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Boy Meets Curl/References

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Season 21 Episode References
452 "Million Dollar Maybe"
"Boy Meets Curl"
"The Color Yellow" 454


  • When Lisa is playing music for money, she is actually playing her small portion of music from most of the opening credits/sequence.
  • Nelson's Canadian counterpart laughs "Hoo Hoo!" instead of "Ha Ha!"
  • This is the second time Agnes Skinner is shown to be kind to her son.
  • The first part of the episode set on date night is the 17th November, as stated by Homer.


  • Medicine Woman (or Boob Lady) from the movie returns in this episode. According to Homer, she is his therapist.
  • Although it was hinted in previous episodes, this is the first episode that confirms that the Seymour Skinner that we commonly see is indeed Agnes Skinner's birthson and not an impostor, and the first to outright retcon "The Principal and the Pauper", in which we learn Seymour is truly an impostor.

Cultural references[edit]

  • The episode title is a pun on the film Boy Meets Girl.
  • In the title screen gag, the Simpsons are seen riding the title car from the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
  • The song "Ghostbusters" is parodied in the Parade of Nations.
  • Homer's speech before he and Marge begin curling is a parody of the St Crispin's Day speech from Kenneth Branagh's 1989 film of William Shakespeare's play Henry V. The music accompanying Homer's speech is taken from the film.
  • Many Curly Howard look-a-likes act and look like Curly from The Three Stooges and Moe Szyslak comes by and quotes Moe Howard and says "Oh, wiseguys, eh?" and slaps the Curlys.


Among the music heard in this episode:

  • "Les Patineurs (Skater's Waltz)" by Émile Waldteufel.
  • "Bugler's Dream" by Leo Arnaud
  • "Lara's Theme" from Dr Zhivago
  • "Russian Dance" from The Nutcracker by Pytor Illyich Tchaikovsky
  • "St. Crispin's Day/The Battle of Agincourt" by Patrick Doyle, from the film Henry V (1989)


  • In the scene where Homer is making a speech, he proclaims that it was the 17th November. Six weeks later, it would be the 29th December, and the Winter Olympics would not be held until February 12, 2010, meaning that the beginning of the episode would be set in 2009.
  • Surprisingly, Principal Skinner is not wearing a coat when he visits the Simpsons, despite it being winter and there being a cold atmosphere.
  • In one scene of the Olympics, Homer slides the curling stone over the middle of row, but it strangely hovers over.
  • When Homer is hiding in a bobsled, listening to the conversation between Marge and Agnes, the flags above his head switch places when the camera angle changes. The Bahaman flag also turns into the Taiwanese flag.
    • The placement of the red circle on Japan's flag is also off. It is placed near what would be the left side of the flag when it should be in the center.
  • In the opening ceremony, with the "Ghostbusters" theme, the first nation to come out is Albania, wearing red suits. In a far shot, however, they were wearing green. Was it the Albanians or just the Algerians, who came after Albania?
  • Pole vaulting for women in the Olympics became existent in 2000. In a scene set in 1952, Agnes Skinner is seen pole vaulting in the Olympics.
  • When Bart cuts out Homer's face from the license, Homer's lips has a smile. But some time later, it has a frown.
  • After the winning and final throw, the shot changes several times as they celebrate, and the number and position of stones on the target changes with every shot change.
  • During the opening ceremony, Albania is first. In every Olympics, Greece comes first in every Olympics (including the Winter), as they started the Olympics.
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