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List of television advertisements

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This is a list of television advertisements in which The Simpsons have appeared in.

A Baseball Moment from the Simpsons (1996)[edit]

Burger King (1990-2007)[edit]

Main article: Burger King

Butterfinger (1988-2007)[edit]

Main article: Butterfinger

CC's Chips (1998)[edit]

Main article: CC's Chips

C. C. Lemon (2000-2002)[edit]

Main article: C. C. Lemon

Church's Chicken (1995)[edit]

Main article: Church's Chicken

Vizir detergent (1996)[edit]

Main article: Vizir detergent

Toyota (1992-1993)[edit]

Main article: Toyota

KFC (1993)[edit]

Main article: KFC

Tapped Out (2012-2014)[edit]

Main article: Tapped Out
First Aired Title Length Description Screenshot
2012 Tapped Out Trailer 60 seconds A large shadow cast over Springfield while every person goes on their normal life.The large shadow turns to be a giant finger that lifts the Simpson's house as Homer is awaken by the rumbling noise. This Homer flees in terror, but falling buildings block his path. Scared, Homer looks up and ask: "Why are you doing this?". The screen zooms out of a tablet which another Homer is using. The large Homer replies that he just wants to tap in game Homer, to get free donuts. STO - 01 2012 Available now.png
2012 Tapped Out Return Trailer 83 seconds The commercial shows viewers the gameplay of The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Tapped Out Return Trailer.png
2012 Treehouse of Horror Update 16 seconds Homer plays the The Simpsons: Tapped Out Halloween update on his myPad. Treehouse of Horror Update.png
2012 Holiday 2012 Spot 18 seconds Santa Homer is giving tablet computers to a few kids who are on a snowy field. After a game update explanation by a narrator, Homer flies away on a sleigh that Bart smashed while playing on his tablet STO - 02 2012 Winter Update.png
2013 Get It On Google Play 60 seconds A man who has recently got a higher job promotion,starts to play Tapped Out. While making his in game Homer very happy, the man stops taking care of his looks, his job, and his family. At the end the man looses it all, and ends up living under a bridge still playing the game. STO - 03 2013 Get it on Google Play.png
2013 Treehouse of Horror Update 2013 Trailer 16 seconds Maude Flanders ghost appears to the Simpsons. After scaring them, she ask if they are ready. Halloween 2013 update trailer.png
2013 Christmas 2013 Trailer 20 seconds Homer, Krusty, Apu, Dr. Hibbert, and Rev. Lovejoy throw down presents to kids while riding Santa's sleigh. STO - 05 2014 Holiday Update.png
2014 Preparing for War 16 seconds The family dress up in 'costume' to face their greatest nemesis, the game who keeps beating them in the App Store. Preparing for War.png
2014 Halloween Update Trailer 2014 15 seconds It is nighttime at the Power Plant and Homer is too busy playing on his myPad he doesn't notice a fire behind him. Homer then explores the Halloween update before collecting Cash and XP in his back garden where Bart has fallen out of his Treehouse, a Rigellian wrapped around his head. Halloween Update Trailer 2014.png
2015 Homer and Tap Ball 11 seconds Homer passes through Toreador Grampa, Kung Fu Comic Book Guy, Football Nelson, Tennis Marge, Jockey Bart and Soccer Lisa doing their Tap Ball animation and recieves a blue scarf from below, parodying Kate Upton's Game Of War - Fire Age live action commercial. Homer and Tap Ball.jpg
2016 Superheroes 2 15 seconds The superheroes and villains from the Superheroes event perform their best attacks. Bartman and Pie Man appear at the end, and Pie Man destroys the II text, all skinny, just before releasing the breath showing his full belly. Superheroes 2 Trailer.png

No ProblemO's (2002)[edit]

First Aired Title Length Description Screenshot
April, 2002 No Problemos Part One 30 seconds Bart uses Santa's Little Helper and a lasso to get back at Homer for stealing the milk for his No Problemos cereal (Only shown in the UK). No Problemos Part One.png
April, 2002 No Problemos Part Two 30 seconds Bart turns the tables on Homer for stealing the milk for his No Problemos cereal (Only shown in the UK). No Problemos Part Two.png

