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Not Enough (Moral) Fiber

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Not Enough (Moral) Fiber
Tapped Out Quest Information
Level: 5
Update: "Days of Future Future" episode tie-in
Requirement(s): myPad
Required characters: Homer, Ned

Not Enough (Moral) Fiber is a temporary questline in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It was introduced in the "Days of Future Future" episode tie-in content update.


Pt. 1[edit]

After starting the update
Homer - Sad So hungry... haven't had... eating job... in days.
Lisa If you're hungry, how about an apple? You could probably grow some at Cletus's farm.
Homer - Annoyed I said I'm hungry, not peckish. The idea that you can satisfy your hunger by eating a piece of fruit is complete nonsense.
Homer - Serious It's just one of those things grown-ups tell kids to do, but don't actually do themselves...
Homer - Serious ...like brushing your teeth before bed, or reading instead of watching TV, or practicing safe sex.
Lisa - Annoyed What about thank-you cards?
Homer I haven't written one since I was eleven.
Homer - Happy Also, don't play video games. And don't mindlessly do whatever you're told.
Task: "Reach Level 7 and Build a Krusty Burger".
Task: "Make Homer Eat at Krusty Burger". The job takes place at a Krusty Burger and takes 30 minutes.
Homer - Ghost Sad What's going on? And who's that fat guy lying on the pavement who looks a lot like me...
Homer - Ghost ...but obviously isn't because I'm transparent and hovering over him?
Maude That's you, Homer. You've had a heart attack, causing your spirit to leave your body.
Homer - Ghost Sad Oh yeah? Well, if I'm just a spirit, how come you can talk to me?
Maude Because I'm just a spirit too. You killed me, Homer. Don't you remember?
Homer - Ghost Eh, I kill a lot of people -- Frank Grimes, Shary Bobbins, that trucker who ate too much steak. It gets hard to keep track.
Maude And if you're not careful, soon you'll kill yourself.
Homer - Ghost You mean I get a second chance? Woo-hoo! There were still so many things on Earth I never got a chance to eat.
Maude No Homer, that's why I've appeared to you. You need to mend your gluttonous ways. Otherwise...
Maude - Demonic The next time you binge, it will be the GRAVE for you!!!
Homer - Ghost Freaky!
Quest reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png10

Pt. 2[edit]

After tapping on Homer's exclamation mark
Homer - Sad I can't believe I'm being haunted... again. We've really been going to the ghost well a lot lately.
Homer - Scared But Maude is the worst ghost of them all... because she's making me watch what I eat!
Homer - Thoughtful Maybe I can get Flanders to reason with her. After all, there's no one a woman is more likely to listen to than her recently remarried ex-husband.
Task: "Make Homer Ask For Ned's Help". The job takes place at Flanders House, requires Ned, and takes 60 minutes.
Ned How-diddily-ho-diddiliy-hi-there-dilly neighboreen--
Homer - Angry Shut up, Flanders!
Homer - Serious I need your help. Maude is haunting me and I need your help to get her off my back.
Homer - Serious You're good at driving her away. Remember that one time when you drove her away from the world by killing her?
Ned - Sad Actually Homer, that was you.
Homer - Guilty Right, right. Why do I keep forgetting that?
Quest reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png10

Pt. 3[edit]

After tapping on Ned's exclamation mark
Ned - Sad You know Homer, maybe this spooking is just the wake-up call you need to turn your diet around.
Ned - Sad You want to live to see your kids grow up, don't you?
Homer - Annoyed Of course... if that ever actually happens. In the meantime, I'll do what I can to watch my eating.
Ned That's the spirit!
Task: "Make Homer Eat Everything in Ned's House". The job takes place at Flanders House and takes 12 hours.
Maude I warned you this would happen if you continued to over-eat. And now...
Maude - Demonic It's the GRAVE for you!
Message A free decoration has been placed in your inventory linked to this Sunday's Episode of The Simpsons, 8/7c on FOX!
Quest reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png10
Homer's Grave

Pt. 4[edit]

After tapping on Homer's exclamation mark
Homer - Confused Hang on a minute. I'm not dead. What's going on here?
Maude Well... I'm just a ghost. I can scare you and try to get you to mend your ways... but I can't actually kill you. Union rules.
Homer - Annoyed So what was that whole grave thing about?
Maude Well, I said it would be the grave for you, and I had to honor my promise. More rules – they're a really serious union.
Maude But let me make one thing clear. If you over-eat again in the future, it will once again be the GRAVE for you.
Homer - Confused By which you mean, you'll put another decoration in my inventory?
Maude That's right.
Homer - Confused So you're telling me that instead of dying a horrible painful death from over-eating, I get a FREE grave EACH time I do it?
Maude I... uh... guess. Where are you going with this Homer?
Homer - WooHoo Woo-hoo! Out of my imaginary way, Maude! I'm going to eat like a Midwesterner!
Message Make Homer gorge himself on stolen food to earn free graves. Hurry, it all ends midnight on Saturday!
Task: "Make Homer Raid Random Fridges" (x9). The job takes place at Visitable Homes and takes 7 hours.
Each line of the following dialogue has a random chance of happening upon completion of the job each time. Each time, the player is rewarded with another Homer's Grave.
Maude - Demonic Shame on you, Homer! I'm punishing you with this complimentary grave!
Homer - Ghost Woohoo! Another free grave to add to my already outrageous collection!
Maude - Demonic You disgust me in death even more than you did in life. Have another free grave!
Homer - Ghost Hate the heart attacks -- love the graves!
Maude How many graves does one man need? Usually the answer is one.
Homer - Ghost Getting to over-eat is its own reward. The grave is just gravy.
Maude Do you know how hard it is to deliver all these graves when you don't have a body?
Homer - Ghost If I had a grave for every time I ate too much... oh wait, I do!
Maude - Demonic Enough with the graves! I've got other people to haunt already!
Maude I'd dance on your grave, but there's just too many of them. And I can't dance when floating.
Quest reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png10

Pt. 5[edit]

After tapping on Homer's exclamation mark
Maude Homer, I give up. This haunting has accomplished absolutely nothing. If anything, it's only made you fatter.
Homer - Mouth Full Yes, thank you.
Maude The good news is the time limit on my haunting contract with you is done.
Maude I may not have been able to kill you, but you're doing a fine job of that yourself. I'll see you soon!
Task: "Make Homer Raid Another Random Fridge". The job takes place at a Visitable Home and takes 7 hours.
Homer - Sad What? No more graves?
Homer - Sad *sigh*
Homer - Nauseous *vomits*
Quest reward: Cash.png200 and XP.png20