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User:Loco87/Tapped Out Animated Tasks

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By Collections[edit]

The Simpsons[edit]


Tapped Out Homer Clean up Springfield.png Tapped Out Homer Play with MyPad.png Tapped Out Homer Surf the Net.png Tapped Out Homer Jump Springfield Gorge.png Fight Bigclaw job.png
Clean up Springfield Play with his MyPad Surf the Net Jump Springfield Gorge Fight Bigclaw

Tapped Out Homer Receive Ghost Heimlich.png Tapped Out Homer Worship Ba'al.png Tapped Out Homer Enjoy 360degree Buffet.png Tapped Out Homer Stunt Cannon Performance.png
Receive a Ghost Heimlich Worship Ba'al Prove He's Not a Witch Enjoy a 360 Degree Buffet Do Stunt Cannon Performance

Tapped Out Homer Battle Outer Demons.png Tapped Out Homer Lounge in the Pool.png Tapped Out Homer Fall into Wormhole.png Tapped Out Homer Eat Insanity Peppers1.pngTapped Out Homer EatInsanity Peppers2.png
Battle his Outer Demons Lounge in the Pool Fall Into the Wormhole Eat Insanity Peppers Experience Irony

Tapped Out Homer Pretend to Ski.png
Pretend to Ski


Tapped Out Marge Worship Ba'al.png Tapped Out Marge Go for a Romantic Stroll with Homer.png Tapped Out Marge Take Maggie for a Walk.png Tapped Out Marge Be Mary.png Tapped Out Marge Protest Something.png
Worship Ba'al Go for a Romantic Stroll with Homer Take Maggie for a Walk Be Mary Protest... Something


Tapped Out Bart Run away with Kang.png Tapped Out Bart Worship Ba'al.png Tapped Out Bart Skateboard.png Tapped Out Bart Play Yard Work Simulator.png Tapped Out Bart Stomp on Grapes.png
Run Away with Kang Do Tricks on the Half Pipe Worship Ba'al Skateboard Play Yard Work Simulator Stomp on Grapes

Tapped Out Bart Ride Mech.png Tapped Out Bart Skip School.png Tapped Out Bart Command Mechanical Ants.png Tapped Out Bart Be Baby Jesus.png Tapped Out Bart Celebrate the WOD FIR.png Tapped Out Bart Be a Nutcracker.png
Ride the Mech Skip School Command Mechanical Ants Be Baby Jesus Celebrate the 'WOD FIR' Be a Nutcracker


Tapped Out Lisa Clean up Springfield.png Tapped Out Lisa Read a Book.png File:Tapped Out Lisa Face the Training Plane.png Tapped Out Lisa Ride Old School.png Tapped Out Lisa Drink Wrong Glass.png
Clean up Springfield Read a book Face the Training Plane Ride Old School Drink From the Wrong Glass

Tapped Out Lisa Worship Ba'al.png Tapped Out Lisa Play Sax.png Tapped Out Lisa Dance Around the Bonfire.png Tapped Out Lisa Ride Princess.png File:Tapped Out Lisa Be an Angel.png Tapped Out Lisa Pretend to Ski.png
Worship Ba'al Play the Sax Dance Around the Bonfire Ride Princess Be an Angel Pretend to Ski


Tapped Out Grampa Ogle the Chassis.png Tapped Out Grampa Celebrate New Years.png Tapped Out Grampa Take a Nap.png Tapped Out Grampa Feed the Birds.png File:Tapped Out Grampa Rest in a Cryo Chamber.png
Ogle the Chassis Celebrate New Years Take a Nap Feed the Birds Rest in a Cryo Chamber


Tapped Out Maggie Practice Loathing Gerald.png Tapped Out Maggie Worship Ba'al.png Tapped Out Maggie Dance to Repetitive Children's Songs.png
Practice Loathing Gerald Worship Ba'al Dance to Repetitive Children's Songs

Apu's Family[edit]


Tapped Out Apu Pray to Ganesh.png Tapped Out Apu Feed the Octuplets.png
Pray to Ganesh Feed the Octuplets


Tapped Out Manjula Consider Apu's Worth.png Tapped Out Manjula Look After the Octuplets.png
Consider Apu's Worth as a Husband Look After the Octuplets


Tapped Out Sanjay Party like it's on sale for 19.99.png Tapped Out Sanjay Skateboard.png
Party Like It's On Sale for $19.99 Skateboard


Tapped Out Jay Take Selfies.png Tapped Out Jay Do Yoga.png
Take Selfies Do Yoga

Flanders Family[edit]


Tapped Out Ned Condemn Science.png Tapped Out Ned Power Walk.png Tapped Out Ned Do Lunges.png Tapped Out Ned Tend Maude's Statue.png
Condemn Science Power Walk Do Lunges Tend Maude's Statue


Tapped Out Maude Get Revenge on Homer.png Tapped Out Maude Haunt Springfield.png
Get Revenge on Homer Haunt Springfield


Tapped Out RodTodd Play On The See-Saw.png Tapped Out Rod Swing on the Monkey Bars.png
Play On The See-Saw with Todd Swing on the Monkey Bars


Tapped Out RodTodd Play On The See-Saw.png Tapped Out Todd Eat Sugar.png
Play On The See-Saw with Rod Eat Sugar

Van Houtens[edit]


Tapped Out Kirk Hand Out Fliers.png Tapped Out Kirk Advertise Condos.png Tapped Out Kirk Protect Crops.png
Hand Out Fliers Advertise Condos Protect Crops


Tapped Out Luann Relax in a Jacuzzi Suit.png Tapped Out Luann Dress up in the flag.png Tapped Out Luann Ride in the MegaGlobe.png
Relax in a Jacuzzi Suit Dress up in the Flag Ride in the MegaGlobe


Tapped Out Norbert Practice Whip.png Tapped Out Norbert Fly Loops.png
Practice Snapping the Whip Fly Loops

Nana Sophie Mussolini[edit]

Nana Sophie Mussolini
Tapped Out Nana Sophie Mussolini Teach Milhouse Italian.png Tapped Out Nana Sophie Mussolini Slap Kirk Around.png
Teach Milhouse Italian Slap Kirk Around

Bouvier Family[edit]


Tapped Out Selma Hula Dance.png Tapped Out Selma Cuddle Jub-Jub.png Tapped Out Selma Take Smoke Break.png
Hula Dance Cuddle Jub-Jub Take a Smoke Break

Mrs. Bouvier[edit]

Mrs. Bouvier
Tapped Out MrsBouvier Dress Indecently.png Tapped Out MrsBouvier Knit.png
Dress Indecently Knit


Tapped Out Patty Nap on a Bench.png Tapped Out Patty Take Smoke Break.png
Nap on a Bench Take a Smoke Break

Hibbert Family[edit]

Dr. Hibbert[edit]

Dr. Hibbert
Tapped Out DrHibbert Do Surgery Outdoors.png Tapped Out DrHibbert Sacrifice Principles.png
Do Surgery Outdoors Sacrifice His Principles

Bernice Hibbert[edit]

Bernice Hibbert
Tapped Out BerniceHibbert Argue with her Husband.png Tapped Out BerniceHibbert Fall off the Wagon.png
Argue with her Husband Fall Off the Wagon

Chester Dupree[edit]

Chester Dupree
Tapped Out ChesterDupree Throw Entitled Tizzy.png Tapped Out ChesterDupree Work on DrHibbert's Shed.png
Throw an Entitled Tizzy Work on Dr. Hibbert's Shed



Tapped Out Milhouse Fly Scale Model Perfectly Level.png Tapped Out Milhouse Fly a Kite.png Tapped Out Milhouse Assault the Bandit Fort.png Tapped Out Milhouse Celebrate the WOD FIR.png Tapped Out Milhouse Hang Out with Grand Pumpkin.png
Fly Scale Model Perfectly Level Fly a Kite Assault the Bandit Fort Celebrate the 'WOD FIR' Hang Out with the Grand Pumpkin


Tapped Out Martin Play the Lute.png Tapped Out Martin Smell the Roses.png Tapped Out Martin Try to Be Cool.png Tapped Out Martin Ride a Bike.png Tapped Out Martin Assault the Bandit Fort.png Tapped Out Martin Celebrate the WOD FIR.png
Play the Lute Smell the Roses Try to Be Cool Ride a Bike Assault the Bandit Fort Celebrate the 'WOD FIR'


Tapped Out Ralph Eat a Crayon Sandwich.png Tapped Out Ralph Lick the Goat God Statue.png Tapped Out Ralph Burn Things.png Tapped Out Ralph Do Tricks.png Tapped Out Ralph Play Wiggle Puppy.png
Eat a Crayon Sandwich Lick the Goat God Statue Burn Things Do Tricks Play Wiggle Puppy

