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Burger Kings/Quotes

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Season 32 Episode Quotes
701 "Uncut Femmes"
"Burger Kings"
"Panic on the Streets of Springfield" 703

Waylon Smithers: Sir, your personal chef is here with your breakfast.
Chef: Voilà. One raisin, wrinkles ironed and smoothed, with one molecule of sugar.
Mr. Burns: [eats half the raisin] Too sharp. It could cut me to ribbons.

Mr. Burns: What is that delicious smell?
Homer: Um, uh, this is my lunch. My wife just gave me a salad, but she said I could choose my own dressing, so I picked this hamburger.

Mr. Burns: I must have more of these, uh... What do you call them?
Homer: Hamburgers.
Mr. Burns: You're eating people from Hamburg?
Homer: I don't know. Maybe.

Nurse: No, sir. Eating meat could kill you.
Mr. Burns: Eh, no one lives forever. Except Dick Cheney. What's his deal?

Mr. Burns: People don't like me. hey really don't. Why?
Smithers: You've released the hounds on nearly everyone in town, sir.
Mr. Burns: Everyone loves dogs, Smithers. It must be something else.

Kent Brockman: I... I'm just getting word Springfield Dam has ruptured and water is roaring down. We'll let the, uh, sad news cover that.

Mr. Burns: Praise, praise... Something I've craved since I was a little boy.
Young Burns: I drew this picture of you hugging me, Mummy.
Daphne Burns: I don't like art that lies. Oh, and by the way, your father's dead.

Blue-haired lawyer: Before we film, we need you to sign this contract stating that what you publicly say about our product is limited to certain catchphrases.
Smithers: Approved phrases limited to... "yes ve-gan," "I guaran-tree it," "abso-lettuce," and the "meat beater."

Marge: With all these commercials, I'm afraid your father's going to need bigger pants. Alexa, do you have any X-X-X-X-X-X-X-XL in stock?

Krusty the Clown: Mel, you're three of those letters. Where did I go wrong?
Sideshow Mel: Your product is inferior. Your marketing is offensive. And you have more ex-wives than franchise locations.
Krusty: What happened to kiss-ass Mel who was afraid of my shadow?
Sideshow Mel: I joined an empowerment group with the monkey and the cue card guy.

Beloved Billionaires Club manager: All the other beloved billionaires are here. There's Warren Buffett, there's Bill Gates, and that's it.

Milhouse Van Houten: This is kind of scary, like putting on a wet bathing suit.

Homer: Lisa, I'm sorry to put it on you, but every generation has its to-do list. Yours is putting Miami on stilts, inventing new bees, and learning to peacefully live with fire tornadoes.

Mr. Burns: What's going on? Why is everyone baring their teeth at me?
Smithers: They're smiling, sir.

Kent Brockman: A supersize admission in the burger wars. Have we been fed an order of lies, or worse... Curly lies? Good God, I'm hungry.

Krusty: I did it again. I won by doing nothing.
Bart: That's my hero.
Krusty: Always will be.

Smithers: Sir. You're happy.
Mr. Burns: Yes. Because I'm no longer crushed by morality. I gave it a nice go... Almost a full month... But in the end, evil always wins.
Season 32 Quotes
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