company Headquarters for the Krustyco.[55]
Krusty Kulinary Institute.png Krusty Kulinary Institute School A school for the Krusty Burger.[55]
Krustylu Pictures.pngKrustylu Pictures 2.png Krustylu Pictures Company Film company part of Krustylu Studios.[18]
Krusty Korp.png Krusty Korp Company Corporation.[39]
Krusty Clown House for Needy Kids Children's home At least two; alleged that children who enter have never came out.[24]
Euro-Krusty theme park.png Euro-Krusty theme park Theme park Theme park in Sweden.[56]
Hello Krusty.png Hello Krusty Toy store [57]
Klub Krusty (Kamp Krustier).png Klub Krusty Adult retreat Built in the remains of Kamp Krusty.[58]
Klub Krusty.png Klub Krusty Club [59]



Image Name Type Notes
Krusty doll big.png Big Krusty Doll Doll [60]
No image.png Daredevil Krusty Action figure One of the Krusty the Klown Action Figures.
Evil Krusty Doll.png Evil Krusty Doll Doll Sold at the House of Evil.[61]
Krusty balloon.png Krusty Balloon Balloon [60]
No image.png Krusty Brand Operation Game Game [62]
Krusty Doll.png Krusty Doll Doll Variants include the Catch-A-Rising Krusty Doll.[63]
No image.png Krusty Giant Toy Drum Drum [60]
Krusty Gold Statue.png Krusty Gold Statue Statue [29]
No image.png Krusty Mini-Basketball Hoops Basketball hoop
Krusty Pogo Stick.png Krusty Pogo Stick Pogo stick [29]
Krusty punch doll.png Krusty Punch Doll Doll [60]
Krusty Slime.png Krusty Slime Slime A Christmas variant has also been advertised.[57][64]
No image.png Krusty the Klown Vinylite Grip Steel Tipped Lawn Darts Lawn darts
No image.png Krusty the Klown with Arthritic Grip Action figure One of the Krusty the Klown Action Figures.
Krusty's Inflatable Friend.png Krusty's Inflatable Friend Inflatable toy [29]
Krusty's Kreepy Konjuring Kit.png Krusty's Kreepy Konjuring Kit Magic kit [65]
No image.png Krusty's Monopoly Board game [66]
Krusty's Speak and Say.png Krusty's Speak and Say Educational toy [67]
Official Krusty the Clown Walkie-Talkies.png Official Krusty the Clown Walkie-Talkies Walkie-Talkies [68]
No image.png Talking Sideshow Mel with Removable Bone Action figure One of the Krusty the Klown Action Figures.
Krusty Snow-Dome.png Krusty Snow-Dome Snow globe Krusty on a unicycle.[69]
Krusty-in-a-box.png Krusty Jack-in-a-box Jack-in-a-box [70]
Tickle-Me-Krusty.png Tickle-Me-Krusty Doll Talking Krusty doll.[71]

Food and Drink[edit]

