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The Three Mouthketeers is a food blog made by Marge, Bart and Lisa.


After trying foreign food and liking it, Marge, Bart and Lisa decide to create a food blog. Lisa comes up with the name, "The Three Mouthketeers" for them. They then go to a variety of restaurants all over Springfield adding them to their food blog.

The Three Mouthketeers get an exclusive reservation at El Chemistri, one of the fanciest restaurants in town. Marge originally invites Homer along but changes her mind after she thinks that he will ruin it and Bart and Lisa would go back to liking him more than her again. After going to this reservation, it is likely that they stopped food blogging.

Lisa's list of cutest vegetarians[edit]

Lisa had a list of cutest vegetarians on the blog, consisting of:

Behind the Laughter[edit]

The Three Mouthketeers is a pun on The Three Musketeers.