Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Jimmy Kimmel Live!
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Special Information
Celebrating: The Simpsons 600th episode
Original Airdate: October 13, 2016
Length: 2:34
Show: Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Channel: ABC
Special Guest Voices: Jimmy Kimmel as himself

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is an American late night talk show, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. There was a special The Simpsons segment on the episode that aired on October 13, 2016 to celebrate the show's 600th episode.


Jimmy Kimmel is on his show when the studio starts shaking. It turns out it's Homer, banging on the TV because he wants the show to be funnier. Kimmel tells Homer to stop it before Kimmel falls into the Simpson house. He tells Homer that he's always wanted to visit him and Homer gives him a tour of town, showing him the Nuclear Power Plant (which explodes), Moe's Tavern, where Barney faints, and the Springfield Elementary School, where Kimmel writes on the chalkboard. Homer then takes Kimmel back home where he shows Maggie to Kimmel. He asks Homer how old Maggie is and if he's ever cleaned her pacifier. Homer then tells Kimmel he loves his family very much, except Grampa. Homer then shoves Kimmel back into the TV and he re-enters his studio.

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