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Season 27 Episode Quotes
582 "Paths of Glory"
"The Girl Code" 584

Bart: Why is the sky blue?
Homer: Hmm... I don't know. Just is.
Bart: Why are clouds white?
Homer: No clue.
Bart: Why are people yellow?
Homer: It's the way God made them.
Bart: Why is grass green?
Homer: So you can find your damn golf ball. Now I have a question for you. Why did you leave your toy car on the stairs?
Bart: Why is blood red?
Homer: Why do you ask?
Bart: It's coming out your ear.
Homer: D'oh!

Bart: How come she can read and I can't?
Frink: All right, calm down, young man. Not to worry, you won't need to read. You see, customers will just point to a picture of the burger that they want you to flip. (exclaims) Because you're not gonna have anything going.

Psychologist: Bart's disruptive behavior is probably caused by his feeling that you think other children are more deserving of attention.
Homer: Mm, I see. And how can we help these other children?
Marge: We're here for Bart.
Psychologist: In a boy like Bart...
Homer: Yeah?
Psychologist: ...the attention he craves most is from his father.
Homer: Pfft. Good luck with that.
Psychologist: Take him camping!
Homer: I do want to help him, I do.
Psychologist: And your son is just looking for your love.
Homer: Geez. For a psychologist, you sure know how to get into people's heads.

Bart: (sniffs) Oh, weed. That can get me into a lot of trouble. Hey, idiots, the bong stays in the treehouse!
Homer: Hey, boy. (laughs)
Bart: Are you crazy? What if the cops come?
Chief Wiggum: (laughing, coughing)
Bart: You're here, too?
Chief Wiggum: Yeah, must be weird for you. And-and think about this, man-- the whole world is happening right now. I mean, India, China. It's crazy.
Bart: Can you just leave me here with my dad?
Chief Wiggum: All right, sure. I can fly! No, no, I can't! I can't!
Bart: Dad, why is it you and I are never on the same page?
Chief Wiggum: Officer down, man.

Bart: Why are clouds brown?
Homer: Pollution.
Bart: Why is the grass green?
Homer: 'Cause it's artificial.
Bart: Then why are the sprinklers coming on?
Homer: 'Cause I was too lazy to unhook them.
Bart: Why aren't we moving?
Homer: Because you're drunk and I'm stoned.
Bart: Why does beer taste so good?
Homer: 'Cause you've just had seven.

Season 27 Quotes
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