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Midnight Rx/Quotes

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Season 16 Episode Quotes
340 "Fat Man and Little Boy"
"Midnight Rx"
"Mommie Beerest" 342

[Homer and Grampa arrive at the border. Homer is dressed in Mexican clothing, including a sombrero.]
Homer: [to border patrol] Hola señor! We are gringo and wish to spend mucho dinero in your country.
Border Patrol: Splendid! Welcome to Canada!
Homer: D'oh!

Mr. Burns: Fear not, Smithers! I'll move heaven and earth to save you! It's still easier then teaching a new assistant my filing system.

Apu: [while they ride to Canada] Homer! Please tell Mr. Ned to stop trying to convert me!
Ned Flanders: I was just saying how brave he is to worship a false god!
Apu: I do not worship one god, okay? I worship a whole super team of deities that--[Flanders pinches] OW, ow! Okay, he just pinched me!
Ned: Where's your super team, now?
Homer: Listen, you two! I'll you both who the true God is, if you're both quiet for the rest of the trip! [Ned and Apu protest] All right, I'm coming back there! [Unbuckles seatbelt and leaves driver's wheel to go to the back seat. The van swerves uncontrollably through traffic]
Apu: Save me, Shiva!
Ned: Why don't you just call for Hawkman?
Apu: Why don't you just shut up!?

[After Homer and Grampa are arrested for smuggling in Canada.]
English translator: We have confiscated your car and its contents.
French translator: Nous avons confisqué votre voiture et son contenu.
English translator: You may leave Canada, but never return.
French translator: Vous pouvez quitter le Canada, mais vous n'avez plus le droit de rentrer.
English translator: I am a big fat French idiot.
French translator: Je suis un grand gros...—hey!
English translator: Heh, heh, heh!

Johnny: Just take these health cards to any pharmacy and you'll get enough drugs to make Regina look like Saskatoon.
[He and the other veterans laugh]
Johnny's friend: That's a good one Johnny.
Season 16 Quotes
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