Sherri & Terri[edit]

Sherri & Terri
Tapped Out Sherri & Terri Play a Duet.png Tapped Out Sherri & Terri Use Their Secret Language.png File:Tapped Out Sherri & Terri Do the Creepy Twin Stare.png Tapped Out Sherri & Terri Cry to Get What They Want.png Tapped Out Sherri & Terri Text in Twin-Speak.png
Play a Duet Use Their Secret Language Do the Creepy Twin Stare Cry to Get What They Want Text in Twin-Speak


Tapped Out Database Bully Himself.png Tapped Out Database Get Bullied.png Tapped Out Database Assault the Bandit Fort.png
Bully Himself Get Bullied Assault the Bandit Fort


Tapped Out Uter Enjoy Candy for Breakfast.png Tapped Out Uter Run While Full of Chocolate.png
Enjoy Candy for Breakfast Run While Full of Chocolate


Tapped Out Janey Play on her Laptop.png Tapped Out Janey Jump Rope.png
Play on Her Laptop Jump Rope

Brendan Beiderbecke[edit]

Brendan Beiderbecke
Tapped Out Brendan Play Difficult Jazz on Piano.png Tapped Out Brendan Decide Between Jazz Purity and Fame.png
Play Difficult Jazz on Piano Decide Between Jazz Purity and Fame

More Kids[edit]

Greta Wolfcastle[edit]

Greta Wolfcastle
Tapped Out Greta Read Love Notes.png Tapped Out Greta Produce Wolfacstle Film.png
Read Love Notes Produce Wolfcastle Film

Laura Powers[edit]

Laura Powers
Tapped Out Laura Powers Attract Bad Boys.png Tapped Out LauraPowers Do Calisthenics.png
Attract Bad Boys Do Calisthenics

Ling Bouvier[edit]

Ling Bouvier
Tapped Out Ling Perform Flutenastics.png Tapped Out Ling Paint a Masterpiece.png
Perform Flutenastics Paint a Masterpiece

Gina Vendetti[edit]

Gina Vendetti
Tapped Out GinaVendetti Practice Knife Tricks.png Tapped Out GinaVendetti Fake Crying.png
Practice Knife Tricks Fake Crying

Baby Gerald[edit]

Baby Gerald
Tapped Out BabyGerald Fight Maggie.png Tapped Out BabyGerald Smash Butterflies.png
Fight Maggie Smash Butterflies

Patches and Poor Violet[edit]

Patches and Poor Violet
Tapped Out Patches and Poor Violet Work Hard for Their Money.png Tapped Out Patches and Poor Violet Make the Most Out of Life1.pngTapped Out Patches and Poor Violet Make the Most Out of Life2.png
Work Hard for Their Money Make the Most Out of Life

Sophie Krustofsky[edit]

Sophie Krustofsky
Tapped Out Sophie Krustofsky Practice Playing Violin.png Tapped Out Sophie Krustofsky Hang Out With Dad.png
Practice Playing Violin Hang Out With Dad


Tapped Out Mozart Write Music by Foot.png Tapped Out Mozart Play Piano1.pngTapped Out Mozart Play Piano2.png
Write Music by Foot Play the Piano

Even More Kids[edit]

Wendell Borton[edit]

Wendell Borton
File:Tapped Out Wendell Borton Control His Sickness.png Tapped Out Wendell Borton Get Extremely Sick.png File:Tapped Out Wendell Borton Face the Monkey Bars.png
Control His Sickness Get Extremely Sick Face the Monkey Bars


Tapped Out Erik Take on Bart.png File:Tapped Out Erik Practice Dodgeball.png
Take on Bart Practice Dodgeball

Jeremy Jailbird[edit]

Jeremy Jailbird
File:Tapped Out Jeremy Jailbird Play With Outlaw Snake.png File:Tapped Out Jeremy Jailbird Throw Away Evidence.png Tapped Out Jeremy Jailbird Sell Con-Bears.png
Play With Outlaw Snake Throw Away Evidence Sell Con-Bears

Allison Taylor[edit]

Allison Taylor
Tapped Out Allison Taylor Play With Diorama.png Tapped Out Allison Taylor Master Playing Saxophone.png
Play With Diorama Master Playing Saxophone


Tapped Out Bort Throw His Name Around.png Tapped Out Bort Proudly Display Bort Merch.png
Throw His Name Around Proudly Display Bort Merch

Brittany Brockman[edit]

Brittany Brockman
Tapped Out Brittany Brockman Throw Sandwich.png Tapped Out Brittany Brockman Search Around Springfield With Lisa Lionheart.png
Throw Sandwich Search Around Springfield With Lisa Lionheart



Tapped Out Kearney Dance a Jig.png
Dance a Jig


Tapped Out Nelson Shoot Car with BBs.png Tapped Out Nelson Play the Guitar.png Tapped Out Nelson Celebrate the WOD FIR.png Tapped Out Nelson Laugh at Others' Misfortune.png
Shoot Car with BBs Play the Guitar Celebrate the 'WOD FIR' Laugh at Others' Misfortune


Tapped Out Shauna Tease the Ducks.png Tapped Out Shauna Send Make-Out Invitations on SpringFace.png
Tease the Ducks Send Make-Out Invites on SpringFace


Tapped Out Dolph Act Out Agression.png Tapped Out Dolph Loiter with an Adult Magazine.png
Act Out Agression Loiter with an Adult Magazine


Tapped Out Jimbo Hacky Sack a Frog.png Tapped Out Jimbo Skateboard.png
Hacky Sack a Frog Skateboard

Kearney's Other Son[edit]

Kearney's Other Son
Tapped Out KOT Come Out to Play.png Tapped Out KOT Beat up a Dummy.png
Come Out to Play Beat Up a Dummy


Mr. Burns[edit]

Mr. Burns
Tapped Out Burns Brisk Constitutional.png Tapped Out Mr. Burns Fall into the Fountain.png Tapped Out Mr. Burns Read from the Necronomicon.png Tapped Out Burns Hide Nuclear Waste.png
Brisk Constitutional Fall into the Fountain Read from the Necronomicon Hide Nuclear Waste

Mr. Burns
Tapped Out Burns Walk Hounds.png Tapped Out Burns BHL Dino Ride.png Tapped Out Burns Host Erotic Masquerade.png
Walk the Hounds Blue-Haired Lawyer Dino Ride Host Erotic Masquerade

Hank Scorpio[edit]

Hank Scorpio
File:Tapped Out Hank Scorpio Interrogate Mr. Bont.png Tapped Out HankScorpio Fun Run.png Tapped Out HankScorpio Test Flamethrower.png
Interrogate Mr. Bont Take a Fun Run Test Flame Thrower


Tapped Out Snake Comb Hair.png Tapped Out Snake Rob.png Tapped Out Snake Rob.png
Comb Your Bitchin' Hair Rob the Kwik-E-Mart Rob the Krusty Burger

The Rich Texan[edit]

The Rich Texan
Tapped Out TheRichTexan Ride Mechanical Bull.png Tapped Out TheRichTexan Celebrate Cowboy Style.png
Ride the Mechanical Bull Celebrate, Cowboy Style!

Lucille Botzcowski[edit]

Lucille Botzcowski
Tapped Out Lucille Botzcowski Take Care of Children.png Tapped Out Lucille Botzcowski Avoid Springfield PD1.pngTapped Out Lucille Botzcowski Avoid Springfield PD2.png
Take Care of Children Avoid Springfield PD

Fernando Vidal[edit]

Fernando Vidal
Tapped Out Fernando Vidal Murder With Precision.png Tapped Out Fernando Vidal Wear Convincing Disguise.png
Murder With Precision Wear Convincing Disguise

Jack the Ripper[edit]

Jack the Ripper
Tapped Out Jack the Ripper Stalk Prey.png Tapped Out Jack the Ripper Search for the Springfield Strangler.png
Stalk Prey Search for the Springfield Strangler

Sven Golly[edit]

Sven Golly
Tapped Out Sven Golly Hypnotize Himself.png Tapped Out Sven Golly Practice Prison Chess.png
Hypnotize Himself Practice Prison Chess

School Workers[edit]


Tapped Out Skinner Crossing Guard.png File:Tapped Out Skinner Assault the Bandit Fort.png Tapped Out Skinner Go Bird Watching.png
Crossing Guard Assault the Bandit Fort Go Bird Watching


Tapped Out Willie Play the Bagpipes.png Tapped Out Willie Rake leaves.png
Play the Bagpipes Rake leaves

Mrs. Krabappel[edit]

Mrs. Krabappel
Tapped Out Edna Smoke Break.png Tapped Out Edna Go on Strike.png
Smoke Break! Go On Strike