The Simpsons video games (1991-2007)[edit]

Main article: Video game adverts
First Aired Product Length Description Screenshot
1991 The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants 20 seconds Bart plays The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants on his NES past his bedtime, much to Homer's annoyance. Space Mutants ad.png
1991 Bart vs. the World and Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly 30 seconds It starts with a reminder that previously Bart was playing Bart vs. the Space Mutants. Then he changes the cartridge to Bart vs. the World. Homer walks in and sends Bart to cut the grass. Bart goes there, and pulls out a Game Boy with the game Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly. Homer sees him, and takes it away. On the last shot Bart walks into his room, and finds Homer, Lisa, and Maggie playing video games. NES Game Boy advert.jpg
October, 2007 The Simpsons Game n/a Krusty gives info on the game and is furious that he isn't in it. The Simpsons Game advert Krusty.jpg
October, 2007 The Simpsons Game n/a Bart asks Homer if he can buy the video game and Homer is affected by video game laws of physics.

Other advertisements[edit]

First Aired Product Length Description Screenshot
1990 Mattel action-figures 30 seconds The Simpsons Mattel action-figures ad.png
1991 Michael Jackson's "Black Or White" Premiere Promo 10 seconds Michael Jackson's Black Or White Premiere Promo.png
Circa 1993 Doritos (Netherlands) ?? seconds Homer has a bag of Doritos. Directed by Swinton Scott and Animation by Luis Escobar. Doritos-Commercial 1993.jpg
1993 T.G.I. Friday's 30 seconds Homer is watching TV on Christmas season. Suddenly, a TGI Friday's commercial starts, and Homer starts to crave. Homer gets disappointed at the end when the add states that their promotion is not available to cartoon characters. TGI Friday's.png
1994 Ramada Inn 30 seconds Bart and Lisa repeatedly bug Homer on a long car trip to said hotel. The advert also discusses a promotion which offered free The Simpsons-themed products and merchandise, such as The Simpsons 3D Chess Set. Ramada Inn ad.png
1995 1-800-COLLECT 30 seconds Homer visits the Grand Canyon, and misses the family. He decides to make a call on a phone that is placed in an unsafe area. While he calls, the floor cracks, and Homer hangs from the phone. Bart on the other side pick up the phone, and he is asked if he accepts a collect call. He say no, that Homer should get with the times and hangs up. Homer gets mad and tries to strangle the phone, but this action makes him fall down the cliff a la Willy E. Coyote. 1-800-COLLECT.png
1997 Doritos 30 seconds Homer is eating a bag of Doritos during his snackbreak. Doritos-Commercial 1997.png
November 8th, 1998 Intel Inside 30 seconds Homer becomes a genius after a Pentium II processor is implanted in his brain. Intel.jpg
Teletoon varies Several scenes of Homer sitting on his couch watching TV, spoofing the Adidas ads, each ad ending with "Long Live Couches", with the Teletoon logo on top , with www.couchpotato.com at the top left of the screen.
2002 Sabritas (Mexico) 30 seconds The family are at a soccer game, where everybody is eating random chips produced by Lay's. Homer ask why none is doing anything, so he decides to go and ask the players. He slips and lands just next to them. Sabritas02.jpg
2004 Ritz Bits 30 Seconds Comic Book Guy wants Bart's Ritz Bits. So, Comic Book Guy trades Bart a chocolate Radioactive Man and Issue #1 of Radioactive Man. Bart then gives him the Ritz Bits box. Then Comic Book Guy says, "Hello, this box is empty." Bart then replies "You said the box." Comic Book Guy then says "Worst trade ever!" and rips his pants. Ritz Bits.jpg
February 1, 2004 MasterCard 30 seconds Homer runs various errands, to the classic MasterCard scripting of "tangible item: price, tangible item: price, tangible item: price, intangible item/concept: priceless". Mastercard.jpg
