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The Strong Arms of the Ma/Quotes

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Season 14 Episode Quotes
299 "The Dad Who Knew Too Little"
"The Strong Arms of the Ma"
"Pray Anything" 301

Kent Brockman: I'm here with actor Rainier Wolfcastle, who, surprisingly, has filed for bankruptcy. Rainier, what went wrong?
Rainier Wolfcastle: Three divorces in three months. What can I say, Kent? I'm a romantic.
Brockman: But this personal tragedy translates into a good old fashioned bankruptcy sale!
Wolfcastle: Yeah! Everything must go. Even the painting of my Nana. This was done on her wedding day. Or should I say "deading day".

Wolfcastle: Do you need some assistance picking over the tattered remains of my life?
Homer: No, I'm good. Hey, your early porno movies! Are any of these hetero?
Wolfcastle: What's there is there.

Homer: Do you think you could give me a lift home?
Wolfcastle: Sure, I'll carry you in this giant Snuggli. I used it to carry Rob Schneider in the movie "My Baby Is An Ugly Man".
Homer: Your heartbeat is so soothing.
Wolfcastle: Shh. Time for sleep, little fatso.

Apu: Hello, Mrs. Homer!
Marge: Apu, where's your bathroom?
Apu: The bathroom is not for customers. Please use the crack house across the street. [gets whiff] Ugh, that is the most pungent thing I have ever smelled, and I am from India! All right, all right, but speak of this to no one!

Marge: Oh no! I pepper sprayed Ralph!
Ralph: Even my boogers are spicy!

Lisa: Mom, you didn't get the milk.
Bart: And you parked on top of the mailman.
Mailman: It's okay. All part of the job. Can you believe I get paid to wear short pants?

Marge: Ned, I'm not afraid!
Ned Flanders: Well, aren't you a super-duper recouper.
Marge: Grampa! I'm not afraid!
Grampa: Then you're not paying close enough attention!

Ruth Powers: Steroids aren't drugs. They occur naturally in the body, like sweat, or tumors.

Otto: Man, what am I smoking? Oh yeah, pot.

Announcer: In second place: Marge Simpson!
Bart: Second place!? Oh man, this'll just encourage her.
Lisa: I'm tired of her criticizing my saggy glutes.
Homer: Quiet, her muscular ears can hear us.

Homer: Oh, I'm so proud of you, honey. You bulked up, but managed to keep your femininity.
Marge: And that's why I didn't win!
Homer: Sorry, sir, sorry.
Marge: Starting tomorrow, I'm gonna up my glyco-load, use a denser ripping gel...
Homer: Denser?!
Marge: Damn straight, I didn't sacrifice my period for second place!
Season 14 Quotes
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