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Das Bus/Quotes

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Season 9 Episode Quotes
191 "The Joy of Sect"
"Das Bus"
"The Last Temptation of Krust" 193

God: Noah! Thou shalt buildst thyself an ark measuring 300 cubits in length.
Noah: 300 cubits... give or take.
God: EXACTLY 300! And thou shalt takest two of every creature...
Noah: Two creatures...
God: Two of every creature!
Noah: Even stink beetles?
God: Especially stink beetles!

Bart: Whoa, cool! God is so in-your-face.
Homer: Yeah. He's my favorite fictional character.

Homer: I can't make it in today, Mr. Smithers. I have Smallpox... Well, it wasn't wiped out in my house.

Lisa: Point of order. If we want to learn anything, we must respect...
Bart: Point of odor. Lisa stinks.

Ralph: O Canada!
Principal Skinner: Order, order! Do you kids want to be like the real U.N., or do you just want to squabble and waste time?

Homer: FlanCrest Enterprises?
Ned Flanders: Oops! That's for me. FlanCrest Enterprises is my home business.
Homer: You liar. You don't have a home business. Why would you make up a lie like that?
Ned: No-ho-ho, it's true! Maude and I sell religious hook rugs over the Internet.
Homer: Internet, eh?
Ned: Yes indeedy. Makin' some good scratch, too.
Homer: Scratch, eh?
Ned: Yep.
Homer: Maude, eh?

Bart: First one to the front of the bus gets Martin's lunch money.
Martin: What?
Bart: Go apple!
Nelson: Go orange!
Ralph: Go banana!
Milhouse: Make way for grapefruit! Gooo grapefruit!

Sherri: This is all Lisa's fault. She started the stupid U.N. club.
Lisa: Hey, Martin seconded the motion. It's entirely his fault.
Nelson: People, people. Let's not blame each other. We all know this is Milhouse's fault.

Bart: Good, let's get to work. Me and Nelson will build the treehouse. Martin, draw up plans for a coconut radio and, if possible, a coconut Nintendo system.
Lisa: What about the rest of us?
Bart: You guys gather food for the big feast tonight. And maybe a little wine for the older kids.
Nelson: Delicious wine?
Bart: Exactly.

Bart: Food patrol, we're all starved. Let's see what you've got. [Bart is shown some berries] That's it? What happened to all the lobsters, mangoes and chewy chewy cocoa beans?
Lisa: All we found were these oozing berries. And they look pretty poisonous.
Ralph: I eated the purpleberries.
Bart: How are they, Ralph? Good?
Ralph: [moaning] They taste like burning.

Homer: Welcome to the Internet, my friend. How can I help you?
Comic Book Guy: I'm interested in upgrading my 28.8 kilobaud Internet connection to a 1.5-megabit fiber-optic T1 line. Will you be able to provide an IP router that's compatible with my token-ring Ethernet LAN configuration?
Homer: [staring blankly] Can I have some money now?

Homer: Ooo, they have the Internet on computers now...

Narrator: So, the children learned to function as a society. And eventually, they were rescued by, oh, let's say, Moe.
Season 9 Quotes
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