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Level 2 (The Simpsons: Hit & Run)

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Level 2
Level 2 (The Simpsons Hit & Run).png
Level Information
Game: The Simpsons: Hit & Run
Number: 2
Playable character(s): Bart
Main location: Springfield, Downtown Springfield and East Side

Donut Homer.png The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened or existed.

Level 2 is the second level of The Simpsons: Hit & Run. The level is setting in the Downtown Springfield and the East Side. The level takes place on the afternoon of October 26th, the day after Level 1. Bart begins a crusade in order to get a copy of Bonestorm II which ultimately leads him to be unexpectedly abducted.


Detention Deficit Disorder[edit]

At the Springfield Town Square, Bart tells Milhouse he wants to buy Bonestorm II, but Milhouse warns him about Principal Skinner, who is looking for kids who have missed school. Bart drives to the Try-N-Save, but encounters Skinner on the way, who wants to catch Bart. He escapes from Skinner and has time to get to the Try-N-Save. Unfortunately, Jimbo bought (or more likely, stole) the last one, as Marge had previously destroyed the rest (Level 1), and Bart says it is ridiculous because video games don't kill kids, they just kill their minds.

This is the first avoiding mission: Bart has to avoid and loose Skinner (indicated by a bar at the top which empties when he gets away from Skinner) before the time runs out, then go to the Try-N-Save again in a limited time.

Weapons of Mass Delinquency[edit]

Kearney tells Bart fireworks are the hit now instead of video games, so Bart decides to go and get some fireworks. He drives to Moe's and asks Otto for some fireworks. He then enters the bar and asks Moe for fireworks. Now he goes to the city hall and asks Snake for fireworks. He drives to the police station and asks Ralph for some fireworks his father confiscated, and he gives them with a warning: his daddy will put him in jail. When Bart takes the fireworks, Chief Wiggum, who is in front of the station and in his police car, sees him and tells him he has a date with community service, much to Bart's worry. He gets in is car and escapes from Chief Wiggum with the fireworks.

Bart needs to reach each destination to collect the fireworks in a limited time and escape from Chief Wiggum at the end.

Vox Nerduli[edit]

Bart asks Comic Book Guy for a copy of Bonestorm II, but he has no time to talk: he needs to get to the Java Server to post on his website how he hated the new McBain movie before someone else does. They get into Comic Book Guy's car and race a nerd to the Java Server. When they arrive, Comic Book Guy tells Bart it is impossible to get a copy of Bonestorm II, since Professor Frink bought all of the stock from his store.

Bart is provided with Comic Book Guy's car for the race.

Bart 'n' Frink[edit]

Bart goes to the Springfield stadium to talk to Professor Frink about a copy of the game, but he needs it to power his newest invention: a Truckasaurus. He tells Bart if he finds a World War II radio and a satellite dish, he will be able to play with the monster. Bart agrees because real violence is better than video game violence. He follows a pizza van to Herman's Military Antiques, where Chief Wiggum informs Bart that the radio was stolen. The thief has just escaped the scene of the crime, so Bart looks for him. It turns out the thief is Snake, who agrees to a race for the radio. They both race from the freeway to the stadium, Bart wins and takes the radio.

When Bart reaches the store, Snake is actually seen escaping from there: he drives across the cars at a high speed towards the freeway, where Bart finds him.

Better than Beef[edit]

Now that Bart has the radio, he needs a satellite dish. He goes to a Krusty Burger to talk to Cletus, who will give Bart his satellite dish if he helps him collect flatmeat for the Krusty Burgers. They drive in Cletus' pickup to collect splatted animal meat around the streets. When they have enough, they go back to the Krusty Burger, but Apu wants to stop them because the only person who can sell rotten meat is him. They manage to avoid Apu and deliver the flatmeat to the Krusty Burger. The Krusty Burgers are made with flatmeat, which explains the wheel marks. Cletus then gives Bart the satellite dish.

Bart is provided with Cletus' pickup for this mission. They have to collect the flatmeat and avoid Apu all in a limited time.

Monkey See, Monkey D'oh![edit]

Bart gives the radio and the satellite dish to Professor Frink, but he also needs a blender. According to Frink, building a Truckasaurus without a blender is like building a cloning machine without a tennis racket. Bart goes to the Screaming Monkey Medical Research Center to ask Dr. Nick for a blender, but he is busy looking for his monkeys, which have escaped because he tortured them. Bart decides to find them, but he needs a big truck to collect all the monkeys, so he buys the Mr. Plow snowplow from Homer. Bart drives around Downtown collecting the 30 lost monkeys. When he finds them all, he goes back to Dr. Nick so he introduces electrodes into their brains and gives Bart a blender.

This mission starts when Bart has the Mr. Plow truck. He needs to collect all of the 30 monkeys in under 4:00 minutes. Some monkeys can only be accessed on foot.


Everything is ready now, except Frink says there are too many cellphones in the area, which may cause an interference in the monster making it kill people. Bart goes to the Sit-N-Rotate restaurant area and destroys four cellphone users' cars. Now that everything is ready, Bart enters the stadium to see the Truckasaurus, which is accompanied by a wasp camera. Bart escapes just before the truck burns him, but outside, a giant spaceship appears and throws a tractor beam to Bart. He disappears leaving only his Honor Roller car on the street.

Bart has to destroy the four cars before the time runs out.

Bonus Mission[edit]

The bonus mission can be accessed from Grampa from the Veterans of Unpopular Wars hall.

Dial B for Blood[edit]

Bart asks Grampa for his World War II car, but he threw all his blood away thinking he didn't need it, so Bart now has to look for some blood. He gets some from the Springfield Plasma Center, Moe and the Squeaky-voiced teen. When he takes it back to Grandpa, he gives Bart his car.

Bart has a time limit to collect all the blood. By completing this bonus mission, the player earns Grampa's World War II car.