Big Beastly Book of Bart Simpson

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Big Beastly Book of Bart Simpson
Big Beastly Book of Bart Simpson.jpg
Book Information
Series: Bart Simpson Comics
Genre: Comics
Publisher: Bongo
Published: April 3, 2007

Big Beastly Book of Bart Simpson is a combination of Bart Simpson Comics #21, #22, #23 and #24.


Bart Simpson gets brutal with a brilliant and brand-new collection of comics and stories brimming with bitter rivalries, baseball gone bionic, bully bonding, and babysitters gone bad. Bart and Homer find themselves up a creek when they go fishing together. Bart tries to elude haunted detention slip with his name on it. Principal Skinner bribes Bart to keep him on his best behavior, while Nelson Muntz hosts a guide to adult nerds. Bart reveals the secrets to staying home sick, and when he makes the cheerleading squad, shows off his unique brand of school spirit. And to top it all off, Maggie and Moe find themselves mulling over a murder mystery. Bart Simpson is here to soothe the savage beast in the most fun way he had ever did!