Tapped Out Otto Work on the Bus.png File:Tapped Out Otto Play the Claw Machine.png Tapped Out Otto Jam on the Guitar.png Tapped Out Otto Sleep it Off.png
Work on the Bus Play the Claw Machine Jam on the Guitar Sleep it Off


Tapped Out Chalmers Catch Some "DINNERRRR!".png Tapped Out Chalmers Break Character.png Tapped Out Chalmers Survive Off the Land.png
Catch Some "DINNERRRR!" Break Character Survive Off the Land

Lunchlady Dora[edit]

Lunchlady Dora
Tapped Out Lunchlady Dora Find Ingredients.png Tapped Out Lunchlady Dora Grind Gym Mats.png
Find Ingredients Grind Gym Mats

Coach Krupt[edit]

Coach Krupt
Tapped Out CoachKrupt Bombardment.png Tapped Out CoachKrupt Play a Dance Tune.png
Launch a BOMBARDMENT! Play a Dance Tune

Groundskeeper Seamus[edit]

Groundskeeper Seamus
Tapped Out Groundskeeper Seamus Fight Willie.png Tapped Out Groundskeeper Seamus Cleanup with Leafblower.png
Fight Willie Cleanup with Leafblower


Tapped Out Leopold Seize the day.png Tapped Out Leopold Cross Stitch.png
Seize the Day Cross Stitch

More School Workers[edit]

Miss Hoover[edit]

Miss Hoover
Tapped Out MissHoover Avoid Work.png Tapped Out MissHoover Dance.png
Avoid Work Dance!

Dewey Largo[edit]

Dewey Largo
Tapped Out DeweyLargo Conduct without Orchestra.png Tapped Out DeweyLargo Self-Loathe.png
Conduct without an Orchestra Self-Loathe

Churchy Joes[edit]

Rev. Lovejoy[edit]

Rev. Lovejoy
Tapped Out Lovejoy Walk the Dog.png Tapped Out Lovejoy Ride 1-5 Scale Train.png
Walk the Dog Ride 1.5" Scale Train

Father Sean[edit]

Father Sean
Tapped Out FatherSean Quote Contemporany Rappers in a Sermon.png Tapped Out FatherSean Be Cool on Motorbike.png
Quote Contemporary Rappers in a Sermon Be Cool on his Motorbike

Helen Lovejoy[edit]

Helen Lovejoy
Tapped Out HelenLovejoy Think of the Children.png Tapped Out HelenLovejoy Worship Alongside RevLovejoy.png
Think of the Children "Worship" Alongside Rev. Lovejoy

Jessica Lovejoy[edit]

Jessica Lovejoy
Tapped Out Jessica Lovejoy Baton Twirl.png Tapped Out Jessica Lovejoy Disgrace Local Landmark.png
Baton Twirl Disgrace a Local Landmark

Rachel Jordan[edit]

Rachel Jordan
Tapped Out Rachel Jordan Do Her Hair1.pngTapped Out Rachel Jordan Do Her Hair2.png Tapped Out Rachel Jordan Spread the Word.png
Do Her Hair Spread the Word



Tapped Out Agnes Feed Pigeons.png Tapped Out Agnes Go on a Date with CBG.png Tapped Out Agnes Twerk Hip Out Of Place.png Tapped Out Agnes Sweep Up the Town.png Tapped Out Agnes Greet Customers.png
Feed Pigeons Get Help Crossing the Street Twerk Hip Out Of Place Sweep Up the Town Greet Customers


Tapped Out Jasper Practice Lollipop Song.png Tapped Out Jasper Go Paddling.png Tapped Out Jasper Take Incorrect Medication.png
Practice Lollipop Song Go Paddling Take Incorrect Medication


Tapped Out Lampwick Sleep Under Newspaper.png Tapped Out Lampwick Rely on the Generosity of Others.png
Sleep Under a Newspaper Rely on the Generosity of Others

Stacy Lovell[edit]

Stacy Lovell
Tapped Out Stacy Lovell Test Products.png Tapped Out Stacy Lovell Have a Drink.png
Test Products Have a Drink


Tapped Out Molloy Sneak into Museum.png Tapped Out Molloy Case Houses.png
Sneak Into the Museum Case Houses


Tapped Out Mona Protest for Peace.png Tapped Out Mona Feed the Birds.png
Protest for Peace Feed the Birds

Hollis Hurlbut[edit]

Hollis Hurlbut
Tapped Out HollisHurlbut Commune with History.png Tapped Out HollisHurlbut Play the Fife.png
Commune With History Play the Fife

Civil Servants[edit]


File:Tapped Out Wiggum Fire the Tank.png Tapped Out Wiggum Patrol Springfield.png Tapped Out Wiggum Go on a Stake Out.png
Fire the Tank Patrol Springfield Go on a Stake Out


Tapped Out Quimby Give a Speech.png Tapped Out Quimby Embezzle Money.png
Give a Speech Embezzle Money


Tapped Out Lou Pursue Criminals.png Tapped Out Lou Interview Suspects.png
Pursue Criminals Interview Suspects


Tapped Out Eddie Track Down Criminals.png Tapped Out Eddie Set Baton to Twirl.png
Track Down Criminals Set Baton to Twirl

Freddy Quimby[edit]

Freddy Quimby
Tapped Out FreddyQuimby Drink Irresponsibly.png Tapped Out FreddyQuimby Enjoy a Privileged Life.png
Drink Irresponsibly Enjoy a Privileged Life

Mrs. Quimby[edit]

Mrs. Quimby
Tapped Out MrsQuimby Give Joe an Earful.png Tapped Out MrsQuimby Go Shopping.png
Give Joe an Earful Go Shopping

J. Edgar Hoover[edit]

J. Edgar Hoover
Tapped Out J. Edgar Hoover Hunt the Mob.png Tapped Out J. Edgar Hoover Collect Dossiers on Everyone.png
Hunt the Mob Collect Dossiers on Everyone

Business Owners[edit]

Comic Book Guy[edit]

Comic Book Guy
Tapped Out CBG Read a Comic.png File:Tapped Out Comic Book Guy Assault the Bandit Fort.png Comic Book Guy Spock Tapped Out.png
Read a Comic Assault the Bandit Fort Cosplay


Tapped Out Moe Smuggle Endangered Species.png Tapped Out Moe Spy on Midge.png
Smuggle Endangered Species Spy on Midge


Tapped Out Luigi Toss Pizza.png Tapped Out Luigi Play Accordion.png
Toss Pizza Play the Accordion


Tapped Out Lugash Confiscate Pets.png Tapped Out Lugash Cartwheeling.png Tapped Out Lugash Groom Mustache.png
Confiscate Student Pets Cartwheeling Groom Mustache


Tapped Out Roscoe Work Hard.png File:Tapped Out Roscoe Dance Outside the Steel Mill.png Tapped Out Roscoe Play Hard.png
Work Hard Dance Outside the Steel Mill Play Hard


Tapped Out Milo Give Out Japanese Hard Candy.png Tapped Out Milo Sing K-Pop Covers.png
Give Out Japanese Hard Candy Sing K-Pop Covers

More Business Owners[edit]

Tribal Chief[edit]

Tribal Chief
Tapped Out Tribal Chief Embark on a Vision Quest.png Tapped Out Tribal Chief Hand Out Expired Vouchers.png
Embark on a Vision Quest Hand Out Expired Vouchers

Roger Myers Jr.[edit]

Roger Myers Jr.
Tapped Out Roger Myers Jr. Relax With a Cigar.png Tapped Out Roger Myers Jr. Read Hate Mail.png
Relax With a Cigar Read Hate Mail


Tapped Out Akira Hand out Sushi Samples.png Tapped Out Akira Karate Time.png
Hand Out Sushi Samples Karate Time

Artie Ziff[edit]

Artie Ziff
Tapped Out ArtieZiff Spy on Everyone.png Tapped Out ArtieZiff Propose to Marge.png
Spy on Everyone Propose to Marge

Marvin Monroe[edit]

Marvin Monroe
Tapped Out MarvinMonroe Wield a Foam Bat.png Tapped Out MarvinMonroe Self-Analyze.png
Wield a Foam Bat Self-Analyze

Herb Powell[edit]

Herb Powell
Tapped Out HerbPowell Show off Invention.png Tapped Out HerbPowell Handle Business Calls.png
Show off Invention Handle Business Calls

Cookie Kwan[edit]

Cookie Kwan
Tapped Out CookieKwan Protect Her Territory.png Tapped Out CookieKwan Advertise Springfield Heights.png
Protect Her Territory Advertise Springfield Heights


Tapped Out Belle Lead a Dance Number.png Tapped Out Belle Patronize the Arts.png
Lead a Dance Number Patronize the Arts

Lindsey Naegle[edit]

Lindsey Naegle
Tapped Out LindsayNaegle Give Impassioned Speech.png Tapped Out LindsayNaegle Fend off Children.png
Give an Impassioned Speech Fend off Children

