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Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart

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Season 23 Episode
500 "At Long Last Leave"
"Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart"
"How I Wet Your Mother" 502
"Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart"
Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart promo 7.jpg
Episode Information
Episode number: 501
Season number: S23 E15
Production code: PABF09
Original airdate: March 4, 2012
Title screen: Bart climbs down a beanstalk carrying a harp and a goose.
Couch gag: A parody of the opening sequence of Game of Thrones
Guest star(s): Shepard Fairey as himself
Ron English as himself
Kenny Scharf as himself
Robbie Conal as himself
Showrunner(s): Al Jean
Written by: Marc Wilmore
Directed by: Steven Dean Moore

"Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart" is the fifteenth episode of season 23 of The Simpsons and the five-hundred and first episode overall. It originally aired on March 4, 2012. The episode was written by Marc Wilmore and directed by Steven Dean Moore. It guest stars Shepard Fairey as himself, Ron English as himself, Kenny Scharf as himself and Robbie Conal as himself.


"It is Marge's birthday, but Bart's present, a rabbit, chews through the phone lines, ruining Homer's present. Thus, Homer locks Bart in the rabbit's cage, which Bart is annoyed at, and later forces Bart to get out, although Bart now enjoys the cage. In order to get back at his dad, he becomes an undercover graffitist (with Milhouse as his obnoxious laugher) and plasters images of Homer all over Springfield. One night, Bart gets caught in the act by street artists Shepard Fairey, Robbie Conal, Kenny Scharf and Ron English, who invite him to exhibit his artwork in his own gallery show. Meanwhile, a new store called Swapper Jack's opens in Springfield, which threatens to put the Kwik-E-Mart out of business."


Lisa attempts to wake up Homer, and after the fire alarm fails she opens a can of Duff, instantly waking him up. Lisa tells him Marge's birthday is the next day (March 19), and that he needs to start going around town looking for a good and not insulting present. Homer announces that he's already bought a present, which shocks Lisa. He also adds he put some thought into it, shocking Lisa even more. He reveals it as a state-of-the-art food masher-mupper, named Puree-Station 3. Lisa says Marge is going to love it, but Homer says it will make love seem like chewing mere tin-foil, because today he's getting it autographed. Lisa guesses by Lenny, but instead by "the box lady herself" (Paula Paul). Lisa is so amazed she almost faints.

The family go to Swapper Jack's, so Homer can get the present signed. Homer, Bart and Lisa find the shop great, with a clear premise, like Hawaii but without the murderous locals, and unusual jelly. Homer thinks the family won't be shopping at the Kwik-E-Mart any more, then Apu appears behind a cheese stand. Homer is surpised to see Apu out of his "natural habitat". He says he is finding out who is real customers are, and who is going to cheat on him. Many residents, including Lisa, Sideshow Mel and Nelson, complain about the products, but he answers that he's always considered them his friends, and friends do not betray friends. Homer protests, and Apu and Homer get into a fight with cheese sticks. Apu is nearly victorious, but is restrained by two employees. Homer gets his masher-mupper signed, and Paula suggests calling Marge live from her show tomorrow, and wish her a happy birthday.

At home, Marge's presents are an apron with a sarnet from Lisa, a bunny from Bart, and before Marge opens Homer's present he goes to the phone saying this will make it her most awesome birthday ever. After a long time, there is no phone call, and Homer gets angry. He goes to call Paula, but the phone is dead. He sees it chewed, and realises it was caused by Marge's rabbit. Homer gets angry at Bart and the rabbit, and then Lisa suggests Paula might have left a message. She twists the wires together, and presses "Voice Mail". Paula calls but Marge isn't there, then she tries again, but afterwards she gets angry at Marge for making her look stupid and not picking up.

After Marge goes upstairs, sad and quite fed up, Homer tries to resist strangling Bart, so he tells him to get in the rabbit cage. After getting in there, Homer later wants him to get out, but Bart claims that he's "adapted" to the cage. Homer eventaully gets him out, then tries lying, saying it's not comfortable, but almost instantly falls asleep.

Later, in Bart's treehouse, to get revenge, he is cutting out the letters "Dope" on a piece of paper with Homer's picture on, while Milhouse stands next to him. Milhouse admires Bart's revenge – cutting Homer's face out of a piece of cardboard, but tells him that he's actually going to put the posters all over town. Milhouse asks to come, and Bart agrees.

