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Itchy & Scratchy Land/References

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Season 6 Episode References
106 "Another Simpsons Clip Show"
"Itchy & Scratchy Land"
"Sideshow Bob Roberts" 108

Cultural references[edit]

  • Itchy & Scratchy Land is mostly based on Disneyland, and several aspects of the park, such as the electric light parade, are parodied.[1]
  • The film Bart and Lisa watch is a reference to the The Walt Disney Story, while the name Parents Island is a reference to Pleasure Island, and a castle resembling Sleeping Beauty Castle is seen.[2]
  • Euro Itchy & Scratchy Land is a parody of Disneyland Resort Paris, which at the time was a failing theme park known as EuroDisney.[1]
Michael Crichton
  • The concept of a theme park's attractions turning on its guests parodies two of Crichton's works, with several direct references to each as well:
    • Several scenes, such as the helicopter ride as well as the logo visible on the side of the helicopter are based on the Crichton book and ensuing film Jurassic Park. Frink explaining that "elemental chaos theory" will lead to the robots turning evil is what Ian Malcolm says in the film about the dinosaurs.
    • Much of the episode is based on another Crichton story, Westworld, which is about a theme park in the near future which caters to the rich that has realistic androids in Westworld, Medievalworld, and Romanworld. Guests pay a lot of money in order to enact any fantasy they wish, which includes killing the male androids or having sex with the female androids. The androids start to malfunction and begin attacking guests and employees.[1][4] The Delos park in Westworld is also, like Itchy and Scratchy Land, referred to as a "theme park of the future." Similarly, when the helicopter pilot says "Where nothing can possiblay {sic} go wrong", this is reference to the tagline of Westworld seen on the movie posters, "Where nothing can possibly go wrong." Furthermore, the concept of the Itchy and Scratchy robots having special sensors to ensure they can't harm humans mirrors the heat sensor guns in Westworld, as does Homer taunting a robot, failing to realise that it is no longer harmless. The music as the robot group marches towards the Simpsons is based on music from Westworld.


  • There is a sign that says "Freeway To Some Other State" on the highway - perhaps this was done in order to keep the real-life location of Springfield a mystery.
  • Locations/rides at Itchy & Scratchy Land:
    • Tavern on the Scream
    • Child Care Center
    • Log Ride
    • Parents' Island
    • Itchy's 70's Disco (est. 1980)
    • T.G.I. McScratchy's Goodtime Foodrinkery
    • Laramie Cigarettes Presents Itchy's Mine Field
    • The Roger Meyers Story
    • Lands:
      • Torture Land
      • Explosion Land
      • Searing Gas Pain Land
      • Unnecessary Surgery Land
    • Rides out of order:
      • Head Basher
      • Blood Bath
      • Mangler
      • Nurse's Station


  • While on the log ride, Bart's right foot appears to be cut by the saw, and Marge's right leg passes right through it.
  • The family's cameras vanish.
  • If this was Itchy & Scratchy Land's "Grand Opening," why does the '70s Disco say "Established 1980"?
  • The animation is off throughout the episode
    • Lisa's hair is off-model and looks much stubbier than usual in some scenes
    • Bart and Lisa both have weirdly swollen-looking cheeks when Marge is telling them about the bird sanctuary.
    • When Marge says "we are all doomed", her mouth says "We are all dead".


  • Bart plans to pull the shark fin prank (seen in the Sandy Beach flashback scene) when the family go to the beach in the comic story Maggie's Crib 16, but this time, Marge catches him and makes him get rid of the fake shark fin.


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