Image Name Type Notes
Absolut Krusty.png Absolut Krusty Liquor [72]
No image.png Cap'n Krusty's Not Quite Kosher Gefilte Fish Sticks Fish sticks [24]
No image.png Chef Krusty's Brunch-In-A-Can
Chocolate Frosted Frosty Krusty Flakes.png Chocolate Frosted Frosty Krusty Flakes Cereal The slogan is "Only sugar has more sugar!"[73]
The Clogger.png The Clogger Burger [74]
Extra Krusty Chicken.png Extra Krusty Chicken Chicken [75]
Frosty Krusty Flakes.png Frosty Krusty Flakes Cereal [60]
No image.png Klump Bar [76]
Krustaceans.png Krustaceans Candy [77]
No image.png Krusty Baby Bottle Baby bottle [60]
Krusty Beef Jerky.jpg Krusty Beef Jerky Beef jerky [78]
No image.png Krusty Brand Baby Oatmeal Oatmeal
Krusty Brand Cherry Soda.png Krusty Brand Cherry Soda Soda [29]
No image.png Krusty Brand Chicken-Flavoured Soda Soda
No image.png Krusty Brand Chunk Style Tuna Tuna
Krusty Brand Cream Pie in a Can.png Krusty Brand Cream Pie in a Can Pie [29]
No image.png Krusty Brand Hot Dogs Hot dog [79]
Krusty Brand Imitation Gruel.png Krusty Brand Imitation Gruel Gruel The slogan is "9 out of 10 orphans can't tell the difference".[53]
Krusty Brand Pork Products.png Krusty Brand Pork Products and Pork By-Products Pork [60]
No image.png Krusty Brand Pork Sqeezin's Pork
Glo-Rito Frozen Burrito.png Krusty Brand Self-Cooking Glo-Rito Burrito [29]
No image.png Krusty Burger Bag O' Beef Burger [80]
Krusty Charms.png Krusty Charms Cereal [81]
Krusty Chips.png Krusty Chips Chips [82]
No image.png Krusty Discount Dashboard Buffet Kit
No image.png Krusty Flakes Cereal
Krusty Ham.png Krusty Ham Ham [68]
Krusty ice cream.png Krusty Ice Cream Ice cream [83]
No image.png Krusty Kosher Ham Ham
No image.png Krusty Kreamy-Os
Krusty Kritters.png Krusty Kritters Cereal [18]
Krusty mug.png
Krusty mug2.png
Krusty Mug Mug [60]
No image.png Krusty Partially Gelatinated Non-Dairy Gum-Based Beverages Milkshake [84]
Krusty Pork Juice.png Krusty Pork Juice Pork juice [29]
Krusty Punch.png Krusty Punch Punch [85]
No image.png Krusty Secret Sauce Sauce
Krusty Snak Kakes.png Krusty Snak Kakes Pie [86]
Krusty Soda.jpg Krusty Soda Soda [87]
Krusty Wieners.png Krusty Wieners Wieners [88]
No image.png Krusty-Bacon Swirlie Bacon
No image.png Krusty-Brand Lo-Cal TV Dinner TV dinner
No image.png Krusty-Brand Mayonnaise Mayonnaise [89]
Krustyfinger.jpg Krustyfinger Chocolate [90]
Krusty-Os.jpg Krusty-O's Cereal [91]
Krusty-O's Pasta Substitute.jpg Krusty-O's Pasta Substitute Pasta substitute [87]
Krusty's All Purpose Religious Biscuits.png Krusty's All Purpose Religious Biscuits Biscuits [92]
Krusty's Circus Style Marshmallows.png Krusty's Circus Style Marshmallows Marshmallows [93]
Krusty's Citrus Inspired Fruit Juice.png Krusty's Citrus Inspired "Fruit" Juice Juice [94]
No image.png Krusty's Famous Sauce Sauce
Krusty's Maple Syrup.png Krusty's Maple Syrup Maple syrup [95]
No image.png Krusty's Non-Dairy Non-Ice Cream Whey Product Sandwich Sandwich
Krusty's Pancake Mix.png Krusty's Pancake Mix Pancake mix [95]
Krusty's Sugar-Frosted Cotton-Candy Punch.png Krusty's Sugar-Frosted Cotton-Candy Punch Punch [96]
No image.png Krusty's Vita-Glo Radiant Spring Water Water
No image.png Krustyshake Milkshake
Laffy Meal.png Laffy Meal Kids' meal [54][97]
No image.png Le Kruste Burgers Burger
Mother Nature Burger.png Mother Nature Burger Burger [98]
Ribwich.png Ribwich Burger [99]
Senor Krusty's Taco Kit.png Señor Krusty's Taco Kit Tacos [100]
No image.png Sideshow Marsh-MEL-lows Marshmallows
No image.png Super Deluxe Krusty Burger with bacon, chili, cheese and extra Krusty Secret Sauce Burger
Krusty Bar.png Krusty Bar Candy [101]
Krusty Brand Duck Sausage Pizza.png Krusty Brand Duck Sausage Pizza Pizza [102]
Krusty O.png Krusty Olio Noodle product [103]
Krusty Burgers.png Krusty Burgers Bugers [6]
Krusty Fries.png Krusty Fries Fries [6]
Krusty Shake.png Krusty Shake Milkshakes [6]

Clothes, bags and accesories[edit]

Image Name Type Notes
No image.png Krusty Brand Wrist Watch Watch [60]
No image.png Krusty Costume Costume [60]
Krusty lunchbox orange.png
Krusty lunchbox blue.png
Krusty Lunchbox Lunchbox [60][104]
No image.png Krusty Slippers Slippers [60]
No image.png Krusty Sweater Sweater [60]
No image.png Krusty Tote Bag Bag [60]
No image.png Krusty Towel Towel [60]
Krusty t-shirt.png Krusty T-Shirt T-shirt [60]

