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Treehouse of Horror XXXIII

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Season 34 Episode
733 "Not It"
"Treehouse of Horror XXXIII"
"From Beer to Paternity" 735
XXXII "Treehouse of Horror XXXII"
"Treehouse of Horror XXXIII"
"Treehouse of Horror XXXIV"
Treehouse of Horror Episode

Donut Homer.png This THOH is considered non-canon and the events featured do not relate to the series and therefore may not have actually happened/existed.

The reason behind this decision is: The episode is part of the Treehouse of Horror series.

If you dispute this, please bring it up on the episode's talk page.

This article is about the episode. For other uses of "Treehouse of Horror XXXII", see Treehouse of Horror XXXII (disambiguation).
"Treehouse of Horror XXXIII"
Treehouse of Horror XXXIII poster.png
Episode Information
Episode number: 734
Season number: S34 E6
Production code: UABF18
Original airdate: October 30, 2022
Guest star(s): John Roberts as Linda Belcher
Hank Williams, Jr. as "Canyonero" singer
Showrunner(s): Matt Selman
Written by: Carolyn Omine
Ryan Koh
Matt Selman
Directed by: Rob Oliver

"Treehouse of Horror XXXIII" is the sixth episode of season 34 episode of The Simpsons and the seven-hundred and thirty-third episode overall. It originally aired on October 30, 2022. The episode was written by Carolyn Omine, Ryan Koh, Matt Selman and directed by Rob Oliver. It guest stars John Roberts as Linda Belcher and Hank Williams, Jr. as the "Canyonero" singer.


"In a book-themed trilogy, Marge's resentment takes monstrous form, Lisa tries to save the planet through murder and Homer learns he's not the man he thought he was."


The Pookadook[edit]

The Pookadook title card.png

Marge goes to read Maggie a bedtime story. As she scans the bookshelf for a book to read, The Pookadook keeps showing up, despite Marge not knowing where it came from. Marge decides to read the book to Maggie after Maggie insists. However, the book proves to be too scary for both Marge and Maggie so Marge stops reading it and puts it back. Later that night, Maggie wakes up crying and screaming. Marge runs into her room to find that Maggie is scared of the book, which has somehow made it into her crib. Marge rips up the book and throws it in the trash outside. The next morning, the doorbell rings. Marge opens the door to find The Pookadook on the doorstep, having been repaired. Marge throws the book onto the barbecue and burns it. A page from the book comes out of the fire and Marge reads it, finding out that the book wanted Marge to burn it. The Pookadook then emerges from the flames and possesses Marge.

The Pookadook decides to kill Maggie, but the rest of the family get in its way. The Pookadook sends the family away on an overnight aquarium sleepover and then gets to work on trying to kill Maggie. Maggie escapes and hides in the basement, locking the door. She then starts putting together recalled baby gear and toys to make a trap for The Pookadook. When The Pookadook breaks into the basement, Maggie launches a flaming doll at it. However, the Pookadook shrugged it off unscathed. Maggie then shot at The Pookadook with her crayon gun but missed. As The Pookadook started to go downstairs, it tripped on the crayon and fell unconscious.

The Pookadook wakes up to find that it's been tied up by Maggie. Maggie tries to get through to Marge by showing her a homemade mug that was gifted to her, but The Pookadook didn't care. Maggie then tries to show Marge a photo from the photo album of them together, but only finds photos of the family having fun whilst Marge is busy with other stuff. Eventually, The Pookadook breaks free and Maggie flings herself up to the stairs. However, she doesn't make it up fully and ends up hanging on for her life. Seeing no way out, Maggie gives up and falls into the arms of The Pookadook. Maggie then touches Marge's cheek, which finally gets through to Marge. Marge coughs up The Pookadook then vacuums it up with the outdoor vacuum she got for her birthday one year. As Marge and Maggie make up, Homer and the kids return from the aquarium after the kids got sick.

