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Meat Is Murder/Quotes

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Season 33 Episode Quotes
726 "Marge the Meanie"
"Meat Is Murder"
"Poorhouse Rock" 728

Krusty the Clown: You're the most modest businessmen I ever met.
Augustus Redfield: [chuckles] Oh, gosh, no. I'm sure there's people much more modest than us.

Krusty: Hey, hey. It's Krusty Burger's 50th anniversary, and I want you to celebrate with me at Krusty Fest. Meet all your favorite Krustyland characters from the good old days. Burger Reynolds. Grilly Cheese King. Jack Pickleson. Patty Meltin' John.
Homer: [gasps] Patty Meltin' John. I remember when he sang at Princess Fries' funeral.

Space Clown: Only one thing can save me now: every kid out there needs to buy a Mega-sized Krusty meal. Full price. Money is my oxygen.

Marge: Lisa, I got you one with a patty that's 100% veggie.
Lisa: Yeah, the burgers never had actual meat, but somehow the sodas do.

Gus: I'm Augustus Redfield, chairman of the RedStar Corporation.
Krusty: Yeah, yeah, hey, hey. Sarah, get this yutz a headshot and sign it from me "with warm regards."
Gus: I'm here to destroy you for what you did to me.
Krusty: Change that to "regular regards." Who the hell do you think you are?! [yelps] Hey, it's you. Worth-A-Try Burger, right? You doing good?
Gus: I'm the ninth richest man in the world now.
Krusty: [groans] Okay, warmest regards.

Grampa: Old partner? [gasps] That's me.
Homer: No, it's not, Dad. Nothing is you.
Gus: Abe Simpson, it is you. It is. Oh... My old friend, I am about to change your life.
Homer: Dad, it's not you!

Gus: Abe, now that I've got our burger business back, I need you by my side. I want you to sit on my board of directors.
Marge: Grampa, you love sitting.

Homer: Wow, Dad, now you can be a Republican because you're rich and greedy, and not because you're old and don't know how to change the channel.

Colby Redfield: Dad, I'm gonna start a religion where you're the Jesus. Think of the tax implications. Please, please, think of them.

Mav Redfield: Dad, as we speak, there are 10,000 influencers at my island music festival.
Sheila Redfield: Too bad the bands haven't shown up, and there's no food, toilets, or ways off the island.
Mav: [scoffs] No biggie, nobody died. [looks at phone] Well, nobody famous died. Okay, I hope none of you like Kenny Chesney.

Nothing Mel: It's the Herschel the Comical Man Show! I'm your announcer, Nothing Mel. And here's a performer who's not violating any termination agreement implied or in writing. Him.
Krusty: Hee-hoo, kids. Say hi to Mr. Teeny-Dog, who's not affiliated with Krusty Enterprises, its designees, or assigns.
Nelson Muntz: Haw-haw! You don't control your own I.P.

Grampa: Lisa, I'm so glad you made me come here. Who knew having a purpose in life would give my life purpose?

Angela Merkel: What do you do?
Charli D'Amelio: Well, I entertain people on their phones while they watch TV. How about you?
Angela Merkel: I am often the only voice of reason in all of Europe.
Charli D'Amelio: Cool. How do you monetize that?
Angela Merkel: I don't.

Greg Hirsch: All right, so, uh, I mostly just get sandwiches for the security guards, but it's more complicated than it sounds. There's, like, five kinds of bread now.

Gus: [to Sheila] You led this coup against me. You're out. You get nothing! [to Jessica] Tell Megan Ellison she's my daughter now.
Jessica: She'll be there at your birthday dinner tomorrow night.

Grampa: Hold your horseradish! When I voted "no," I was talking about the Japanese Noh theater, which I saw plenty of when I was stationed in the Pacific, stranded on a raft made of Dear John letters and mermaid hair. I married one of those mermaids, but she was a reverso, fish head and lady gams. [laughs] That, plus a thousand other things, made me what I am today... mentally incompetent. [babbles]

Krusty: I can be a clown again. [laughs goofily]
Nehorai: He was a clown? He was, like, the least funny person on this socialist commune.
Season 33 Quotes
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