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Level 3 (The Simpsons: Hit & Run)

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Level 3
Level 3 (The Simpsons Hit & Run).png
Level Information
Game: The Simpsons: Hit & Run
Number: 3
Playable character(s): Lisa Simpson
Main location: Springfield, Springfield Squidport

Donut Homer.png The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened or existed.

Level 3 is the third level of The Simpsons: Hit & Run. The level is set in the Springfield Squidport and nearby areas during sunset on October 27th. Lisa investigates into Bart's mysterious abduction and tries to find him.


Nerd Race Queen[edit]

Lisa goes into The Android's Dungeon and asks Comic Book Guy if he knows where Bart could be. Comic Book Guy is too busy to answer, as he needs a new comic book quickly. Lisa helps Comic Book Guy reach The Itchy & Scratchy Store at the Springfield Squidport before a nerd does. When they get the comic book, they go back to the Android's Dungeon, but Comic Book Guy doesn't know where Bart is. He suggests she check the Noiseland Arcade.

Lisa has to race the nerd using Comic Book Guy's car, reach the store, grab the comic book and go back to the Android's Dungeon.


Lisa asks Milhouse if he knows where Bart is but Milhouse is more interested in spending time with her. He gives her three possible locations of Bart: Wall-E-Weasel's, Planet Hype or the Springfield sign. When Lisa arrives at each location she instead keeps finding Milhouse who repeatedly tries to flirt with her. She tells him to stop following her and realises he is just hindering her search. Lisa thinks Apu may have seen Bart.

Lisa needs to reach every destination before time runs out.

Bonfire of the Manatees[edit]

Lisa goes to a Krusty Burger where she finds Apu. He is angry that Cletus is bringing it roadkill because he wants to be the only person in town who can sell rotten meat. Lisa agrees to help Apu steal the roadkill from Cletus. They drive Apu's car and knock Cletus' roadkill out of his pickup truck. Apu doesn't know where Bart is, but thinks Professor Frink may know since he appears to know everything. Lisa goes to the observatory to talk to Frink but he only knows that Bart disappeared into a bright light.

Lisa needs to use Apu's car to knock Cletus' Pickup Truck and grab the roadkill until time runs out.

Operation Hellfish[edit]

Outside the observatory Lisa talks to Grampa in the hopes that he knows where Bart is. He saw Bart's lucky red cap fall out of a black sedan. Lisa decides to destroy the sedan and buys the school bus from Otto to help. Lisa picks up the cap and destroys the sedan. She then goes to Aztec Theater and Springfield Squidport to destroy two more sedans but there are no more clues.

Lisa has to destroy all cars before time runs out.

Slithery Sleuthing[edit]

Lisa goes to Chief Wiggum hoping he knows where Bart might be. She finds him at the Monty Burns Casino. She asks him where Bart is, but he is too busy. Wiggum is currently trying to bust Snake under the three strikes law, and Wiggum refuses to help until he finds evidence. Lisa buys her "cool clothes" as a disguise. She then accompanies Chief Wiggum in collecting evidence. They find some jeans, evidence that Snake bought Counterfeit Designer Jeans. They later find find him running over an elderly citizen without a permit. After they collect litter that he threw out of the vehicle, they have all the evidence they needed in regards to put Snake in jail. In return, Chief Wiggum mentions seeing some shady looking Government officials with Bart by the Squidport, but in his mind they probably sent him on a cruise as deals are good currently.

Lisa has to chase Snake in Chief Wiggum's police car and collect all items he drops from his car.

Fishy Deals[edit]

Following her only clues, Lisa goes to the Captain McCallister for help. Before helping he needs Lisa to gather some lost fish for his restaurants. However she instead releases them back into the ocean and pretends to have helped. After she rescues them all she returns to McCallister for information on Bart.

The Old Pirate and the Sea[edit]

McCallister tells Lisa he saw Bart forced into a limo. Lisa destroys the limo but Bart is not there. McCallister reveals that Bart had earlier escaped the limo and jumped onto a nearby ship. Lisa drives onto the ship and discovers Bart, confused and speaking gibberish, with soiled pants. Lisa & Bart then return home.

Bonus Mission[edit]

The bonus mission of this level is for Principal Skinner.


Lisa asks Skinner about Bart, but he is too busy with his errands. Lisa helps him get a Krusty Burger, pick up his laundry, and get his fungal infection removing cream.