Mrs. Sinclair[edit]

Mrs. Sinclair
Tapped Out Mrs. Sinclair Develop the Bottle Within.png Tapped Out Mrs. Sinclair Do Nothing of Any Interest.png
Develop the Bottle Within Do Nothing of Any Interest

Aristotle Amandopolis[edit]

Aristotle Amandopolis
Tapped Out Aristotle Amandopolis Give a Motivational Speech.png Tapped Out Aristotle Amandopolis Hide Toxic Waste.png
Give a Motivational Speech Hide Toxic Waste

Arthur Fortune[edit]

Arthur Fortune
File:Tapped Out Arthur Fortune Dollars for Everyone.png Tapped Out Arthur Fortune Hand Out Dollars.png
Dollars for Everyone Hand Out Dollars

Cayman Island Banker[edit]

Cayman Island Banker
Tapped Out Cayman Island Banker Visit Customers.png Tapped Out Cayman Island Banker Spread the Wealth.png
Visit Customers Spread the Wealth

Plant Workers[edit]


Tapped Out Smithers Exercise for Mr. Burns.png File:Tapped Out Smithers Dance Outside the Steel Mill.png Tapped Out Smithers Whip It.png Tapped Out Smithers Become a Hideous Drunken Wreck.png
Exercise for Mr. Burns Dance Outside the Steel Mill Whip It! Become a Hideous Drunken Wreck


Tapped Out Lenny Work on Mystery Novel.png Tapped Out Lenny Mope.png
Work on his Mystery Novel Mope


Tapped Out Carl Pogo.png Tapped Out Carl Honor Icelandic Heritage.png
Pogo Honor his Icelandic Heritage


Tapped Out Mindy Work on Tan.png Tapped Out Mindy Ride Motorcycle.png
Work on Tan Ride Motorcycle

Frank Grimes[edit]

Frank Grimes
Tapped Out Grimes Electrocute Himself.png Tapped Out Grimes Find Peace in the Grave.png
Electrocute Himself Find Peace in the Grave


File:Tapped Out Zutroy Siesta.png File:Tapped Out Zutroy Hide From Unsympathetic Springfielders.png
Siesta Hide From Unsympathetic Springfielders

Ruth Powers[edit]

Ruth Powers
Tapped Out Ruth Powers Lift Weights.png Tapped Out Ruth Powers Target Practice.png
Lift Weights Target Practice

C-List Celebrities[edit]


Tapped Out Brockman Relax.png Tapped Out Brockman Do an Undercover Report.png
Relax Do an Undercover Report

Bumblebee Man[edit]

Bumblebee Man
Tapped Out BumblebeeMan Ay Dios No Me Ama.png Tapped Out BumblebeeMan Nada Es Bueno.png
Ay, Dios No Me Ama! Nada Es Bueno

Arnie Pye[edit]

Arnie Pye
Tapped Out Arnie Pye Do a Sky Harness Interview.png Tapped Out ArniePye Walk Newshound.png Tapped Out Arnie Pye Do a Traffic Report.png Tapped Out ArniePye Do an Investigative Report.png
Do a Sky Harness Interview Walk Newshound Do a Traffic Report Do an Investigative Report

Sideshow Mel[edit]

Sideshow Mel
Tapped Out Sideshow Mel Blast from the Cannon.png Tapped Out Sideshow Mel Juggle.png Tapped Out Sideshow Mel De-bone the Hair.png Tapped Out Sideshow Mel Juggle.png
Blast from the Cannon Juggle De-bone the Hair Juggle in Krustyland

Miss Springfield[edit]

Miss Springfield
Tapped Out Miss Springfield Open an Event.png Tapped Out Miss Springfield Work It.png
Open an Event Work It

Mr. Teeny[edit]

Mr. Teeny
Tapped Out Krusty Walk MrTeeny.png
Go for a Walk with Krusty


Tapped Out Lurleen Play Country Guitar.png Tapped Out Lurleen Barbeque Some Roadkill.png
Play Country Guitar Barbeque Some Roadkill

Bleeding Gums Murphy[edit]

Bleeding Gums Murphy
Tapped Out Bleeding Gums Murphy Play Jazz.png Tapped Out Bleeding Gums Murphy Hoard Faberge Eggs.png
Play Jazz Hoard Fabergé Eggs


File:Tapped Out Pyro Relive Ultimate Battles.png Tapped Out Pyro Perform Stunts.png
Relive Ultimate Battles Perform Stunts

Mexican Duffman[edit]

Mexican Duffman
File:Tapped Out Mexican Duffman Promote Duff Sangre De Muertos.png Tapped Out Mexican Duffman Fiesta at Moe's.png Tapped Out Mexican Duffman Blend Duff Michelada.png
Promote Duff Sangre De Muertos Fiesta at Moe's Blend Duff Michelada

Corporal Punishment[edit]

Corporal Punishment
Tapped Out Corporal Punishment Play With Hand Puppets.png Tapped Out Corporal Punishment Try to Clown Around1.pngTapped Out Corporal Punishment Try to Clown Around2.pngTapped Out Corporal Punishment Try to Clown Around3.png
Play With Hand Puppets Try to Clown Around

Dave Shutton[edit]

Dave Shutton
Tapped Out Dave Shutton Fish for a Story.png Tapped Out Dave Shutton Capture the Moment Again.png
Fish for a Story Capture the Moment Again

Tina Ballerina[edit]

Tina Ballerina
Tapped Out Tina Ballerina Be the Swan.png Tapped Out Tina Ballerina Promote Krusty.png
Be the Swan Promote Krusty

B-List Celebrities[edit]


Tapped Out Krusty Inflate His own Importance.png Tapped Out Krusty Promote a New Product.png Tapped Out Krusty Walk MrTeeny.png Tapped Out Krusty Promote Krusty Burger.png
Inflate His own Importance Promote a New Product Walk Mr. Teeny Promote Krusty Burger


Tapped Out Duffman Subtly Turn America's Youth on to Alcohol.png Tapped Out Duffman Promote Duff at Stadium.png Tapped Out Duffman Party Down at Church.png Tapped Out Duffman Dance Outside the Steel Mill.png
Subtly Turn America's Youth on to Alcohol Promote Duff at Stadium Party Down at Church Dance Outside the Steel Mill

Tapped Out Duffman Promote Duff.png Tapped Out Duffman Party Down at Springfield Penitentiary.png Tapped Out Duffman Party Down at Moe's Tavern.png Tapped Out Duffman Party Down at Duff Brewery.png
Promote Duff Party Down at Springfield Penitentiary Party Down at Moe's Tavern Party Down at Duff Brewery


Tapped Out Booberella Sell Peanuts.png Tapped Out Booberella Burn at Stake.png
Sell Peanuts From Her Street Cart Burn at the Stake

Drederick Tatum[edit]

Drederick Tatum
Tapped Out DrederickTatum Walk the Tiger.png Tapped Out DrederickTatum Stay in Shape.png
Walk the Tiger Stay in Shape


Tapped Out Wolfcastle Bathe in Sulphuric Acid.png Tapped Out Wolfcastle Exercise.png Tapped Out Wolfcastle Pose.png Tapped Out Wolfcastle Go In for a Closer Inspection of his Laces.png
Bathe in Sulphuric Acid Exercise Pose Go In for a Closer Inspection his Laces

Paris Texan[edit]

Paris Texan
Tapped Out Paris Texan Walk the Dog.png Tapped Out Paris Texan Attend Billionaire Haven.png
Walk the Dog Attend Billionaire Haven

Declan Desmond[edit]

Declan Desmond
Tapped Out DeclanDesmond Interview Springfield.pngTapped Out ArniePye Do an Investigative Report.png Tapped Out Declan Desmond Ride the Chrono Trike.png Tapped Out DeclanDesmond Interview Springfield.png
Film Beauty Shots Ride the Chrono Trike Interview Springfield



Tapped Out Cletus Whittling.png Tapped Out Cletus Dig through Garbage.png
Whittling Dig through Garbage

Professor Frink[edit]

Professor Frink
Tapped Out Professor Frink Ride Flying Machine.png Tapped Out Professor Frink Test Gizmo.png
Ride Flying Machine Test Gizmo


Tapped Out Herman Train for Battle.png Tapped Out Herman Sell Counterfeit Jeans.png
Train For Battle Sell Counterfeit Jeans

Sea Captain[edit]

Sea Captain
Tapped Out Sea Captain Practice Standup Routine.png Tapped Out Sea Captain Tell A Tall Tale.png
Practice Standup Routine Tell A Tall Tale

Disco Stu[edit]

Disco Stu
Tapped Out DiscoStu Roller Boogie.png
Roller Boogie

The Yes Guy[edit]