February 13, 2006 Domino's Pizza 30 seconds A new "Ay carumba spicy fajita pizza" is delivered to the Simpsons door and as Homer lays it on the table everyone quickly grabs a slice. Domino's Pizza.jpg
2006 Sabritas (Mexico) 30 seconds Bart removes a Pog (Tazo) from a Lay's bag, and starts to play by slamming it to a pile of Tazos. He is doing so great that it impresses all the children. Even Jessica Lovejoy kisses him. Tazo 2006.jpg
February 14, 2007 Subway 30 seconds Homer gets a subway sandwich, and Bart takes it away.
December, 2007 Mister Donut (Japan) 15 seconds Some Springfield characters silhouettes are seen in a movie theater. On the screen a mini ad of Mr Donuts shows, where a donut falls and homer chases after it. The next is a zoom into the movie theater screen with an image advertising the Simpsons Movie. Then we see the Simpsons praying on the table on Christmas time. Homer interrupts saying how much he loves Christmas, specially donut ice cream. Bart wonders how they do it. Mr Donut.png
2007 Channel 4 (UK) 30 seconds Homer lays down on hi hammock where his six pack is sitting. This action makes the beer to go flying, and end up at a electric current wire. Homer climbs to get it, but he gets electrocuted. Night fall arrives, and Homer is still there. He gives up and drinks it any ways, giving the whole town electric shortages, forming the shape of a 4. In January 27, 2014, it was aired in the episode "Specs and the City" as a couch gag with a slight change as how the beer cans end up on the wires. The Simpsons Channel 4 ident.jpg
February, 2008 Sky1 (UK) 30 seconds The family are watching Itchy and Scratchy on an episode called "Slaughter is the Best Medicine". Sky1 2008.jpg
2008 Renault Kangoo (aired in several countries) 60 seconds The family go with a Kangoo car dealer to test a car. Kangoo2008.jpg
Spring, 2008 The Simpsons Ride 30 seconds The Simpsons take a long trip to the Universal Studios in Florida. Bart and Lisa pest Homer all the way. Once they reach the park, Homer drives through the roller coaster trail. It ends with them looking at a picture, and the car smashing onto the floor a few seconds later. The Simpsons Ride advert.jpg
2009 Springfield's Got Talent 30 seconds Simon Cowell asks Homer what his name is and Homer says his name, age and tells Simon that he's never been kissed. Homer then says he wants to be a famous singer like Susan Boyle. A clip of Homer singing from the episode "How I Spent My Strummer Vacation" is shown, which Homer gets boos in. He then says he has other talents and a clip of Homer getting hit by a cannonball from "Homerpalooza" is shown. Homer Springfield's Got Talent.png
February 7, 2010 Coca-Cola (Hard Times) 60 seconds Mr. Burns is affected by the recession, and is forced to sell his wealth. He goes to the park really sad, but he notices every one is happy while Apu offers to him a coke. It end with Milhouse hitting a Coke bottle, and then he apologizes. Hard Times.png
Mayo, 2010 Nike 5 seconds Homer answers the door, to be surprised by Ronaldo, who kicks his ball inside the house. Nike10.jpg
2012 Wonderful Pistachios (Get Crackin') 15 seconds Bart is slingshotting pistachios at Homer, who attempts to catch them in his mouth. Get Crackin.png
2012 Sabritas (Mexico) 22 seconds A group of kids are playing Tazos (Pogs) right outside the Simpsons house. Bart comes out on his skateboard shooting pogs with his special pog gun. While doing stunts, Bast throws a big Tazo that bounces on many places, and lands knocking everybody's tazos, making Bart the winner. Tazos 2012.jpg
2013 Project Runway All Stars 22 seconds Marge is modeling several dresses. Marge's frock 7.png
2014 Margarita and De Todito (Colombia) 26 seconds Similar to the 2012 Mexican Lay's Sabritas commercial, but modified with Papas Margarita (Margarita Potato) products. Tazos 2012.jpg
2015 World Series 2015 40 seconds World Series 2015 ad.png
2016 Tic Tac 15 seconds Tic Tac 2016 ad.png
2016 Subaru Forester 30 seconds Subaru Forester 2016 ad.png