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Treehouse of Horror XIII/Quotes

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Season 14 Episode Quotes
291 "Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge"
"Treehouse of Horror XIII"
"How I Spent My Strummer Vacation" 293

Opening Sequence[edit]

Maude's Ghost: Are you ready for tales that will shatter your spine and boil your blood?!
Lisa: Well, duh.

Send in the Clones[edit]

Ned: [looking through kitchen window] Hey, Homer, I was wondering if I could borrow that chainsaw you, ahh... stole from me?
Homer: Yeah, but you'll have to leave a credit card.
Ned: No problem.[takes out card] Discover okay?
Homer: [reproachfully] Ned.
Ned: Okay, here's my Amex.

Moe: All right, who's paying the tab?
Homer's clones: LENNY!
Lenny: Anything for Homers.

Marge: No belly button? You're a clone! Then the real Homer--
Homer clone: First over cliff.

Homer: [just created two clones of himself] Now there's four of me. I think this might be a magic hammock.

The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms[edit]

Lisa: I dream of a world without guns. Don't we all, William?
Bart: Lisa has a dead boyfriend!
Lisa: He's not my dead boyfriend! He's a dead boy that happens to be my friend.

Lou: [handing in his gun] This always made me feel like a man, you know? Now all I got is my enormous genitals.

William "Billy the Kid" Bonney: [introducing his gang] The Sundance Kid!
Comic Book Guy: What happened to Butch Cassidy?
Sundance Kid: "What happened to Butch Cassidy?" We're not joined at the hip, ya know!

Sideshow Mel: Another tragedy prevented by gun violence!

The Island of Dr. Hibbert[edit]

Marge: The House of Pain? I guess this is where you pay the bill. [laughs] Why am I always funny when no one's around?

Homer: Oh my God! She's become a monster! Which I have to admit, I sorta suspected during the sex.

Comic Book Guy (Half-goat): Hear me, accursed brethren! I understand some of you are still wearing tattered pants. Please throw them on the bonfire, and embrace your animal essence.
Chief Wiggum (Half-pig): Okay, but I'm keeping my tattered vest. I still have my dignity. Hey, slops! [eats slops] Ooohh, a toenail! Heh, Heh! [eats the toenail]

Homer: You guys are nuts! All you can do is eat and sleep and mate and roll around in your own filth and mate and eat -- [abruptly breaks off] Where do I sign up?

Lisa: How do you like being a walrus, Dad?
Homer: It's great! I haven't been this skinny since high school!
Season 14 Quotes
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