Electronics and Furniture[edit]

Image Name Type Notes
Krusty banner.png Krusty Banner Banner [60]
No image.png Krusty Beanbag Chair Chair [60]
No image.png Krusty Bedsheets Bedsheets [60]
No image.png Krusty Bedside Lamp Lamp [60]
Krusty alarm clock.png Krusty Brand Alarm Clock Clock [60]
No image.png Krusty Picture Picture [60]
No image.png Krusty Phone Phone [60]
Krusty poster.png Krusty Poster Poster [60]
Krusty Satellite with Launcher.png Krusty Satellite with Launcher Satellite [29]
No image.png Krusty Trash Basket Trash basket [60]
No image.png Krusty Wall Clock Clock [60]
Krusty's Gday Bidet.png Krusty's G'Day Bidet Bidet [29]
Krusty Lawn Spike.png Lawn Spike Super Shooter Lawn spike shooter [29]
Krusty Leaf Blower.png Leaf Blower Leaf blower [29]
Magic Cloning Lamp.jpg Magic Cloning Lamp Lamp [105]
Krusty Weed Whacker.png Weed Whacker Lawnmower [29]


Image Name Type Notes
No image.png Krusty Calculator Calculator
No image.png Krusty Calendar Calendar [60]
No image.png Krusty Greeting Cards Greeting card
Krusty Birthday Card.png Krusty Birthday Cards Birthday card [68]
Krusty pencil tops.png Krusty Pencil Tops Pencil top [60]
No image.png Krusty USB USB [106]
No image.png Official Krustyland Pencils Pencil
Krusty Eraser.png Krusty Eraser Eraser [69]
Krusty Birthday Button.png Krusty Birthday Button Button [107]

Health and Cosmetics[edit]

Image Name Type Notes
Desperation.png Desperation Perfume [108]
No image.png Krusty Brain & Health Tonic Tonic
Krusty Brand Baby Bum Powder.png Krusty Brand Baby Bum Powder Baby powder [29]
No image.png Krusty Brand Bite-A-Min's Imitation Vitamins Imitation vitamins
No image.png Krusty Condoms Condoms [24]
Krusty Diapers.png Krusty Diapers Diapers [100]
No image.png Krusty Electric Toothbrush Toothbrush
No image.png Krusty Eye Wash Eye wash
Krusty Non-Toxic Kologne.png Krusty Non-Toxic Kologne Cologne [69]
Krusty pacifier.png Krusty Pacifier Pacifier [60]
No image.png Krusty Personal Swabs Swabs
Krusty Pregnancy Test.png Krusty-Brand Home Pregnancy Test Pregnancy test [98][109]
No image.png Krusty-Brand Vitamins Vitamins
Oxycontin Candy.png Krusty's Choice Oxycontin Candy Medicine [110]
Krusty's Non-Narkotik Kough Syrup.png Krusty's Non-Narkotik Kough Syrup Cough syrup [111]
No image.png Lady Krusty Mustache Removal Hair removal


Image Name Type Notes
Clone at Home Kit.jpg Clone at Home Kit Cloning kit [105]
Krusty Bike in a Box.png Krusty Bike in a Box Bike [29]
Krusty Brand Balloons.png Krusty Brand Balloons Balloons [66]
Krusty Brand Geiger Counter.png Krusty Brand Geiger Counter Geiger counter [112]
No image.png Krusty Cup Cup [60]
Krusty Fertilizer.png Krusty Fertilizer Plant fertilizer [29]
No image.png Krusty Handgun Handguns
Krusty Jet Plane.png Krusty Jet Plane Jet plane [29]
Krusty Klub card.png Krusty the Clown Fan Club Fan club
No image.png Krusty Wallpaper and Wallpaper Glue Wallpaper and glue [113]
Krusty Waste.png Krusty Waste Dumpster [23]
No image.png Krusty's Crowd Control Barrier Barrier
No image.png Krusty's Multi-phastic Personality Test Personality test
Krusty brand sulfuric acid.png Krusty's Sulfuric Acid Acid [114]
The Metal Krusty-O.png The Metal Krusty-O Cereal prize [91]
Krusty Keychain.png Krusty Keychain Keychain [69]
Krusty Magnet.png Krusty Magnet Magnet [115]


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  112. "Fat Man and Little Boy"
  113. Homer vs. the Wallpaper
  114. "Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?"
  115. "Saturdays of Thunder"