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Skinner's Sense of Snow/Quotes

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Season 12 Episode Quotes
255 "The Great Money Caper"
"Skinner's Sense of Snow"
"HOMЯ" 257

Marge: Finally, a circus full of whimsy and wonder.
Homer: [sarcastically] Oh, yeah, that's way better than fun and excitement.
Lisa: [reading the program] As French Canadians, they don't believe in refunds, or exploiting animals for entertainment.
Homer: Oh, I wanted to see 'em fire a gorilla out of a cannon.

Ringmaster: Mesdames et messieurs, it appears the Cloud Goddess is ripe with rain babies. We must run for our trucks.
Homer: Oh no you don't! I paid full price for this freak show. Now nourish the child within me! [shakes fist] Nourish...

Principal Skinner: Children, I'm proud of you. Most of our students didn't bother to show up on this last day before Christmas break. But you've kept intact my Cal Ripken-like streak of school openage.

Marge: This is terrible. How will the kids get home?
Homer: I 'unno... Internet?

Martin: I'm doing a puzzle with Grandmama, and she'll finish without me.
Skinner: Yes, yes, yes. We all had plans. Except for me, ironically. I'm right where I want to be.
Nelson: I can cut a trail through the snow. I'm part Eskimo.
Skinner: I don't care if you're Kristi Yamaguchi. No one leaves the building.
Bart: This stinks. We'll miss the Itchy and Scratchy where they finally kiss.
Skinner: I don't care if they're kissing Kristi Yamaguchi. You're not going home.

Ned Flanders: Hey, whatever happened to the plow from your old snowplow business?
Homer: I never had a snowplow business.
Ned: Sure you did -- "Mr. Plow." You're wearin' the jacket right now!
Homer: I think I know my own life, Ned. [sings to himself] Call Mr. Plow, that's my name. That name again is Mr. Plow.

Nelson: Well, don't just stand there, fight back! There aren't enough coat hooks to hold all of us!
Skinner: Actually, there are. Five, ten, fifteen, twenty... [to Sherri and Terri] Uh, can you two share a hook?
Sherri and Terri: Yes, sir.
Skinner: We're fine, then.

Flanders: Oh! I think we hit something.
Homer: I hope it's Flanders. [laughs, then notices Ned] I'm just kidding. Hey, you're all right.

Ralph: Mr. Army man? I can't sleep without my Reggie Rabbit.
Skinner: Is that some sort of plush novelty?
Ralph: Yes, ma'am.
Skinner: Uh, well, here's a scouring pad. It's just as good.
Ralph: It's cold and hurty.

Skinner: Defying orders, eh? Well, I see you Scotsmen are thrifty with courage, too.
Groundskeeper Willie: Okay, Skinner. That's the last time you'll slap yer Willie around. I quit.

Bart: That's it. Cinch it up around the neck.
Skinner: This is a gross misuse of school property. Where are the dodge balls? [he is hit by several dodgeballs] Ow! Ow! Oh! All right, that's it! I'm writing all your names on the detention list in my mind.
Bart: Silence, Seymour. We're in charge now. Your reign of fussiness is over.

Milhouse: Hey, I got Skinner's key card. We can finally see our permanent records!
Skinner: No! You can't go in there!
Bart: [reading] "Underachiever and proud of it?" How old is this thing?
Lisa: [reading] "Lisa is an outstanding student, with a slight tendency toward know-it-all-ism." [gasps] That's not even a word!

Nelson: [reading from the Payroll] Hey, look how much Skinner makes. Twenty-five thousand dollars a year!
Kids: Wow!
Bart: Let's see, he's forty years old, times twenty-five grand... Whoaa, he's a millionaire!
Kids: Wow!
Skinner: I wasn't a principal when I was one.
Nelson: Plus, in the summer, he paints houses!
Milhouse: He's a billionaire!
Kids: Wow!
Skinner: If I were a billionaire, why would I be living with my mother?
[the kids all laugh]
Skinner: They're just not responding to logic anymore.

Skinner: Nelson, if you get me outta this, there's a hall monitor position coming open in the spring...
Nelson: I spit on your monitors.
Skinner: I know. That's why the position's available.

Skinner: You did it, Nibbles. Now chew through my ball sack.

Skinner: Bart, if there's one thing I'm good at, it's pretending things didn't happen. And I think this is one of those.
Bart: One of which?
Skinner: Exactly.
Bart: No, seriously, I wasn't listening.
Skinner: One of those situations where...
Bart: Gotcha!
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