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Natural Born Kissers/References

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Season 9 Episode References
202 "Lost Our Lisa"
"Natural Born Kissers"
"Lard of the Dance" 204

Cultural references[edit]


  • At the golf course Moe says sarcastically, "Think of the children. Won't someone please think of the children!?" closely mocking the famous quote by Helen Lovejoy (who happens to be standing next to him at the time) in "Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment".
  • When Marge and Homer stand behind a flower pinwheel and fake wind-driven loggers at work, Homer says that he doesn't trust these guys, as it appears they're about to do a very serious and very personal injury to Homer with their two-man crosscut saw.
  • Bart's fantasy about pirates wondering why they need to bury their treasure is not far from reality. In actuality, most pirates spent their loot as quickly as they got it. Only one pirate, William Kidd, was ever known to have buried a treasure. Kidd had anticipated getting captured and tried to secure his loot. He was indeed caught, and at his trial attempted to bribe the judge and jury into an acquittal with the promise of giving them the location to his buried treasure. The bribe did not work, and William Kidd was hanged. Kidd's burial served as inspiration for Treasure Island by Robert Stevenson. As a result of the novel's huge popularity, a stereotype was associated that pirates have an inclination to bury treasure.


  • The windmill was in such a place that when it decapitated the Abraham Lincoln statue, it could have also caused injury to Seymour Skinner.
  • When Homer and Marge are inside the windmill, Homer comments that he impregnated Marge there. However, in "I Married Marge", Bart's conception took place inside a castle.
  • When the cloud of dust starts to clear, Ned Flanders seems to peek at the escaping Homer and Marge, but doesn't seem to notice afterwards.
  • Frank Grimes is mentioned in this episode as his funeral invitation is in the suit Homer was wearing. This is odd, however, as Homer wasn't wearing a blue suit at the funeral in "Homer's Enemy".
    • During the time between "Homer's Enemy" and this episode, the invitation may have ended up in the blue suit pocket.
  • Homer closes the door when he and Marge go into the barn. However, when the farmer looks at the barn, the door Homer closed is now open. When the farmer then tries to get in the barn, both doors are closed again.
  • When more people arrive at the golf course to feel inside the windmill two goofs occur.
    • Rod Flanders has grey hair.
    • Rod says "Daddy, you put your hand in there and see what it is". However Ned already has his hand in the windmill.

Freeze Frame Fun[edit]

  • The bag in the freezer says "ARF BAG."
  • Marge's breasts are visible (very briefly):
    • They are revealed when she and Homer start to run away from the miniature golf course, and she isn't fully turned around.
    • In the hot air balloon, she takes her hands off her breasts for a second.
    • When the hot air balloon lands and Marge falls out of the basket, her hands are on the ground, leaving her breasts exposed.
    • When she and Homer hug in an attempt to cover up, her breasts are visible for a moment before they come together.

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