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Scorpio is the end credits song of the episode "You Only Move Twice" all about Hank Scorpio. It is sung by Sally Stevens. It is a parody of songs heard in James Bond films that serve as theme songs for the villain, especially the song "Goldfinger". The music was written by Alf Clausen and Ken Keeler and the lyrics by Keeler. It is the twenty-third track on the album Go Simpsonic with the Simpsons.


He'll sting you with his dreams of power and wealth.
Beware of Scorpio!
His twisted twin obsessions are his plot to rule the world
And his employees' health.
He'll welcome you into his lair
Like the nobleman welcomes his guest
With free dental care and a stock plan that helps you invest!
But beware of his generous pensions
Plus three weeks paid vacation each year
And on Fridays, the lunchroom serves hot dogs and burgers and beer!
He loves German beer!