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Season 29 Episode Quotes
625 "Singin' in the Lane"
"Mr. Lisa's Opus"
"Gone Boy" 627

Lisa: Dad! Mom is gonna leave you.
Homer: Sweetie, marriages are like water heaters -- they sit peacefully for years until they explode in a fireball ruining everything you own.
Lisa: Mom packed her bags.
Homer: Which suitcase? The one with the broken wheel? Because she won't get more than a block away with that.
Lisa: She fixed the wheel.
Homer: Oh, God!

Homer: Stop drinking? That's like asking a golfer to stop drinking!

Homer: Ned, I have to quit drinking. Now!
Ned: Al right, soberino, it's just 12 simple steps.
Homer: Oh, 12?
Ned: Fine. Nine.
Homer: Oh!

Ned: Okay, step one: admit you're powerless.
Homer: I'm powerless. Boom! Done.
Ned: Step two: admit there is a power greater than yourself.
Homer: Um, if I'm powerless, isn't every power greater than myself?
Ned: This is the 12 steps, not 20 questions. Now, make a decision to turn your life to God.
Homer: [Scoffs] God. He's in every deal, like undercoating. Fine.
Ned: Make a searching moral inventory of yourself.
Homer: If I have one tiny flaw, it's that I have many enormous flaws.
Ned: Admit the nature of your wrongs.
Homer: Well, I'm not the best parallel parker.
Ned: Are you ready for God to remove these defects?
Homer: Dear Lord, the Satan of Heaven, I order you to fix me.

Valerie: So I suppose you want to tell me your SATs.
Lisa: Very much. But I won't.

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