Over the next day, Bart and Milhouse put the posters all over Springfield, at school, on a flag, on The First Church of Springfield, on an airplane, and on a Duff Beer poster.

The next morning, Homer is driving to work, singing a tune, while "Dope" posters are all around him. He notices them, and is surprised. He vaguely recognizes the person on the poster. He sees the posters all over the place; there are even some covering the Springfield sign. Inside the police van, the police are clueless about the vandalism.

Back at home, Kent Brockman is reporting the story about the vandalism, which they have dubbed as "Mr. Fatso". Homer asks Bart if he knows about it, but Bart pretends he doesn't. Homer thinks he's lying, when Marge comes in with news about their stencil budget, however, Homer doesn't pay attention. On the news, Kent talks to the police, and Chief Wiggum says they won't investigate unless there is more vandalism. Bart starts thinking, but then screams when he sees Homer with he word "Dope" below him, but it turns out it was only a necklace.

At Swapper Jack's, Snake is now an employee. Then, Apu comes in attempting to rob the shop, but Snake calms him down and he doesn't. Then, Moe comes in with his shotgun. He notices that they have many products he doesn't know about, like white wine, Swiss cheese, peanut butter, potato chips, and toilet paper.

Back in Bart's treehouse, Bart and Milhouse are preparing to do more vandalism, when Lisa comes in, knowing about their plan. To buy her silence, Lisa tells them they have to put "Fur is murder" in certain places. That night, they put up different graffiti all over town, and Bart adds in a "Fur is murder?". Then, while walking in an alleyway, they are spotted by four people. They start to run off, but the people catch up with them. The people turn out to be Shepard Fairey, Robbie Conal, Kenny Scharf and Ron English, all of whom are street artists. Shepard talks to Bart, and asks if they can set up a gallery show for his street art. Bart talks to Milhouse, but he still isn't so sure about it. Then, Bart remembers what Homer did to him and agrees. Then, a siren starts blaring and the artists run off.

At the Kwik-E-Mart, Apu is closing down his store, when Manjula arrives. She tells him it's a miracle. Apu guesses that Swapper Jack's is re-uniting Led Zeppelin in aisle 6, but Manjula tells him Swapper Jack's is closing. The reason behind this is because all their products are made of monkey, picked up off the streets of Brazil.

In town, Homer is walking Santa's Little Helper and Marge's rabbit, while Bart is next to him. Homer shows Bart the poster, and stands next it, saying he looks like Mr. Fatso. Bart giggles unrealistically, when Milhouse runs up to him with a poster for his art show. Bart tells Milhouse not to be so loud, otherwise Homer might realize Mr. Fatso is him. Homer hears this, and realizes he is, and, in doing so, gets into an argument with his brain.

At the art show, Bart is congratulated by the bullies, but then his head starts swelling up and becoming enormous, and two of the paintings growl at him. He realizes it is just a dream, and has to wake up. In reality, Homer is strangling Bart, but Homer becomes sad and walks out the room.

At the real art show, people are interested in the artwork, but Homer won't leave the car. Bart goes to the car, and wants him to know how he feels, and says, "they say a picture's worth a thousand words". He grafittis "I'm sorry" on Homer's car, and claims it is now worth ten times as much, $500. Back inside the gallery, Bart thanks the workers at the gallery, and they thank him for bringing them a fresh, new voice. Then, in the middle of a sentence, Chief Wiggum, posing as a medieval character, stops him. Lou comes up to him as well, dressed as a horse. Wiggum informs him the art show was just a way to get Bart, as he says nobody would pay for things an amateur put on a wall. Mr. Burns agrees, and asks Ron English for his $3,000,000 that he spent on paintings, back. There are no refunds, however. Bart asks who tipped the police off, and they admit it was their undercover officer, Shepard Fairey. Lisa is surprised, but Shepard tells her not to be, as he did spend years putting up "Obey" posters. Then, Eddie comes out from the back of the horse and arrests Bart. Marge asks if they can do something else, other than put him in jail, and Homer believes he has the answer in the back of his car.

Bart's punishment is being inside the rabbit cage, and signing people's leaflets. Bart tells Wiggum he needs to go to the bathroom, and he puts a cloth over him. By the time it's taken off, Bart is gone and "Pig in a blanket" is graffitied on the cloth.


The end credits theme was sung by Nick McKaig after the version of the theme song he sung was uploaded to YouTube in January 2012.[citation needed]

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