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Domino's Pizza
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Topic: Pizza
Length: 0:30

Domino's Pizza is an international Pizza delivery company. They had a commercial featuring characters from The Simpsons once. They also previously sponsored The Simpsons on Sky1 for 10 years, from 1998 to 2008.[1] In the episode Fatzcarraldo, a reference is made to it.


The door bell rings and the Squeaky-voiced teen hands Homer a pizza and then Homer shuts the door on him. The family then eat the pizza with them fighting over slices and Bart feeding Santa's Little Helper slices. Homer tries his best to get more slices, trying to steal them from Maggie and from Santa's Little Helper. Santa's Little Helper then bites Homer on the bum. The commercial then cuts to a real life shot of the new "Ay Carumba Fajita Pizza" or "Fun-Diddily Onion Rings".[1]

Homer uses pizza boxes called Dominoes to create a domino effect all through the Power Plant and after traversing the whole place, activating a core overload, then stabilizing it, the last pizza box opens up giving pizza to him, Lenny, Carl and two other employees.[2]