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The Heartbroke Kid/Quotes

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Season 16 Episode Quotes
351 "Don't Fear the Roofer"
"The Heartbroke Kid"
"A Star Is Torn" 353

Homer: Little kids aren't supposed to have heart attacks! They're supposed to skin their knees, or poke their eyes out, or get smothered by cats!

Marge: Homer, maybe you could ask Mr. Burns for a raise.
Homer: Even better, I'll ask him for my job back!

Superintendent Chalmers: It's not my birthday, Seymour. You know I'm a Sagittarius.
Principal Skinner: Really? I'm a Libra. There's a lot of compatibility there.
Superintendent Chalmers: Skinner, be gay on your own time.

[After Bart collapses from his heart attack.]
Homer: Do the Bart Man! Do the Bart Man! [Bart groans] Why won't you dance? Dance!

Dr. Hibbert: Now when Bart goes home, he's going to have to follow a program of strict diet and exercise. Dammit, I will not bury another patient!
Marge: Doctor, you're a pediatrician!
Dr. Hibbert: Yeah, but my head's been somewhere else this year.

Spangler: [to Homer] Mr. Simpson, you're suffering from PSI. Poor self esteem. That's not I! [yelling] Every sign is wrong!

Spangler: [to Bart] Come on, let's look for your dad. And if we have some time, maybe we'll look for mine.

Kent Brockman: Kent Brockman, Channel 6 News. I gorge on kettle corn during the sports and weather.
Spangler: We know. Your side fat's starting to spill over to channel 5 and 7. I hope you're getting 3 paychecks.

Spangler: [to Bart] Son, I'm gonna tell you a story about a young man who came here and failed. Well, that is the story. I shouldn't call a sentence a story. Anyway, it's you!

Homer: Marge, can you cut back on your makeup budget?
Marge: But I already use crayons for lipstick and fireplace soot for eyeliner.
Homer: So that's where my soot went.

Spangler: [to Bart] Young man, there's something I have to show you. In one hour. We have to drive there. No talking along the way, it'll hurt the drama.
Bart: Can I just...
Spangler: Shh, drama!

Spangler: [to the Simpsons] Folks, you have three weeks left on a non-refundable weight loss treatment, so if anybody else in the family wants to use it, use it now.
Homer: But who else needs to lose weight? Maggie, Grampa, my seldom seen half brother, Herb? [the rest of the family looks at him] What are you all looking at me for?

Bart: I've learnt that even made up corporate shills can lie to you.
Homer: [holds a stuffed fox animal] Did you hear that, Foxy, the Fox Network fox?

Spangler: [to Homer] What are you eating now?
Homer: Cheeseburger.
Spangler: You're a catastrophe. Let me have half of it.
Homer: I don't wanna.
Spangler: I just want the cheese, I don't want the meat. I do want the meat.
Homer: Here's a corner.
Spangler: Let me just bite it, don't rip it! Let me have the whole thing, you'll get some later.
Homer: You're a selfish jerk.
Spangler: I've smelled it, it has to be eaten!
Homer: But it's my burger!
Spangler: I'm driving. I'll kill us!
Homer: Fine, I'd rather die!
Season 16 Quotes
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