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C.E. D'oh/Quotes

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Season Episode Quotes
305 "Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington"

"C.E. D'oh"
"'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky" 307

Homer: So, kids, it's Valentine's Day, and you know what that means! You get to stay downstairs watching TV with the sound turned way up!
Lisa: What about you and mom?
Homer: Oh, we'll be upstairs in the bedroom, making love...ly...rope ladders, in case there's a fire.

Stark Richdale: You see this watch? It's jammed with so many jewels, the hands can't move. [to Homer] What kind of watch do you have?
Homer: Uh, well, I drew it on. See?
Richdale: Uh-huh. You see that car out there? That's a Bentley Mark 12. They gave one to me, one to Steven Spielberg, then they shot the guy who made it!
Lenny: Wow, I'd hate to be in that union.

Homer: Listen up life obstacles! From now on, nothing's gonna stand in Homer Simpson's way! [to Bart] Do your homework! [to Lisa] Don't do so much homework! [to Maggie] Learn to talk! [to Marge] You! Let's love! Now!
Marge: Sounds good to me!
Homer: [tries to carry Marge up the stairs but runs out of breath] Go on ahead! I'll just slow you down!

Mr. Burns: Now, a few more details about this year's company picnic-it's at the plant, no food will be served, the only activity will be work, and the picnic is cancelled.

Homer: Mr. Burns' reign of terror is over. [the workers cheer] And today begins my reign of terr... [the workers gasp in fear] ...iffic management! [the workers sigh in relief]
Lenny: I thought he was gonna say 'terror.'
Carl: Oh, I don't think he was going that way.
Homer: Unlike Mr. Burns, I will respect you, the working-class slob, because we are all equals! And now, as I ascend this crystal staircase to my office, I say-avert your gaze!

Mr. Burns: Well, now that I'm forcibly retired, I feel I should give back to society and do some charitable work, but... first I want to take a lot of opium.

[In the Marrakesh marketplace.]
Smithers: [to shopkeeper] Uh, excuse me! Do you know where I can buy some, uh... [whispers] drugs?
Shopkeeper: [loudly] Drugs? Everything is drugs! Banana made of drugs! Monkey made of drugs! Look! All market made of drugs!
Smithers: [picks up a brick of hashish] I'd like to buy this.
Shopkeeper: Only American money! [whispers] Our money is made of drugs.
Season 14 Quotes
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