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Burger Kings

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Season 32 Episode
701 "Uncut Femmes"
"Burger Kings"
"Panic on the Streets of Springfield" 703
"Burger Kings"
Burger Kings promo 2.png
Episode Information
Episode number: 702
Season number: S32 E18
Production code: QABF11
Original airdate: April 11, 2021
Couch gag: Swiss Pocket Knife couch gag
Showrunner: Al Jean
Written by: Rob LaZebnik
Directed by: Lance Kramer

"Burger Kings" is the eighteenth episode of season 32 of The Simpsons and the seven hundred and second episode overall. It originally aired on April 11, 2021. The episode was written by Rob LaZebnik and directed by Lance Kramer.


"Mr. Burns gets into the plant-based burger business. Lisa refuses to believe he's up to no good."


Mac Tonight sings a song of how everybody hates Mr. Burns, showing past instances, and after it ends, Mr. Burns wakes up from his dream realizing it. When the chef brings him a food that he doesn't like the taste of, he releases the Hounds on him. At the Power Plant he realizes he needs real food, and meets Homer, with a bag with hamburger from Krusty Burger.

Burns starts eating hamburgers after tasting it and triples his weight, concerning Smithers, and moments later he has an heart attack. He gets brought to the hospital where the doctor prohibits him from eating more as it could kill him. Smithers shows Burns how everybody was cheering at the news, including Springfield Shopper, of him nearly dying, and he gives them the news, and someone shoots himself afterwards.

He realizes no-one will mourn his death and tries to give up by disconnecting the life monitor, but Smithers stops him, having realized how he could extend his life. Professor Frink brings in a robot, preparing a burger made of exotic plants instead of meat, and Burns has the idea to use it to make people live longer and love him.

At the Plant, Mr. Burns and Smithers prepare the model of the restaurant and Burns comes up with the name X-Cell-Ent Burger. Kent Brockman is at the opening, and gives out the news that the Springfield Dam has ruptured and a reporter was killed, before showing Burns grabbing the number of the first person that'll try the burger, Lisa. After taking a bite, Lisa exclaims it tastes great and then the whole Simpson family hugs him, and Burns feels the praise, something he's craved since he was little.

Mr. Burns is seen as a boy showing his mother Daphne a drawing, and she burns it in a fire pit before telling him his father was dead. Burns next appoints Homer as the spokesman and hires him to film commercials for the chain on a green screen. Meanwhile Marge trying to buy new pants for Homer with Amazon Alexa, buys 1,000 shares of XLN stocks, X-Cell-Ent Burger's, making $700, before it starts fluctuating.

Happy reviews come in to Mr. Burns who starts to drink in celebration only for a bubble to hit his teeth and making him float, retrieved by Smithers. Marge watches as her stocks grow, while Kent on the News, after a short called "Burger Wars", announces how Krusty Burger is failing after the new chain opened, and how Krusty's new product, the LGBTQBLT, failed for being inferior.

When the Simpson family passes by the failing Krusty, Bart announces to take action, while Lisa tries to stop him since nature is on his side, despite a lightning bolt demonstrating otherwise. Burns drives to the Beloved Billionaires Club that he can now rejoin, with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, while Mark Zuckerberg is seen throwing rocks at the club and getting attacked by a bear.

A Demogorgon chases on bikes the kids from Stranger Things, before Lisa, Milhouse and Bart appear, with Bart making up the theory about the burger containing meat, scaring Lisa, while the kids' bikes fall down while the Demogorgon is seen with their bodies in his mouth. They arrive at Burns' Plant Plant, where they see what Burns is really doing, killing endangered plant species from the Amazon Rainforest.

Lisa goes to the club to tell the news to Mr. Burns which refuses to listen to her, and the same happens with Marge after realizing she'd lose the money from the shares. Lisa goes to Homer but he refuses too due to him being his boss. At night, Homer has a dream about it, and gets convinced to changing his mind.

At the national rollout, after some reminders from Burns and Smithers on the words he can use, Homer and Lisa manage to use them against Burns, scandalizing the people, while Krusty regains his fame, and Marge have sold the stocks, regaining the money she was going to lose.

Driving back with Smithers, Burns is happy in the end, grown tired of the good act, before going to a school for the blind to convince them aliens have landed. In the end, Mac Tonight sings happily at Homer after his redemption, while he eats Cheesy McMayor.



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