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Simpson Tide/References

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Season 9 Episode References
196 "This Little Wiggy"
"Simpson Tide"
"The Trouble with Trillions" 198

Cultural references[edit]

The Village People dance on top of the Submarine.
  • Many parts of the episode, including the title, refer to the 1995 film Crimson Tide.
  • Tenille's name is a reference to the musical duo Captain and Tennille.
  • The opening couch gag is a recreation of the Rocky and Bullwinkle animated bumper seen at the end of each Bullwinkle short. The music accompanying it is also adapted from the original music in the bumper.[2]
  • Homer mentions that he and his friends joining the navy is similar to The Deer Hunter, and the Russian roulette scene from the film is later parodied.[1]
  • Right before the submarine submerges, the song "In the Navy" is played and the Village People (along with Smithers) can be seen dancing.[1]
  • Homer dreams of being on "the planet of the doughnuts", which is reminiscent of the film Planet of the Apes. Roddy McDonut is named after actor Roddy McDowall who played Cornelius and Caesar in the films.[2]
  • When Homer says that games couldn't hurt him, he then remembers an incident involving Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots which hurt him.
  • When aboard the submarine, Homer refers to one of the crew members as Mr. Sulu, a reference to the character in Star Trek.[1]
  • After Homer assumes command of the sub, he displays a number of mannerisms that resemble the Commander and crew of the U-boat in Das Boot.
  • Bart sings a portion of the song "Do the Bartman" and Ralph Wiggum comments that it "is so 1991", a reference to the year the song became a hit in the U.S.
  • Abraham Simpson claims that he attacked John F. Kennedy on the PT 109 when Kennedy stated "Ich bin ein Berliner", leading to Grampa mistaking him for a Nazi.[1]
  • This episode shows the Russian ambassador in the U.N. stating that the Soviet Union's breakup was "what we wanted you to think." This is followed by the showing of several floats in a Moscow Parade being destroyed to reveal several tanks underneath to take their place, the Berlin Wall coming out of the earth and Lenin being unfrozen.
  • In the scene where Homer is trying to sign up for the Naval Reserve, he questions an officer about a question that was scratched out. This was a reference to a failed and controversial proposal that Bill Clinton made during his election into the Presidency where he would allow gays into the military openly.


  • When Barney Gumble gets shaved, he looks an awful lot like Leon Kompowsky.
  • Apparently at some point Homer dressed as a drunk and danced a Russian jig with his photo being taken, which was eventually procured by the news media, given Lisa's comments.
  • The Admirals who were presiding over Homer's trial were indicted for the following offenses:


  • Moe has more shenanigans going on in his backroom, a gag which started with "Cape Feare".


  • One of the crewmembers of the Nuclear Submarine Homer is on is female, despite the fact that women were not allowed to serve on Nuclear Submarines at the time of the episode.
  • Apu claims that his religion forbids military service. Hinduism actually has no restrictions on joining the military, and the predominantly Hindu nations of India and Nepal both have armed forces.
  • During Homer's trial, there are five admirals present, with one female. The female admiral is the only one that doesn't explain why she cannot prosecute Homer, and the animation ignores her following the opening shot.


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