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Vance Connor is the owner of several local businesses in Springfield. As a teenager, Vance was the senior-class president at Springfield High School.

Vance Connor was in the same class at Springfield High School as Homer and Marge. Vance and Homer ran against each other for the position of senior-class president in the student council elections. Vance, who was the class vice president at the time, was a lot more professional than Homer in his campaign. He gave a speech where he talked about the policies he helped implement as vice president, including sending three mathletes to the state finals, and germinating all the tenth graders lima beans. Meanwhile, Homer fumbled his speech and was a laughing stock to the whole school. When the time to actually vote for the class president came along, the students decided that it would be funny to vote for Homer as a joke and laugh at him all through high school, and at every reunion. Upon hearing this, Principal Dondelinger had Lenny and Carl dispose of the ballot box by burying it in the forest and Vance Connor was declared the winner.

Years later, Vance ended up owning several local businesses and ended up getting a plaque on the Springfield Wall of Fame. Vance proved to be very popular with the townspeople, but Homer was jealous of him because he won class president. When Homer brought up the election at Moe's Tavern, Lenny and Carl revealed that they buried the ballot box. Homer and Lenny dug up the box and Lisa counted the votes to find that Homer had actually won the election. Homer then confronted Principal Dondelinger about it, who revealed that he had the ballot box buried to spare Homer's feelings...

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"Take My Life, Please" is the tenth episode of season 20 of The Simpsons and the four-hundred and thirtieth episode overall. It originally aired on February 15, 2009. The episode was written by Don Payne and directed by Steven Dean Moore.

Homer recalls the time he lost the race to be class president at Springfield High School, only to find that he actually won the election. He then gets shown how different his life would have been if he was class president...

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The Springfield Wall of Fame is a wall that has Springfield's most famous and infamous residents on it, including cartoon characters and animals.

Many residents of Springfield attended the ceremony to unveil Vance Connor's plaque. After the ceremony, Vance had many people come up to him to congratulate or greet him. Vance then went through the crowd, greeting people and complimenting everyone.

During the ceremony, Homer got jealous because he ran against Vance Connor for class president in Springfield High School, but lost. After finding out that he should have won the election, to make him feel better his family put a plaque of him up on the wall, along with a plaque of the school mascot, and his vice president, Butthead. To put Homer's plaque on the wall, they removed Principal Skinner's plaque and threw it in the trash...

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05-18-2024 Season 36 News: A new episode title, “Ladies Night”, has been announced, also announcing the season 36 premiere episode!
05-17-2024 Season 35 News: A Sneak Peek for “Bart’s Brain” has been released!
05-16-2024 Season 36 News: A new episode title, “The Man Who Flew Too Much”, has been announced
05-16-2024 Season 36 News: A new episode title, “Bart’s Birthday”, has been announced
05-09-2024 Season 35 News: New promotional images for “Bart’s Brain” have been released!

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"Lenny, uh, I think it's time for us to come clean."
Carl Carlson
"About how we give each other haircuts?"
Lenny Leonard
"No, we'll take that secret to our graves."
―Carl Carlson[src]

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Name: "Bart's Birthday"
Date: Fall 2024
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