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Bart Simpson #100

Bart Simpson 99
Bart Simpson 100
Bart Simpson #100
Bart Simpson 100.jpg
Comic Information
Release date: February 24, 2016
Comic series: Bart Simpson Comics
Pages: 48
Stories: Son of Homer's Odyssey
Publisher: Bongo Comics Group

Bart Simpson #100 is the one-hundredth and last issue of Bart Simpson Comics, it was released on February 24, 2016.


"“Bart’s Odyssey”: Bart Simpson turns 100! When Homer is put in charge of security for Mr. Burns’ secret R&D division, he inadvertently unleashes a series of events that threaten Springfield’s very existence! If that’s not bad enough, an all-too-familiar evil from Springfield’s distant future arrives amid the chaos to stake his claim! But wait! Yet another mysterious figure from the future travels back to a current-day Springfield with the town on the brink of destruction! Will this stranger aid the embattled citizens in their darkest hour or make them eat his shorts? Join Bart Simpson’s centennial celebration, capping off its illustrious and illustrated run with a final issue (for now)! It’s a 48-page senses-shattering sendoff that will shake Springfield and Simpsons fans to the core!"


Son of Homer's OdysseyEdit