The Yes Guy
Tapped Out The Yes Guy Moonlight As Security Guard.png Tapped Out The Yes Guy Work as Maitre.png
Moonlight As Security Guard Work as Maitre d'


Tapped Out Brandine Birth Another Spuckler.png Tapped Out Brandine Defend Springfield.png Tapped Out Brandine Birth Another Spuckler.png
Carry a Food Baby Defend Springfield from Terrorists Birth Another Spuckler

Wise Guy[edit]

Wise Guy
Tapped Out Wise Guy Spread "Cheer".png Tapped Out Wise Guy Do Odd Jobs.png
Spread "Cheer" Do Odd Jobs

Mr. Sparkle[edit]

Mr. Sparkle
Tapped Out Mr. Sparkle Clean.png Tapped Out Mr. Sparkle Read Some Huxley.png
Clean Read Some Huxley


Tapped Out Dia-Betty Eat a Building.png
Eat a Building

Maw Spuckler[edit]

Maw Spuckler
Tapped Out Maw Spuckler Spend a Fortune on a Vacation.png Tapped Out Maw Spuckler Eat a Five-Course Meal.png
Spend a Fortune on a Vacation Eat a Five-Course Meal


Tapped Out Roy Try to Romance the Ladies.png Tapped Out Roy Pick an Over the Top Fight.png
Try to Romance the Ladies Pick an Over the Top Fight

More Oddballs[edit]

Dr. Nick[edit]

Dr. Nick
Tapped Out DrNick Promote Bargain Medical Practice.png Tapped Out DrNick Practice Street Pharmacy.png
Promote Bargain Medical Practice Practice Street Pharmacy

Mrs. Muntz[edit]

Mrs. Muntz
Tapped Out Mrs. Muntz Perform the Dance of the Bee.png Tapped Out Mrs. Muntz Binge on Nicotine.png
Perform the Dance of the Bee Binge on Nicotine

Princess Kashmir[edit]

Princess Kashmir
Tapped Out Princess Kashmir Practice Kicks.png Tapped Out Princess Kashmir Dance Around Town.png
Practice Kicks Dance Around Town

French Waiter[edit]

French Waiter
Tapped Out FrenchWaiter Clumsily Hurt Himself.png Tapped Out FrenchWaiter Wait Like A French Waiter.png
Clumsily Hurt Himself Wait Like A French Waiter

Lance Murdock[edit]

Lance Murdock
Tapped Out LanceMurdock Perform a Dangerous Stunt.png
Perform a Dangerous Stunt

Old Jewish Man[edit]

Old Jewish Man
Tapped Out Old Jewish Man Drop Pants for Change.png Tapped Out Old Jewish Man Drop Pants for Change.png Tapped Out Old Jewish Man Sort Through Pills.png
Dance the Drugs Away Drop Pants for Change Sort Through Pills


Tapped Out Becky Dance to Dubstep.png Tapped Out Becky Get Mileage out of her dress.png
Dance to Dubstep Get Mileage Out of Her Dress


Tapped Out Jacques Perform Bowling Ball Tricks.png Tapped Out Jacques Practice His Tango.png
Perform Bowling Ball Tricks Practice His Tango

Wheels McGrath[edit]

Wheels McGrath
Tapped Out Wheels McGrath Machete Around.png Tapped Out Wheels McGrath Raid the Minibars.png
Machete Around Raid the Minibars

Squeaky-voiced Teens & Molemen[edit]

Hans Moleman[edit]

Hans Moleman
Tapped Out Moleman Provide Security.png Tapped Out Moleman Make a Short Film.png
Provide Security Make a Short Film

Squeaky Voice Teen[edit]

Squeaky Voice Teen
Tapped Out SVT Valet at Gilded Truffle.png Tapped Out SVT Advertise Burgers.png
Valet at the Gilded Truffle Advertise Burgers

Wise Guys[edit]

Fat Tony[edit]

Fat Tony
Tapped Out FatTony Play the Violin.png Tapped Out Fat Tony Relax in the Hot Tub.png Tapped Out FatTony Get Rid of a Problem.png
Play the Violin Relax in the Hot Tub Get Rid of a Problem


Tapped Out Legs-Louie Interrogate a Squealer.png Tapped Out Legs Protect Local Businesses.png
Interrogate a Squealer 'Protect' Local Businesses


Tapped Out Legs-Louie Interrogate a Squealer.png Tapped Out Louie Collect Tribute.png
Interrogate a Squealer Collect Tribute

Michael D'Amico[edit]

Michael D'Amico
Tapped Out Michael D'Amico Play with Toy Car.png Tapped Out Michael D'Amico Serve Food.png
Play with Toy Car Serve Food

Don Vittorio[edit]

Don Vittorio
Tapped Out DonVittorio Relax with his Cat.png Tapped Out DonVittorio Talk with his Hands.png
Relax with his Cat Talk with his Hands

Frankie the Squealer[edit]

Frankie the Squealer
Tapped Out FrankieTheSquealer Try not to Squeal.png Tapped Out Legs-Louie Interrogate a Squealer.png Tapped Out FrankieTheSquealer Try not to Squeal.png Tapped Out FrankieTheSquealer Do a Job.png
Squeal Get Face Washed Try not to Squeal Do A Job

Johnny Tightlips[edit]

Johnny Tightlips
Tapped Out JohnnyTightlips Act Like Nobody Shot Him.png Tapped Out JohnnyTightlips Take Care of Business.png
Act Like Nobody Shot Him Take Care of Business

Fit Tony[edit]

Fit Tony
Tapped Out Fit Tony Keep Cycling Carbs.png Tapped Out Fit Tony Let It Go.png
Keep Cycling Carbs Let It Go



Tapped Out Barney Sober Up.png Tapped Out Barney Sleep Gutter.png Tapped Out Barney Go on a Binge.png
Sober Up Sleep in the Gutter Go on a Binge


File:Tapped Out Larry Drink at Moe's Express.png File:Tapped Out LarrySam Share a Drink.png
Drink at Moe's Express Share a Drink


File:Tapped Out Sam Drink at Moe's Express.png File:Tapped Out LarrySam Share a Drink.png
Drink at Moe's Express Share a Drink

Helpful Guest Stars[edit]


Tapped Out Kumiko Kawaii.png Tapped Out Kumiko Sketch Springfielders.png
Kawaii! Sketch Springfielders

Shary Bobbins[edit]

Shary Bobbins
Tapped Out Shary Bobbins Sing an Educational Song.png Tapped Out Shary Bobbins Fly on her Umbrella.png
Sing an Educational Song Fly on her Umbrella

Crazy Cat Lady[edit]

Crazy Cat Lady
Tapped Out CCL Babble Incoherently.png Tapped Out CCL Bowl a Cat.png Tapped Out CCL Throw Cats.png
Babble Incoherently Bowl a Cat Throw Cats

Princess Penelope[edit]

Princess Penelope
Tapped Out Princess Penelope Play Acoustic Guitar.png Tapped Out Princess Penelope Play A Princess Song.png
Play Acoustic Guitar Play A Princess Song

Matt Groening[edit]

Matt Groening
Tapped Out MattGroening Correct the Pronunciation of his Name.png Tapped Out MattGroening Create "Collectors" Items.png Tapped Out MattGroening Attempt to Erase Homer1.pngTapped Out MattGroening Attempt to Erase Homer2.png
Correct the Pronunciation of his Name Create "Collectors" Items Attempt to Erase Homer

Anger Watkins[edit]

Anger Watkins
Tapped Out AngerWatkins Slam Watter Bottle.png Tapped Out AngerWatkins Rage About Sports.png
Slam a Water Bottle Rage About Sports

Weird Al Yankovic[edit]

Weird Al Yankovic
Tapped Out WeirdAlYankovic Parody Himself.png
Parody Himself

Legal Eagles[edit]

Judge Snyder[edit]

Judge Snyder
Tapped Out JudgeSnyder Get in Shape for a Role.png Tapped Out JudgeSnyder Take a 24 hour vacation.png
Get in Shape for a Role Take a 24 Hour Vacation

Blue-Haired Lawyer[edit]

Blue-Haired Lawyer
Tapped Out BHL Look Unimpressed.png Tapped Out BHL Deliver Lawsuits.png
Look Unimpressed Deliver Lawsuits to Local Businesses

Animals and Pets[edit]


Tapped Out Jub-Jub Tongue.png Tapped Out Jub-Jub Tongue.png
Eat Insects Tongue Flick

Exotic Animals and Pets[edit]


Tapped Out Stampy Carry Bart.png
Carry Bart

Mutant Rabbit[edit]

Mutant Rabbit
Tapped Out MutantRabbit Mutate.png Tapped Out MutantRabbit Multiply.png
Mutate Multiply

Space Coyote[edit]

