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Lisa's Date with Density/References

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Season 8 Episode References
159 "A Milhouse Divided"
"Lisa's Date with Density"
"Hurricane Neddy" 161

Cultural references[edit]

  • The episode title is both a play on the phrase "Date with destiny", and a reference to the 1985 film Back to the Future, where George McFly mixes up the words "destiny" and "density".
  • Homer's doughnut "sprinkles" are made up of 13 M&M's (5 brown, 4 light orange, and 4 yellow), 3 Jolly Ranchers, a Twizzler, and a Mounds bar.
  • When Nelson is playing the guitar, he does a move similar to Angus Young's (and Chuck Berry's) "Duck Walk." He also mimics Pete Townshend's "Windmill."
  • At one point, Lisa says that Milhouse likes "Vaseline on toast," a possible reference to the song "She Don't Use Jelly" by the psychedelic alt-rock band The Flaming Lips - "She'll make ya toast/she don't use butter/she don't use cheese/she don't use jelly/or any of these/she uses Vaseline." However, one of the writers in the commentary says the idea came from when he was in school and actually knew a kid who actually ate Vaseline on toast at school.
  • The boys clothing store to which Lisa takes Nelson is "Wee Monsieur," a sound-alike and play on "Oui Monsieur."


  • Maggie doesn't appear in this episode.
  • In the promos for this episode, there is a scene where Lisa and Nelson ride a bike together. This isn't in the proper episode.
  • It is revealed that Janey has a crush on Milhouse, and Üter has a crush on Janey.
  • Lisa's gets her first love in this episode, even though in "Lisa's Wedding", the fortune teller said Hugh Parkfield would be her first love (although this may have been a lie) and in "Dude, Where's My Ranch?", Lisa said Luke was her first love.
  • Lisa claims that her first kiss was in this episode. However, her first kiss was in "Bart the General".
  • This episode marks the first occurrence of Lisa getting detention.
  • Nelson wears saddle shoes.
  • Milhouse's dog is a Lhasa Apso.


  • In Lisa's music class, there is a wide shot of the entire class. Üter sits next to Milhouse Van Houten in this shot. However, in the next shot, it's Ralph Wiggum. In a following shot of the entire class, once again from the front, and it's Üter again. They both replace each other in the same seat (i.e.: Ralph is nowhere to be found in the shots with Üter and vice versa.)
  • The hole in Nelson's locker appears to increase in size.
  • After discovering the missing "H", Skinner refers to Nelson as Bart when telling him to return the items he stole.
  • When Jimbo and Co are 'coleslawing' Skinner's house, he wakes up when coleslaw hits his window. When the shot moves to outside, there isn't any coleslaw on any of the windows.
  • Whilst Superintendent Chalmers notices the Honda symbol missing from his car, there are four holes in the corner of the leftover symbol. There is a screw in one of the holes indicating the symbol would have holes in its corners to hold it down. Later when Skinner finds the Honda symbol in Nelson's locker you can see there are no holes in the symbol.
  • As Homer is walking out of the Kwik-E-Mart, after Apu refuses him the donut, he has nothing in his hands. In the next shot from outside the store, we see him carrying a small paper bag.
  • When the bullies flee Skinner's house, Kearney seems to run directly into a police car.
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