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Level 7 (The Simpsons: Hit & Run)

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Level 6
Level 7
Level 7
Level 7 (The Simpsons Hit & Run).jpg
Level Information
Game: The Simpsons: Hit & Run
Number: 7
Playable character(s): Homer
Main location: Springfield, residential area

Donut Homer.png The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened or existed.

The last level of the game which is set back in Evergreen Terrace where everything is Hallowe'en themed. Homer is the playable character.


Rigor Motors[edit]

The mission begins inside the Simpsons' House where you have to talk to Lisa. Lisa is more concerned than Homer is (he wants to watch the baseball match) but goes out in search of supplies when Kent Brockman gets eaten by the zombies. Homer stops at the Flanders' House where you have to talk to Ned, persuading him to let you have is First Aid kit. You take it and head down to Cletus' Shack and take the wooden boards in his drive. After that, you go to Moe's house and ask him for his chainsaw. Depressed, he gives it to you where you go back home. You will complete the mission when you arrive. Go to the school playground and talk to Comic Book Guy to start the next mission.

Long Black Probes[edit]

To Complete this mission, You will need to purchase the Zombie Car from the Zombie in the Graveyard for 500 coins. Once at the playground, talk to Comic Book Guy, who is standing near Willie's shack. Homer begins the conversation by calling Comic Book Guy 'Smelly Sam' but Comic Book Guy explains the current situation in the playground where a tractor beam sucks up trespassers. Homer is curious about a black car parked underneath the beam. Comic Book Guy says it is 'an advanced probe of the mother ship'. You have to follow the car around the level until you reach the power plant where it will say Level Complete! Go talk to Professor Frink to start the next mission.

Pocket Protector[edit]

In a conversation with Homer, Frink reveals he may have found the aliens' weakness: Nuclear Waste. You need to collect some Nuclear Waste from the power plant entrance (on the bright side, there's a coin in it for you) and drive it safely to the tractor beam. Be careful, if you crash, you will have to go back to the power plant to get some more, regardless of where you are. (My advice is to not drive too fast and to take as many shortcuts as possible to avoid traffic). Once at the playground, drive the hover car into the tractor beam. The mission will end when the hover car explodes at the top. Enter the school building and talk to Lisa to begin the next mission.

There's Something about Monty[edit]

Inside, you ask Lisa where he might find some Nuclear Waste barrels. Lisa suggests that you go see Mr. Burns. After you finish talking, hurry to your car (you've got a 30 second time limit, God knows why) and drive to the power plant. Just outside the Kwik-E-Mart, the black car is seeking you out, so you have to avoid it in order to advance. When you lose it, it's a straight run to the power plant. Once there, you have to climb the wreckage all the way up to Mr. Burns' office where you will complete the mission. Head over to Mr. Burns on the other side of the room (watch out for the trap doors) and talk to him to begin the next mission.

Alien "Auto"topsy Part I[edit]

Talk to Mr. Burns inside his office and ask him where he has buried his Nuclear Waste. He gives you a map (there is no use for it so don't worry about it too much). Jump down to the ground and get into your car. Pick up the nuclear waste and drive to the school. Don't let the waste blow up. The mission will end when your car explodes at the top. Head over to Snake in the playground to begin the next mission.

Alien "Auto"topsy Part II[edit]

In the playground, talk to Snake who should be outside Willie's shack. He wonders what it would be like to get car-jacked, so he joins in. On your way to the power plant, on the road towards the Simpsons' House, you will run into the black car once again, and you will have to avoid him. After that, drive straight to the power plant and collect the waste. Then, drive safely back to the school playground and drive your car into the tractor beam where you will complete the mission. Then, head over to Grampa to start the final mission.

Alien "Auto"topsy Part III[edit]

Talk to Grampa and ask him whether you can use his car, but he worries that you're going to risk his life to save everyone elses. Nonetheless, he drives out of the playground to the power plant where the black car races you to the power plant. When you win, you have to take the waste and drive to the school. You will encounter the black car once more at the house in front of the Krusty glass. You must avoid him to advance. Once you've lost him, you've got 30 seconds to get to the playground. Once there, drive your car into the tractor beam for a final time. The alien craft explodes, thus killing Kang and Kodos (not sure about Grampa, though).

Bonus Mission[edit]

Flaming Tires[edit]

To start the mission, go speak to Smithers, who is outside the Kwik-E-Mart. You need to find Mr. Burns possessions, which are dotted around the Kwik-E-Mart area. First, he'll ask you to find Mr. Burns' sock garters, which are on the roof of the Kwik-E-Mart. Then, go back to Smithers and he will ask you to find Mr. Burns' tooth powder, which is on the roof of the Krusty Burger nearby. Go back to Smithers where he will then ask you to find Mr. Burns' final item: His Yes, We Have No Bananas record, which is on top of Lard Lads' statue. Go back to Smithers to complete the mission. Your reward is Mr. Burns' Limo with Smithers driving.


Time Trial Race[edit]

Speak to the zombie standing on the other side of the road opposite the Kwik-E-Mart to start the Time Trial race.

Circuit Race[edit]

Speak to the zombie standing outside the burnt down church to start the Circuit race.

Checkpoint Race[edit]

Speak to the zombie standing outside the school to start the Checkpoint race.

Wager Race[edit]

Speak to Louie who is standing in the upper left hand corner of the power plant parking lot to start the Wager race.