Space Coyote
Tapped Out Space Coyote Bite Homer's Leg.png Tapped Out Space Coyote Guide Vision Questers.png
Bite Homer's Leg Guide Vision Questers

Osaka Seafood Concern Squid[edit]

Osaka Seafood Concern Squid
Tapped Out Osaka Seafood Concern Squid Commit Seppuku.png
Commit Seppuku

Vicious Monkeys[edit]

Vicious Monkeys
Tapped Out Vicious Monkeys Stare at People.png
Stare at People


Cocoa Beanie[edit]

Cocoa Beanie
Tapped Out CocoaBeanie Get Beaten Up.png
Get Beaten Up

Laird Ladd[edit]

Laird Ladd
Tapped Out Laird Ladd Pose Like Lard Lad.png Tapped Out Laird Ladd Try to Stay Relevant.png
Pose Like Lard Lad Try to Stay Relevant


Tapped Out Cleatus Finger Spin Footballs.png Tapped Out Cleatus Celebrate.png
Finger Spin Footballs! Celebrate


Robo Burns[edit]

Robo Burns
Tapped Out RoboBurns Terminate Employees.png Tapped Out RoboBurns Play with Puppy Dog Smithers.png
Terminate Employees Play with Puppy Dog Smithers

Doggy Smithers[edit]

Doggy Smithers
Tapped Out RoboBurns Play with Puppy Dog Smithers.png Tapped Out DoggySmithers Bark at Nothing.png
Play with Robo Burns Bark at Nothing


Tapped Out LadyBot Marvel Outside World.png Tapped Out LadyBot Play with Cats.png
Marvel at the Outside World Play with Cats


Tapped Out CHUM Do the Robot.png Tapped Out CHUM Frolic with Martin.png
Do the Robot Frolic with Martin

Hans Mechman[edit]

Hans Mechman
Tapped Out Hans Mechman Annihilate Targets.png Tapped Out Hans Mechman Seek Targets.png File:Tapped Out Hans Mechman Investigate a Butterfly.png
Annihilate Targets Seek Targets Investigate a Butterfly


Jebediah Springfield[edit]

Jebediah Springfield
Tapped Out Jebediah Springfield Play the Fife.png Tapped Out Jebediah Springfield Survey the Land.png
Play the Fife Survey the Land

Shelbyville Manhattan[edit]

Shelbyville Manhattan
Tapped Out Shelbyville Manhattan Practice Marksmanship.png Tapped Out Shelbyville Manhattan Enjoy Modern-Day Liberties.png
Practice Marksmanship Enjoy Modern-Day Liberties


Tom O'Flanagan[edit]

Tom O'Flanagan
Tapped Out TomO'Flanagan Clean Beer Mugs.png Tapped Out TomO'Flanagan Do Irish Jig.png
Clean Beer Mugs Do an Irish Jig

Easter 2014[edit]

Hugs Bunny[edit]

Hugs Bunny
Tapped Out HugsBunny Check Easter Eggs.png Tapped Out HugsBunny Battle Homer.png
Check on Easter Eggs Battle Homer

4th of July[edit]

Rex Banner[edit]

Rex Banner
Tapped Out Rex Banner Eat a Banana Kaboom.png Tapped Out Rex Banner Interrogate Flanders.png
Eat a Banana Kaboom Interrogate Flanders

Abraham Lincoln[edit]

Abraham Lincoln
Tapped Out Abraham Lincoln Give a Public Address.png Tapped Out Abraham Lincoln Split Rails.png Tapped Out AbeLincoln Attempt to Blend In.png
Give a Public Address Split Rails Attempt to Blend In


Tapped Out Giuseppe Show-off a New Invention.png Tapped Out Giuseppe Narrowly Avoid Losing Fingers.png Tapped Out Giuseppe Search for Stolen Fireworks.png
Show-off a New Invention Narrowly Avoid Losing Fingers Search for Stolen Fireworks

Dwight D. Eisenhower[edit]

Dwight D. Eisenhower
Tapped Out Eisenhower Play a Round.png Tapped Out Eisenhower To the Ikemobile.png
Play a Round To the Ikemobile!

George Washington[edit]

George Washington
Tapped Out George Washington Try to Cut Down a Cherry Tree.png Tapped Out George Washington Hunt for Jebediah Springfield.png
Try to Cut Down a Cherry Tree Hunt for Jebediah Springfield

Richard Nixon[edit]

Richard Nixon
Tapped Out Richard Nixon Bowl Around Town.png Tapped Out Richard Nixon Wave to the People.png
Bowl Around Town Wave to the People

Teddy Roosevelt[edit]

Teddy Roosevelt
Tapped Out Teddy Roosevelt Give a Speech.png Tapped Out Teddy Roosevelt Lead the Charge.png Tapped Out Teddy Roosevelt Go Hunting.png
Give a Speech Lead the Charge Go Hunting

Ronald Reagan[edit]

Ronald Reagan
Tapped Out Ronald Reagan Promote New Tax Plan.png Tapped Out Ronald Reagan Address the Nation.png
Promote New Tax Plan Address the Nation

Treehouse of Horrors XXIV[edit]

Suzanne the Witch[edit]

Suzanne the Witch
Tapped Out Suzanne the Witch Invite Children in for Candy.png Tapped Out Suzanne the Witch Cast Wicked Spells1.pngTapped Out Suzanne the Witch Cast Wicked Spells2.png
Invite Children in for Candy Cast Wicked Spells



Tapped Out Kodos Demonstrate Superior Technology.png Tapped Out Kodos Impersonate Kang.png Tapped Out Kodos 8-hour evil laugh.png Tapped Out Kodos 16-hour evil chortle.png Tapped Out Kodos Drink Hilarium.png Tapped Out Kodos Act Harmless.png
Demonstrate Superior Technology Impersonate Kang 8-Hour Evil Laugh 16-Hour Evil Chortle Drink Hilarium Act Harmless


Tapped Out Kang Activate the Beacon.png Tapped Out Kang Crack the Whip.png Tapped Out Kang Read How to Cook Humans.png Tapped Out Kang Properly Season Humans.png Tapped Out Kang 8-hour evil laugh.png Tapped Out Kang Exchange Long Protein Strings.png
Activate/Deploy the Beacon Crack the Whip Read How to Cook Humans Properly Season Humans 8-Hour Evil Laugh Exchange Long Protein Strings

Tapped Out Kang 16-hour evil chortle.png Tapped Out Kang Drink Hilarium.png Tapped Out Kang Run From Puny Humans.png Tapped Out Kang Probe Homer.png
16-Hour Evil Chortle Drink Hilarium Run from Puny Humans Probe Homer

J. Rigellian Christ[edit]

J. Rigellian Christ
Tapped Out J. Rigellian Christ Preach Love and Peace.png Tapped Out J. Rigellian Christ Be Crucified by the Internet.png
Preach Love and Peace Be Crucified by the Internet

Treehouse of Horror XXV[edit]

Space Mutant[edit]

Space Mutant
Tapped Out Space Mutant Eat From a Dumpster.png Tapped Out SpaceMutant Rampage.png
Eat From a Dumpster RAMPAGE!


Tapped Out Hugo Eat Fish Heads.png Tapped Out Hugo Walk the PidgeonRat.png
Eat Fish Heads Walk the Pigeon Rat

Treehouse of Horror XXVI Kids[edit]

Clockwork Bart[edit]

Clockwork Bart
Tapped Out BartClockwork Look for Ultra-Pranking.png Tapped Out Clockwork Bart Talk With an Annoying Accent.png
Look for Ultra-Pranking Talk With an Annoying Accent

Radioactive Milhouse[edit]

Radioactive Milhouse
Tapped Out MilhouseRadioactive Stand Up to Bullies.png Tapped Out Radioactive Milhouse Pose for Cosplay Photos.png Tapped Out MilhouseRadioactive Be a Hero.png
Stand Up to Bullies Pose for Cosplay Photos Be a Hero

Saxophone Lisa[edit]

Saxophone Lisa
Tapped Out LisaSaxophone Sax Solo.png Tapped Out LisaSaxophone Sax Solo.png Tapped Out LisaSaxophone Sax Solo.png Tapped Out LisaSaxophone Play Street Music.png Tapped Out LisaSaxophone Sax Solo.png
Play a Saxophone Solo at Springfield Elementary Practice a Saxophone Solo At Home Play a Saxophone Solo at the Town Hall Play Street Music Play a Saxophone Solo

Wizard Martin[edit]

Wizard Martin
Tapped Out MartinWizard Engage in Single Combat With Comic Book Guy.png Tapped Out MartinWizard Prove His Worth.png
Engage in Single Combat With Comic Book Guy Prove His Worth

Treehouse of Horror XXVI Adults[edit]

Holiday Homer[edit]

