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Bart Carny/Quotes

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Season 9 Episode Quotes
189 "All Singing, All Dancing"
"Bart Carny"
"The Joy of Sect" 191

[Marge is trying to push Santa's Little Helper into the backyard]
Marge: Come on! You have to go outside to do your... business.
Homer: The experts say that if you want an animal to do something, you should do it yourself first, to show 'em how.
Marge: I'm not going to the bathroom in the backyard.
Homer: Pfft. Sor-ry, Your Majesty.

[Bart and Lisa are dressed in overalls, gloves and straw hats.]
Bart: But I can't go out dressed like this! What if someone sees me?
Marge: You're just going into our backyard. No one will see you.
[Bart opens the door and looks out.]
Nelson: [off camera] Haw...
[Bart slams the door. Marge points at the door and Bart opens it again.]
Nelson: [off camera] Haw!

[Bart looks at the chores list.]
Bart: Man, look at all this stuff... pull weeds, mow lawn, scoop and bag dog business. There's gotta be a way out of this. Lisa! Chop off my hands!
Lisa: No! Then who'd chop off my hands?
Bart: All right, you chop my hands halfway off, and then, I'll still have enough strength to chop-
Marge: Get to work!

[Marge finds Bart and Lisa in the living room instead of doing their chores.]
Marge: What are you doing inside?
Bart: Work was hard, so we quit.
Marge: What?
Lisa: [slowly] Hard work made us quit.
Marge: I see! Well then, no chores, no allowance.
Lisa: Okay, we get our room and board free anyway.
Bart: And Santy Claus provides the rest.

Cooder: Son, if you do not finish your caramel apple you will not get a snow cone.
[Homer and Bart appear.]
Cooder: [confrontational] Get out of here! I didn't scam nobody.
Homer: No, we are here to learn the business.
Bart: Starting today we are carnies.
Cooder: [pleasant] In that case let me show you how I scammed you.

Chief Wiggum: Hate to interrupt your fun, but word is about that your game is crooked.
Homer: And how!
Chief Wiggum: Well, perhaps we can come to an "understanding". [holds out his hand]
Homer: I understand.
Bart: Uh, Dad? I think he wants--
Homer: Not now, son. Daddy's talking to the policeman.
Chief Wiggum: Let me put it this way. I'm looking for my friend, Bill. [looks at cash box] Have you seen any "Bills" around here?
Homer: No. He's Bart.
Chief Wiggum: Okay, let's try this again and watch as I wink each time. The man I'm really looking for, wink, is Mr. Bribe. Wink, wink.
Homer: [pause] It's a ring toss game.
Chief Wiggum: All right. That's it, I'm shutting this place down.
[Cooder and Spud return to see that their game stall is gone.]
Cooder: Our game, our home... What happened here?
Bart: Cops took it.
Cooder: Why didn't you bribe 'em?
Homer: I tried, but the opportunity never came up.
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