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Climbing Up To The D-List

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Climbing Up To The D-List
Tapped Out Quest Information
Level: 31
Update: Level 31
Required characters: Cletus
Previous quest(s): Celeb-o-mania Pt. 3
Next quest(s): Egoin' Crazy Pt. 5

Climbing Up To The D-List is a questline in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It was introduced in the Level 31 content update.


Pt. 1[edit]

After tapping on Cletus's exclamation mark
Cletus Thanks you kindly for visitin' my humble, alcohol-growing farm. I think you'll find lots of that ratin' generatin' drama 'round here.
Wolfcastle Vhite trash are good for funny laugh at. It is the comedy of knowing I am better than you.
Cletus Follow me around, and yud get the reals story...on things ya don't care about. I call the show "What Dat Badger Doin' Dere?!"
Wolfcastle I enjoy this, because your accent is veird and your physical appearances bizarre. That statement carries no irony.
Tasks: "Make Wolfcastle Shoot Show at Cletus' Farm" and "Make Cletus Yokel It Up at His Farm". The tasks take place at Cletus's Farm and take 12 hours. The player receives total Cash.png940 and XP.png210 in reward.
Quest reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png10

Pt. 2[edit]

After tapping on Wiggum's exclamation mark
Wiggum - Serious Excuse me, sir, but we've received a report of a 5-22 in this area ...
Wiggum That's the crime of not putting the chief of police on your TV program.
Wolfcastle Police Person Viggums, I like how you are a police person who plays by his own rules. It reminds me of me when I am McBain!
Wolfcastle Is your idea for "America's Laziest Premises' about a gritty, violence-packed law show?
Wiggum I was thinking more like a gritty, violence-packed food show.
Wiggum I actually got my idea while sleep eating! It's literally the food show of my dreams.
Wolfcastle Another cooking competition... I already like how lazy it is.
Wiggum It would be like Top Chef meets Survivor meets the chili cook-off I always win.
Wolfcastle This sounds great, especially the part you did not think of. I will shoot this at El Chemistri.
Wolfcastle For what is the point of having a reality show, if I can't get important chefs to feed me free food.
Task: "Make Wolfcastle Shoot Show at El Chemistri". The task takes place at El Chemistri and takes 12 hours.
Quest reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png10

Pt. 3[edit]

After tapping on Wolfcastle's exclamation mark
Wolfcastle Hideous fat man, come back with my dinner!
Homer But this is my idea for 'America's Laziest Premises.' It's a prank show where every prank is that I steal someone's meal and eat it
Wolfcastle I warn you, that chili pepper is Wolfcastle strength. An average lard ball like yourself won't have the intestinal strength to survive.
Homer I've eaten a whole saltlick before in one sitting at that stable. I think I can handle one little pepper.
Task: "Make Homer Eat The Chief's Famous Guatemalan Insanity Pepper Chili". The task takes place at the Police Station and takes 12 hours.
Quest reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png10

Next Quest: Celeb-o-mania Pt. 4

Pt. 4[edit]

Previous Quest: Celeb-o-mania Pt. 5
After tapping on Moe's exclamation mark
Moe Thanks so much for having me on your show, Mr. Wolfcastle. Usually, I'm told cameras can't take the exposure to the ol' Szyslak kisser.
Wolfcastle Don't worry. We set up a system of mirrors to protect our equipment. Now tell us your idea, so we may film you, and judge you later.
Moe The title of my show is 'The Sleezeball.' It'd be a dating show where I date any lady willing to sign the release forms.
Moe I figure their craving to be on TV will work like a legal roofie.
Wolfcastle You disgust me, but in a vay I vant to vatch. But I use my "Vild Card" to change the idea so we get fewer lawsuits.
Wolfcastle You'll scare couples on a date by being you, and document yourself doing it.
Wolfcastle It will be like Ghost Hunters, except you are your own ghost that you hunt.
Moe Eh, that sounds fine too. Either way, I'll meet new people.
Tasks: "Make Wolfcastle Shoot Show at The Pimento Grove" and "Make Moe Spook Patrons at The Pimento Grove". The tasks take place at the Pimento Grove and take 12 hours.
Quest reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png10

Pt. 5[edit]

After tapping on Bart's exclamation mark
Bart Mom, you've got to help me find a way to get you on Wolfcastle's reality show!
Marge I'm sorry, Bart. But I'm very busy today.
Bart What are you talking about? You're a mom -- you're never busy.
Marge Hmmmm. Maybe if you saw a day in my life, you'd understand how difficult being a mom really is.
Task: "Make Marge Walk Maggie" or "Take Maggie for a Walk". The task takes 8 hours.
Bart Wow. Real housewives are a lot more boring than Real Housewives.
Quest reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png10

Next Quest: Celeb-o-mania Pt. 6

Pt. 6[edit]

Previous Quest: Celeb-o-mania Pt. 7
After tapping on Wolfcastle's exclamation mark
Wolfcastle - Angry You are cancelling 'America's Laziest Premises'?! But it hasn't even aired!
Wolfcastle - Angry How could all the footage be unusable? I am screaming in more than 80% of it! THAT ALWAYS VORKS!
Wolfcastle - Surprised *click*
Wolfcastle - Angry They hung up on me.
Wolfcastle - Angry I vill take out my fury on the iron I pump. For I swear vengeance on you, TV netvorks of Springfield! This is not the end of VOLFCASTLE!
Task: "Make Wolfcastle Exercise". The task takes 4 hours.
Quest reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png10