Holiday Homer
Tapped Out HomerHoliday Shoot Cupid Arrows.png Tapped Out HomerHoliday Hop Around Town.png
Shoot Cupid Arrows Hop Around Town

Acorn Kirk[edit]

Acorn Kirk
Tapped Out KirkAcorn Chase Acorn.png Tapped Out KirkAcorn Get Attacked by Squirrels.png
Chase His Acorn Get Attacked By Squirrels

Squirrel Luann[edit]

Squirrel Luann
Tapped Out LuannSquirrel Petition for Women's Rights.png Tapped Out LuannSquirrel Show Off Her Squirrel Costume.png
Petition for Women's Rights Show Off Her Squirrel Costume

Treehouse of Horror XXVI Freaks[edit]

Pirate Kang[edit]

Pirate Kang
Tapped Out KangPirate Walk on Peg Tentacles.png Tapped Out KangPirate Talk like a Pirate.png
Walk on Peg Tentacles Talk Like a Pirate

Fairy Kodos[edit]

Fairy Kodos
Tapped Out KodosFairy Spread Glitter Around Town With Smithers.png Tapped Out Fairy Kodos Flirt With Human Males.png
Spread Glitter Around Town With Smithers Flirt With Human Males

Treehouse of Horror XXVII[edit]

Werewolf Flanders[edit]

Werewolf Flanders
Tapped Out Werewolf Flanders Deal with Growing Pains.png Tapped Out Werewolf Flanders Terrorize.png
Deal with Growing Pains Terrorize!


Tapped Out Death Reap Souls.png Tapped Out Death Select Next Victim.png
Reap Souls Select the Next Victim


Tapped Out Frinkenstein Dig Up New Upgrades.png Tapped Out Frinkenstein Show Off New Upgrades.png
Dig Up New Upgrades Show Off New Upgrades

Gravedigger Billy[edit]

Gravedigger Billy
Tapped Out GravediggerBilly Pacify the Not-quite-dead.png Tapped Out GravediggerBilly Dig Holes.png
Pacify the Not-Quite-Dead Dig Holes for No Reason

Crazy Iguana Lady[edit]

Crazy Iguana Lady
Tapped Out CIL Train Iguanas.png Tapped Out CIL Throw Iguanas.png
Train Iguanas Throw Iguanas

Space Marshmallow[edit]

Space Marshmallow
Tapped Out SpaceMarshmallow Lob Bits of Self.png Tapped Out SpaceMarshmallow Emulate Homer.png
Lob Bits of Self Emulate Homer

Blinky Monster[edit]

Blinky Monster
Tapped Out Blinky Monster Threaten Onlookers.png Tapped Out Blinky Monster Wait for Prey.png
Threaten Onlookers Wait for Prey

Filmmaker Lisa[edit]

Filmmaker Lisa
Tapped Out LisaFilmmaker Boss Around the Crew.png Tapped Out LisaFilmmaker Rewrite a Hack Script.png
Boss Around the Crew Rewrite a Hack Script


Sacagawea Lisa[edit]

Sacagawea Lisa
Tapped Out LisaSacagawea Call Turkeys.png Tapped Out LisaSacagawea Host a Peace Feast.png Tapped Out LisaSacagawea Care for Kidnapped Turkeys.png
Call Turkeys Host a Peace Feast for Puritan Flanders Care for Kidnapped Turkeys

Puritan Flanders[edit]

Puritan Flanders
Tapped Out FlandersPuritan Self-Punish.png Tapped Out Puritan Flanders Attend a Peace Feast.png Tapped Out Puritan Flanders Use the Heimlich Machine.png
Self-Punish Attend a Peace Feast Use the Heimlich Machine

King-Size Homer[edit]

King-Size Homer
Tapped Out King-Size Homer Get Whipped into Shape1.pngTapped Out King-Size Homer Get Whipped into Shape2.png Tapped Out HomerKingSize Work From Home.png Tapped Out HomerKingSize Let it all hang out at the beach.png Tapped Out HomerKingSize Ride around town.png
Get Whipped into Shape Work From Home Let it All Hang Out at the Beach Ride Around Town

Holiday 2013[edit]

Mr. Costington[edit]

Mr. Costington
Tapped Out MrCostington Investigate Competitors.png Tapped Out MrCostington Bluster.png
Investigate Competitors Bluster

Snow Monster[edit]

Snow Monster
Tapped Out SnowMonster Do Some Volunteering.png
Do Some Volunteering

The Grumple[edit]

The Grumple
Tapped Out Grumple Stalk Around Town.png Tapped Out Grumple Fight Homer.png Tapped Out Grumple Die Cursing the Simpsons.png Tapped Out Grumple Play Drum.png
Stalk Around Town Fight Homer Die Cursing the Simpsons Play His Grump Drum

Winter 2014[edit]

King Winter[edit]

King Winter
Tapped Out KingWinter Search for Dinner.png Tapped Out KingWinter Gnaw on Baby Back Ribs.png
Search for Dinner Gnaw on Baby Back Ribs

Winter 2015[edit]

White Witch Burns[edit]

White Witch Burns
Tapped Out BurnsWhiteWitch Terrorize Springfield.png Tapped Out BurnsWhiteWitch Cast Sleep Spell.png Tapped Out White Witch Burns Sit and Brood.png
Terrorize Springfield Cast a Sleeping Spell Sit and Brood

Festivus CBG[edit]

Festivus CBG
Tapped Out Festivus CBG Air Grievances.png Tapped Out Festivus CBG Feats of Strength.png
Air Grievances Feats of Strength

Winter 2016[edit]

Satyr Willie[edit]

Satyr Willie
Tapped Out WillieSatyr Flute.png Tapped Out Satyr Willie Eat Heartily.png
Play the Flute Eat Heartily

New God Mr. Burns[edit]

New God Mr. Burns
Tapped Out New God Mr. Burns Show Off the Guns.png Tapped Out New God Mr. Burns Put on a Show.png
Show Off the Guns Put on a Show

Ravencrow Neversmiles[edit]

Ravencrow Neversmiles
Tapped Out LisaRN Write Dark Poetry.png Tapped Out LisaRN Communicate with the Dead.png
Write Dark Poetry Communicate With the Dead

Star Snowsuit Maggie[edit]

Star Snowsuit Maggie
Tapped Out MaggieStarSnowsuit Sacrifice a Sheep.png Tapped Out Star Snowsuit Maggie Be a Christmas Tree Star.png
Sacrifice a Sheep Be a Christmas Tree Star

The Wiccans[edit]

The Wiccans
Tapped Out Wiccans Perform Esbat.png Tapped Out Wiccans Cast Spell.png
Perform an Esbat Cast a Spell

The Parson[edit]

The Parson
Tapped Out Parson Tear it Up.png Tapped Out The Parson Spread the Word.png
Tear it Up Spread the Word

Winter 2017[edit]


Tapped Out Lyla Repress Inner Desires.png
Repress Inner Desires

Worker Elves[edit]

Worker Elves
Tapped Out Worker Elves Happily Make Toys.png Tapped Out Worker Elves Take a Much Needed Break.png
Happily Make Toys Take a Much Needed Break

Conductor Otto[edit]

Conductor Otto
Tapped Out Conductor Otto Spread Hippie Christmas Love1.pngTapped Out Conductor Otto Spread Hippie Christmas Love2.png Tapped Out Conductor Otto Stoke the Arctic Hypertrain's Engine.png
Spread Hippie Christmas Love Stoke the Arctic Hypertrain's Engine

Elf Lisa[edit]

Elf Lisa
Tapped Out ElfLisa and ElfBart Spread Holiday Cheer.png File:Tapped Out Elf Lisa Make People Believe in Magic.png
Spread Holiday Cheer Make People Believe in Magic

Elf Bart[edit]

Elf Bart
Tapped Out ElfLisa and ElfBart Spread Holiday Cheer.png File:Tapped Out Elf Bart Search for Santa Claus.png
Spread Holiday Cheer Search for Santa Claus

Christmas Tree Ralph[edit]

Christmas Tree Ralph
Tapped Out Christmas Tree Ralph Decorate Himself.png
Decorate Himself

Santa Kang[edit]

Santa Kang
Tapped Out Santa Kang Assimilate Into Winter Holidays.png File:Tapped Out Santa Kang Battle B.S. League.png Tapped Out Kang Be Torn Over Halloween or Christmas.png
Assimilate Into Winter Holidays Battle B.S. League Be Torn Over Halloween or Christmas

Mrs. Kodos Claus[edit]

Mrs. Kodos Claus
Tapped Out Mrs. Kodos Claus Bake Christmas Cookies.png File:Tapped Out Mrs. Kodos Claus Battle B.S. League.png Tapped Out Mrs. Kodos Claus Celebrate Human Holidays.png
Bake Christmas Cookies Battle B.S. League Celebrate Human Holidays


