Springfield Dental Complex

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"No matter how you brush, you're doing it wrong"
―Their motto
Springfield Dental Complex
Dental Complex.png
Location Information
Town: Springfield
Use: Dental
Employees: Homer's dentist
Chinese employee
Bart's dentist
First appearance: "You Kent Always Say What You Want"

Springfield Dental Complex is a dental complex in Springfield where the Simpsons and Seymour Skinner are patients.


Homer caused a panic among other patients once, screaming while undergoing a routine check-up, even causing one child to jump out the window in the waiting room. Meanwhile, Lisa was shown a video, which according to her, is against tooth decay and yet also glamorizes it. Homer then commented, saying that the video was the greatest movie ever (while dancing to the music on the clip). In the hallway, the Luda-Crest mascot was telling the employee that the video was only meant to be shown once in Canada. Bart finished his appointment, dumping a bag with a toothbrush and toothpaste in the bin, and walked down the hallway. The Luda-Crest mascot passed him with a gun, and Bart then listened into a room where Seymour Skinner is being gassed. The woman then left the room, telling Skinner that the dentist knows what he's doing. Bart then entered the room, disguising himself as the dentist, and Skinner recognized him as "Dr. Bart". Bart then completed Skinner's throat scraping, and forces an artificial tooth into Skinner's mouth. He then placed a running hose in a gap, and water started coming out of his ears, before he finally turned on the X-ray machine, aiming it at Skinner's crotch.