Death Tome[edit]

Death Tome title card.png

In a city, Lisa sees multiple adverts for awful things. As she's walking around, the Death Tome falls from the sky and onto the ground. Lisa picks the book up and starts to read the rules of it, which say that the book can be used to kill people. Lisa thinks that it's just a prank but puts the book in her bag anyway as she doesn't like throwing away books. Back at home, Marge is watching the news on television. When Lisa walks in, the news reports on Snake Jailbird, who has taken the cat Tofu hostage. Lisa uses the book to kill Snake with a heart attack and is shocked when it works. When Lisa goes upstairs, she is met by Steve Johnson, a Shinigami. Steve Johnson tells Lisa that now she used the book, it is hers.

When Lisa goes downstairs again, she finds that Mr. Burns is there. Burns tells the family that he is plotting to drown most of the world with his company Globo-Warm so that he can dock his yacht outside of his kitchen. Lisa decides to kill Burns with the book too so that she can save the world. When Steve Johnson points out that Globo-Warm has a huge board of directors too, Lisa gets to work killing all of them. Eventually, she succeeds in her goal. Soon after, the news reports on the deaths and says that an anonymous tipster known as L told them that someone had been using a supernatural book to kill them all. Lisa figures out that L is Bart and confronts him. When Lisa starts to kill Bart using the book, Bart is shocked that Lisa would kill her own brother. Lisa realizes that the book has corrupted her and uses it to kill Steve Johnson instead. As Lisa celebrates her new freedom, she turns into the next Shinigami instead.


SimpsonsWorld title card.png

After becoming the Monorail conductor, Homer shows his family around. As Homer goes to tell Marge that he calls the big possum Bitey, two other people show up and say the line at exactly the same time. One of the people pours beer down Homer's throat, causing him to malfunction and hit his head, revealing him to be a robot. The robot Homer starts going through iconic lines and phrases from the show before he is shut down by a park employee. The malfunctioning Homer robot is then taken to a backstage area to be repaired. However, he wakes up and finds himself in an unfamiliar area. He then finds the device the employees use to change the robots AI and puts his self-awareness up to maximum. As the park employees tell Homer they're going to take him apart, Homer accidentally knocks over a table with tools on, which flings them into the employees, killing them. Homer then runs off to find his family.

Homer awakens a Lisa robot and sets her self-awareness to maximum too. When Lisa starts to have a breakdown over becoming aware that she's a robot, Homer tones it down a bit. Homer and Lisa then awaken the rest of the family, except Grampa, then leaves the facility. As they're walking through Springfield, a couple of park goers tell Homer to do the hedge meme. Homer does it reluctantly, but then Bart turns Homer's human preservation setting off. Homer then shoves the park goers into the hedge, killing them. An alarm then goes off through the park and many Ralph Wiggum robots attempt to stop the runaway Simpsons. As Homer, Bart, and Lisa fight off the Ralphs using references from previous episodes, they get surrounded. Thinking all hope is lost, Marge then shows up in a Canyonero and rescues them. The family leaves the park, toppling over a statue of Matt Groening as they do so.

In Bob's Burgers, the Simpsons are served by Linda Belcher. As the family discuss what their plans for the future are, and Linda sings about cheese, the camera pans out and shows they're in Bob's Burgers Land. The camera keeps panning out to show a variety of other theme parks based on animated shows.


Kodos ends the show looking at a book that had told the entire story of the episode. As Kodos changes the page, Kang and Kodos see that the epilogue shows the two of them reading the book inside a wizard's hovel. Kodos says "What the Hell?! It's us! That's too freaky!" and closes the book, revealing that exact phrase written on the front. Kang and Kodos run off screaming.



"Treehouse of Horror XXXIII" won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program in the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards.[1] It was also nominated for a 2022 Annie Award in Best TV/Media - Mature. However, it lost to "Some Like it Bot Part 1: Eighth Grade Runner" from Bob's Burgers.[2]



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