Number 36[edit]

Number 36
Tapped Out Number36 Sing the Stonecutter Song.png
Sing the Stonecutter Song

Number 51[edit]

Number 51
Tapped Out N51 Phone Home.png Tapped Out N51 Sing Stonecutter Song.png
Phone Home Sing the Stonecutter Song

Number 908[edit]

Number 908
Tapped Out Number 908 Be the Chosen One.png Tapped Out Number 908 Wear the Stone of Triumph.png Tapped Out Number 908 Sing the Stonecutter Song.png Tapped Out Number 908 Get Paddled.png
Be the Chosen One Wear the Stone of Triumph Sing the Stonecutter Song Get Paddled

More Stonecutters[edit]

Number 29[edit]

Number 29
Tapped Out Number29 Take a Dip in the Money Pool.png
Take a Dip in the Money Pool

Clash of Clones[edit]


Tapped Out Barbarian Chase Homer with an Axe1.pngTapped Out Barbarian Chase Homer with an Axe2.png Tapped Out Barbarian Play Clash of Castles.png
Chase Homer with an Axe Play Clash of Castles

Homer Barbarian[edit]

Homer Barbarian
Tapped Out Homer Barbarian Chase Bully with an Axe1.pngTapped Out Homer Barbarian Chase Bully with an Axe2.png Tapped Out Homer Barbarian Express his Rage Against Noobs.png
Chase Bully with an Axe Express his Rage Against Noobs

Barbarian Homer[edit]

Barbarian Homer
Tapped Out HomerBarbarian Express Rage Against Noobs.png Tapped Out HomerBarbarian Go on an Elixir Bender.png
Express his Rage Against Noobs Go on an Elixir Bender

Archer Lisa[edit]

Archer Lisa
Tapped Out LisaArcher Shoot Arrows.png Tapped Out Archer Lisa Judge People from Above.png
Shoot Arrows Judge People from Above

Goblin Bart[edit]

Goblin Bart
Tapped Out BartGoblin Check for Traps.png Tapped Out BartGoblin Loot.png
Check for Traps Loot

Wizard Marge[edit]

Wizard Marge
Tapped Out MargeWizard Throw Fireballs.png Tapped Out MargeWizard Put on a Magic Show.png
Throw Fireballs Put on a Magic Show


Radioactive Man[edit]

Radioactive Man
Tapped Out RadioactiveMan Relax.png Tapped Out Radioactive Man Shirk His Responsibilities.png Tapped Out RadioactiveMan Seek Out Crime.png
Relax Shirk His Responsibilities Seek Out Crime

Fallout Boy[edit]

Fallout Boy
Tapped Out FalloutBoy Practice Moves.png Tapped Out FalloutBoy Devise New Exclamations1.pngTapped Out FalloutBoy Devise New Exclamations2.png Tapped Out Fallout Boy Train for Future Conflict.png
Practice His Moves Devise New Exclamations Train for Future Conflict

The Collider[edit]

The Collider
Tapped Out The Collider Die and Come Back in the Credits.png Tapped Out Collider Pet Mr. Boson.png
Die and Come Back in the Credits Pet Mr. Boson


Tapped Out Plopper Roll Around in Muck.png Tapped Out Plopper Do Whatever a Spider Can.png Tapped Out Plopper Train for Future Conflict.png
Roll Around in Muck Do Whatever A Spider Can Train for Future Conflict

Citizen Solar[edit]

Citizen Solar
Tapped Out Citizen Solar Bathe in the Sun.png Tapped Out CitizenSolar Generate Renewable Energy.png
Bathe in the Sun Generate Renewable Energy

Wind Lad[edit]

Wind Lad
Tapped Out Wind Lad Dance in the Wind.png Tapped Out WindLad Blast Off.png
Dance in the Wind Blast Off


Pie Man[edit]

Pie Man
Tapped Out HomerPieMan Try Corset.png Tapped Out HomerPieMan Punish Wrongdoers.png Tapped Out HomerPieMan Train for Future Conflict.png
Try On Corset Punish Wrongdoers Train for Future Conflict


Tapped Out BartBartman Test Gadgets.png Tapped Out Bartman Train for Future Conflict.png Tapped Out BartBartman Go on Patrol.png
Test Gadgets Train for Future Conflict Go on Patrol


Tapped Out Fruit-Bat-Man Fly like a Decrepit Superhero.png Tapped Out Fruit-Bat-Man Train for Future Conflict.png Tapped Out Fruit-Bat-Man Practice Punching Out a Crook.png
Fly like a Decrepit Superhero Train for Future Conflict Practice Punching Out a Crook

Sidekick Milhouse[edit]

Sidekick Milhouse
Tapped Out Sidekick Milhouse Celebrate.png Tapped Out Sidekick Milhouse Make a Heroic Escape.png
Celebrate Make a Heroic Escape

Bouncing Battle Baby[edit]

Bouncing Battle Baby
Tapped Out MaggieBBB Butt Slam.png File:Tapped Out Bouncing Battle Baby Bounce Around.png
Butt Slam Bounce Around

Stretch Dude[edit]

Stretch Dude
Tapped Out BartStretchDude Check Powers.png Tapped Out Stretch Dude Butt Wiggle.png
Check for Powers Butt Wiggle

Clobber Girl[edit]

Clobber Girl
Tapped Out Clobber Girl Show Off.png File:Tapped Out Clobber Girl Chill Out.png
Show Off Chill Out

Señor Ding Dong[edit]

Señor Ding Dong
Tapped Out SenorDingDong Fix Rogue Doorbells.png Tapped Out SenorDingDong Contemplate Purpose.png
Fix Rogue Doorbells Contemplate Purpose


Everyman Practice Super Hero Landing.png Tapped Out Everyman Use Power-Absorption Power1.pngTapped Out Everyman Use Power-Absorption Power2.pngTapped Out Everyman Use Power-Absorption Power3.png
Practice Super Hero Landing Use Power-Absorption Power

Super Villains[edit]

Dr. Colossus[edit]

Dr. Colossus
Tapped Out Dr. Colossus Laugh Maniacally.png Tapped Out Dr. Colossus Activate Colosso-Boots.png
Laugh Maniacally Activate Colosso-Boots


Tapped Out Clownface Check Krusty-Brand Merchandize1.pngTapped Out Clownface Check Krusty-Brand Merchandize2.png Tapped Out Clownface Train for Future Conflict.png Tapped Out Clownface Rob the Bank.png
Check Krusty-Brand Merchandize Train for Future Conflict Rob the Bank

The Collector[edit]

The Collector
Tapped Out CBGCollector Lament.png Tapped Out CBGCollector Practice Swordmanship.png Tapped Out The Collector Train for Future Conflict.png
Lament Practice Swordmanship Train for Future Conflict

Cyborg Snake[edit]

Cyborg Snake
Tapped Out Cyborg Snake Be a Menace to Society.png Tapped Out SnakeCyborg Prepare Lunch.png
Be a Menace to Society Prepare Lunch

The Scout Master[edit]

The Scout Master
Tapped Out The Scout Master Sell Organic Cookies.png Tapped Out The Scout Master Start a Campfire.png
Sell Organic Cookies Start a Campfire

Dr. Crab[edit]

Dr. Crab
Tapped Out DrCrab Crab Dance.png Tapped Out DrCrab Build Death Ray.png
Crab Dance Build a Death Ray

Fossil Fuel Four[edit]

Petroleus Rex[edit]

Petroleus Rex
Tapped Out PetroleusRex Terrorize Springfield.png Tapped Out PetroleusRex Research.png
Terrorize Springfield Do Research

Old King Coal[edit]

Old King Coal
Tapped Out OldKingCoal Pretend to Rule Springfield.png Tapped Out OldKingCoal Blow Coal.png
Pretend to Rule Springfield Blow Coal

Charcoal Briquette[edit]

Charcoal Briquette
Tapped Out CharcoalBriquette Flame On.png Tapped Out CharcoalBriquette Medium Rare.png
Flame On Medium Rare

The Fracker[edit]

The Fracker
Tapped Out TheFracker Prepare to Frack.png Tapped Out TheFracker Frack the Ground.png
Prepare to Frack Frack the Ground

The Terwilligers[edit]

Sideshow Bob[edit]

Sideshow Bob
Tapped Out Sideshow Bob Meet his Raker.png Tapped Out Sideshow Bob Perform at the Opera.png Tapped Out Sideshow Bob Laugh Maniacally.png Tapped Out Sideshow Bob Plot Revenge.png
Meet his Raker Perform at the Opera Laugh Maniacally Plot Revenge

Cecil Terwilliger[edit]

Cecil Terwilliger
Tapped Out Cecil Terwilliger Scheme.png