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List of birthdays

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This is a list of birthdays in The Simpsons and all its comic book series'.


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Note: Birthdays shown or mentioned in comic stories, Butterfinger commercials and Treehouse of Horror episodes are considered non-canon.

Character Episode Age Notes and information about the birthday/birthday party
Woody Allen "Treehouse of Horror III" Mentioned and on cover of The Springfield Shopper.
Patty and Selma Bouvier Kids in the Mall Mentioned; Homer, Bart and Lisa bought a gift for them at Eleanor Rigby's.
Charles Montgomery Burns "Rosebud"
Dylan "Chief of Hearts" Bart and Lisa were invited to Dylan's birthday party, despite the last time when Bart and Dylan spoke to each other was in Toddle Tots. Bart and Lisa couldn't remember what gender Dylan was because Dylan is a boy and a girl's first name. And it didn't help when Marge looked at the invitation and saw a fish theme, because that could have been from a girl or a boy, and secondly when they got to the party and there was a boys area and a girls area. However, Bart didn't take any notice of this matter and started to play a Japanese card game called Battle Ball with other boys.
Barney Gumble "Days of Wine and D'oh'ses" Footage seen; Barney could not remember the events of his party until he watched it on video.
Nelson Muntz "The Haw-Hawed Couple" Marge forced Bart to attend Nelson's party.
"How Munched Is That Birdie in the Window?" A clown that performed at Nelson's party turned up with Mrs. Muntz at Raymond Bird's funeral.
Martin Prince "Grade School Confidential" Martin's birthday party turned out to be incredibly boring and to cap off the poorly received party, things came to an end when everyone became ill with food poisoning that was caused by serving oysters instead of cake. Springfield Elementary principal Seymour Skinner and teacher Edna Krabappel attended, and during the chaos they went into Martin's pink playhouse, wherein they had a conversation which led to them discovering that they have romantic feelings for each other - and they ended up kissing - in an act witnessed by Bart Simpson (one of the few to escape the poisoning, Lisa did too but feigned sickness so she could leave with an excuse).
Freddy Quimby "The Boy Who Knew Too Much" 18 Bart, under the alias of "Bart-Bart", attended the party and saw one of the waiters injure himself repeatedly, and was the only one who could prove that Freddy Quimby didn't attack him.
Sherri and Terri Pop! Goes the Career Sherri and Terri received a Malibu Stacey wig for their birthday, which Bart stole from them, and impressed the boys by putting on the wig and singing like a girl.
Beatrice Simmons "Old Money" Abraham Simpson was going to visit Bea on her birthday, but Homer dragged him out for the day, and it was not until the next morning when Abe found out that Bea had died of a burst ventricle. Abe said it was not of that, but of a broken heart.
Abraham Simpson "Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble"" While on a trip out, Abe suffered a kidney blowout because Homer would not let him use a toilet.
Ring-a-Ding Springfield The Simpsons got Abe a phone, but he threw it out because he thought it was death. The phone is found by Kang and Kodos, who use it to prank-call people.
Grampa's Birthday Abe pretends that he doesn't like his party, and later on he tells Jasper that it is his birthday tomorrow, who says that the Springfield Retirement Castle residents will have to throw him a party.
Bart Simpson "Radio Bart" 10 Bart used one of his birthday presents to fool the town into thinking there was a 10-year-old boy named Timmy O'Toole down the town well.
"Treehouse of Horror III"
"Clown Without Pity"
Homer got Bart the Evil Krusty Doll from the House of Evil.
Homer Simpson "Homerazzi" Homer couldn't blow out a single one of his E-Z Blo birthday candles and tried for three hours to blow them out, before he landed face down in the cake and set his birthday hat on fire, setting off the fire alarm.
Lisa Simpson "Stark Raving Dad" 8 Bart and Leon Kompowsky wrote a song for Lisa's birthday and performed it.
"The Dad Who Knew Too Little" Lisa wanted a Turbo Diary, but when Homer and Bart went to the mall, they had just sold the last Turbo Diary. And so, Bart bought Lisa a laser pointer and Homer bought her a personalized video which portrayed her so bad that she ended up running upstairs in tears, shouting that he doesn't know anything about her. Homer's other present was a chicken - proving further that Homer was clueless about what Lisa is - a vegetarian.
"Treehouse of Horror XXXI"
"Be Nine, Rewind"
Maggie Simpson "Maggie's Party"
(Butterfinger commercial)
"Lady Bouvier's Lover" 1
"Moe Baby Blues" Maggie is still 1 in following episodes.
Marge Simpson "Life on the Fast Lane" 34 Marge received a bowling ball from Homer that he intended to be a gift for himself.
"Crook and Ladder" Mentioned; when Homer was a firefighter and stole from places on fire, he said once when there was a fire, "Oh, thank God, there's a fire. Marge's birthday is coming up.".
"Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart" Marge received a bunny that looked like the one from his childhood for her birthday. Homer told her that TV chef Paula Paul would ring her and wish her a happy birthday, but the bunny chewed through the phone line. Bart was punished for this because he purchased the bunny.
Tyrone Simpson "Catch 'Em If You Can" Previous birthday seen in flashback, mentioned; Bart and Lisa didn't want to go to his birthday party in Dayton, Ohio because he is always grumpy, saying "Why can't I die?". Bart and Lisa stayed at home with Abraham when Homer and Marge went to Dayton, only to learn later that they went to Miami because Homer and Marge called from the hotel in Miami there were staying at, pretending to be in the hotel the kids thought they were in in Dayton - seconds after it was destroyed by a tornado.
Milhouse Van Houten "Homer Defined" Mentioned; Bart was not invited to Milhouse's party, which was held on the Saturday preceding the episode's events.
"American History X-cellent" Mr. Burns was arrested on Milhouse's birthday for stealing The Concert by Johannes Vermeer, and Milhouse's father Kirk bought him a tomato from Moe Szyslak to throw at Burns in his cage because it was his birthday.
It's the Thoughtlessness That Counts Bart bought him "Teenage Zombie Death Gauntlet 4". To afford it, Bart explained that he traded in all the games he borrowed from Milhouse for store credit at The Game Pit. Bart had a little bit left over too so he also purchased a new memory card for his own Game-bro. Milhouse became furious and chased Bart with a baseball bat.
Milhouse's Best Day Bart paid everyone to be nice to Milhouse, and because of that Milhouse said that it was his best birthday ever.
Ralph Wiggum "Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-D'oh" Mentioned; in order to retain his "bad boy" reputation in Waverly Hills Elementary School, Clancy Wiggum 'arrested' Bart. In return, Bart attended Ralph's birthday party.
"Do PizzaBots Dream of Electric Guitars?" Mentioned; Ralph had his birthday party at Razzle Dazzle's Pizza-Tainment Palace.