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Three Dreams Denied/Quotes

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Season 32 Episode References
690 "Podcast News"
"Three Dreams Denied"
"The Road to Cincinnati" 692

Comic Book Guy: I have no patience for buyers, sellers, or parking meter quarter needers.
Agnes Skinner: I didn't drag this wagon full of garbage to be yelled at by a talking circle!
Comic Book Guy: Ouch. Yes. Well, touché.

Lisa: Okay, don't gaze at his eyes. Don't stare at his smile. Don't talk out loud.
Blake: You know, I can hear you.

Phil Muhlstock: I'm Phil, filling in for Comic Book Guy. Also known as the Snark Knight and Mean Lantern.
Bart: Stop being weird.
Phil: I'm not being weird. I'm a voice-over artist.

Comic Book Guy: The chance to rub elbows with the who's who of Doctor Who. And to ride an escalator next to Ant-Man Paul Rudd! You are Ant-Man Paul Rudd.
Paul Rudd: Oh, God, I hate my approachable everyman looks.
Comic Book Guy: Yes, a question, please, from someone who is still willing to become a fan. If you had access to an Avengers-style quantum time loop, would you go back in time and not be in Dinner for Schmucks?
Paul Rudd: Activate VIP pass.
Comic Book Guy: For two seconds I saw inside the VIP room. I saw Jon Favreau sniffing hummus to see if it was still good.

Milhouse: Hey, quit talking to my girlfriend.
Lisa: I am not your girlfriend.
Milhouse: Right, right. We're focused on career days and homework right now. But love has a way of...
Lisa: Get away from me.
Milhouse: Oh, my God, Lisa, we've become my parents.

Comicalooza attendee: Um, I-I'd like to ask, how would someone like me get someone like you to-to look at my work?
Zoe Burwell: I'll look at your work.
Comicalooza attendee: Uh, actually, uh, I-I don't... I don't have any work, per se.

Mr. Largo: Okay, the day you've been waiting for: chair challenges. We begin with Ralph challenging for first triangle.
Ralph Wiggum: [puts the triangle over his head] I'm halfway through.
Mr. Largo: Once again, first triangle will be an empty chair.
Ralph: The better chair won.

Lisa: Don't you walk away from me. Well, very soon, I will outplay you, my blues will be blue-ier, my "Baker Street" will be more baked, and I will get my chair back. It may not be today, or tomorrow, because tomorrow we have a field trip, or two days after that because that's... that's no school, but-but on the 11th. Yeah, the 11th, it's mine, buddy.
Blake: That's the science fair.
Lisa: Aah! Thanks for reminding me!

Bart: I booked a voice-over job, and the show airs tomorrow.
Marge: I thought animation took nine months.
Bart: No, you can do any cartoon in a day. Anyone who takes longer is just trying to bleed the studio dry.

Homer: Lisa, how was your day?
Lisa: Well, my life is in ruin, and I'm trying to think of some possible plan to rescue myself.
Homer: Plans are fine, but never underestimate the power of giving up. Because if you think about it, see, uh, s-spontan... Eh, forget it.

Ralph: Uh, y-you're not gonna yell at me?
Comic Book Guy: No. I have lost my will to berate.
Ralph: Aw, I'm sorry.
Comic Book Guy: Ralph Wiggum feels sorry for me. And farther still do I fall.
Ralph: [puts a Popsicle stick in Comic Book Guy's buttcrack] This will be here for me later.
Comic Book Guy: Leave me alone. Get out of here, you stupid kid. You're like a Gollum with worse hair, a subcommittee meeting of the Galactic Senate, a Spider-Man drawn by John Romita Jr. Jr. Uh... you fixed me. You fixed me.

Jimbo Jones: From now on, hands off Bart.
Milhouse: What about me? I like the bullying. It's a form of attention.
Jimbo: Also, hands off Milhouse.
Milhouse: No!
Season 32 Quotes
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